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Summary: Four girls staying at one house while their parents are all away on vacation for the summer. What will happen when a box suddenly shows up at the door. Akatsuki/OCx4 = Dei-Saso/OC Ita-Kisa/OC,Hida-Kaku-Pein/OC, Zet-Tob/OC. Konan is in this but has no pairing. Rated M. For Language, Smutishness, and other things.

Lilith's pov

'Ding dong.' "Yo Lilith, someone's at the door! Yeah!" No it's not Deidara; don't get ahead of me on this now. That was Rita, one of my three best friends. We are all Naruto geeks.

"Oh, really? I thought that was the toaster!" She sticks her tongue out at me as I pass her on the couch on my way to the door.

Rita is 17. She's the tallest of the four of us. Her favorite color is blue but she doesn't like it as much as I do. She has long orange hair while I dyed my short blond hair light blue. She has orange-ish brown eyes. She loves to wear her cheerleading outfit even though schools out. It's a white t-shirt with blue trim, a frilly blue skirt with black stars, thigh high black socks with the top 3 inches blue with stars like her skirt, and blue shoes. She even brought her pom-poms, blue and white.

"Hello-" I had opened the door but no one was there. "What the?" I looked down to see a medium sized box. I pick it up and bring it into the kitchen where my other two best friends were.

My other two friends were Jinx and Holly who also happen to be sisters. Jinx is 18, she's the oldest so she's in charge while our all parents are away on a cruise for the summer. Holly is 16 making me the youngest at 15. Jinx and Holly didn't really look all that alike; for instance, Jinx had long black hair in braids while Holly had short brown hair. What's weirder is Jinx has black eyes and Holly has hazel eyes too; although Holly owns blue contacts for when she goes out. Jinx is the second tallest while Holly is the shortest. Currently, Jinx was wearing a long-periwinkle-spaghetti-strap-tank-top and black short-shorts. Holly had on a dark blue T-shirt with a red trim and a Star-Wand on the bottom with yellow starts coming from it and jean shorts down to her mid thighs.

"What's in the box?" Jinx asks.

"I dunno, I just found it outside."

"Rita! Lilith got a box! Come see, come see!" Holly shouted jumping in her seat. We hear her groan and a moment later she walks in sitting next to Holly.

"There was no one at the door? Maybe it was the toaster." I gave Rita a strange look.

"Open it! Open it!"

"Holly! It could have a bomb in it!"

"Calm down sis, ooooo~ What if it has candy?!"

"Even more of a reason not to open it." Jinx sweat-drops. I roll my eyes at them and open it. Holly's the first to shout,

"Awesome! Naruto plushies!" She jumps out her seat.

"To be more specific, Akatsuki Plushies." I point out

"Even better!" She shouts reaching in. Jinx grabs her arm.

"Hey! Who said you get first pick?" Holly Pouts.

"It's not hard to guess who she would pick though." Rita says shrugging. I roll my eyes and take the plushies out of the boxes and line them up on the table. It was all the members but Konan.

"Hey, we're missing Konan!" Holly Pouts. She's the only one of us who is an actual fan of hers. I was about to open my mouth when the doorbell rang again.

"The heck?" I get up and go to the door and open it. "Hel- again?" There was a smaller box on the ground. I sigh picking it up and bringing it in the kitchen. Rita was currently messing with the toaster. "What are you doing?"

"Your toaster's broken."

"Rita-Chan~ It's been broken, that's why I brought my Hello Kitty one." Jinx sweat drops as Holly holds it up.

"How did we not see that this whole time?" Holly shrugs then notices the box I'm holding.

"Oh! Another one?! Lemme see!" She grabs the box before I could say anything and puts it on the counter. She kneels in her chair and opens it. "Awesome!" She pulls out a Tobi mask and puts it on. "I'm Tobi!" We all sweat drop and look in the box.

"Cosplay stuff?" Rita looks to me. I shrug.

