I do not own the 2012 Frankenweenie movie. A short drabble. Edgar and Weird Girl are in Middle School in this drabble.

Sooner Or Later

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Leave me alone." Edgar said to the weird girl and she gave him a creepy smile.

"You have a pretty voice, Edgar." She told him, her head tilted to the side, and wide eyes focused on him. "Why do you refuse to go out with me? Are you interested in someone?"

"I'm not interested in being with anyone." Edgar informed her and she gave him a tiny smirk.

"I know you like Victor." The weird girl said calmly while looking into his eyes. "He doesn't like you and he thinks you're creepy. Why do you want to be his friend?"

Edgar went silent, he turned away, and started to walk away from the weird girl. However his wrist was suddenly grabbed in