"Did you order this stuff?" Jinx says pulling out Hidan's necklace.

"I didn't… maybe my parents did to keep us occupied." Rita pulls out 9 headbands.

"They don't know what monsters they've unleashed." Holly says before giggling creepily pulling out a bag of rings and putting Tobi/Sasori's on her left thumb. (1,2)

"Jeez, did they get enough stuff for us?" Rita says pulling out a small baggie of Pein's piercings. I look in the box and take out the remaining things: A Kakuzu Mask/head thing, An Origami flower, Deidara's red hair thing and a Konan Plushie. "Hey Hol-" She grabs it out of my hands before I could finish.

"There you are! Hiding from me." She snuggles it. We all stare at her and Jinx' eye twitches.

"I don't know how we're related."

"Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if this was like the fan fictions we read?" Rita says taking out Deidara's hair thing. Holly's eyes went wide and she rushes out of the kitchen. Rita sighs and points after her. "Allons –y!" (3)

We find her in the bathroom filling the tub. I face-palm.

"Holly, that's not gunna work." She looks up at me from her kneeling position in front of the tub.

"But what if they're like the fan fictions? Maybe someone's writing about us… rightnow." She looks up to the ceiling with wide eyes.

"You're insane." Jinx Deadpanned.

"But it could work." Holly pouted.

"No it couldn't, in those fan fics the Akatsuki are either Puppies or Kittens. In other words they're alive. Plushies aren't alive."

"Not if we give them hearts." She stares at us, a creepy smile growing on her face.

"No... just no." Jinx says.

"What if they are and we just don't know it cause they never do anything when people are watching?"

"Holly-" Jinx puts a hand on my shoulder.

"She's an enigma, Lil." She turns to her sister. "Hol, drain the tub and let's go back to the kitchen."


"You two are so amusing to watch." Rita laughs. We all go back to the kitchen and get the rest of the things out of the boxes. We all sat at the table.

"Okay so Holly you got Zetsu, Tobi and Konan." Holly smiled and huggled them. "Rita who do you want?"

"Sasori and DeiDei." Jinx hands them to her.

"I bet he'd hate that name. I'll take Itachi and Kisa."

"I bet Kisa would hate that name." Jinx sticks her tongue out at her.

"I'll take Hidan and Kakuzu." I pick them up. We all looked at Pein's plushie.

"Who gets him." Rita nods in it's direction.

"I say Lilly-Chan should get him." He hands him to me.

"Why me?"

"You have the most piercings out of all of us combined." I nod, it was true I had two studs where most people get their ears pierced, four going up the side on each one, two lip rings, and a nose stud on the left side.

TIME SKIP (Me: To the TARDIS! =D ((omg spell check you recognize TARDIS!)))

Since everyone is staying at my house while our parents are away Rita is sleeping on the couch, I'm sleeping in my room and since Jinx and Holly are sisters they're share the guest bedroom.

I take my shower and get ready for bed; getting in my Akatsuki Pj shirt and shorts I made. I got in bed and hugged my plushies. I put Kazuku on one side of my bed and Pein on the other while I still held Hidan's. I smile and kiss it. Suddenly there's a poof of white smoke and I'm kissing a full, life size, Hidan. I blush 'feeling' him naked. I pull away and Scream. His eyes widen and his face goes red.

"Fuck!" He scrambles off the bed taking the blankets with him, using them to cover himself. I get off the bed and back against the wall, and stare at him.

That's it for chapter one! Already have 1,400 words of chapter 2 done. Not a really serious Story more humor and such. Next chapter will have POV switches galore! Only cause I got to get to everyone. Not sure if I'm gunna do one POV per chapter might just have them change as they wish.

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(1) SPOLIER: Tobi got Sasori's ring when he dies

(2) I looked up whose ring goes on what finger.

(3) Yep "Allons –Y" Like from the 10th Doctor of Doctor who~ I watch BBC shows. Thinking of making a Doctor Who one or a Sherlock one maybe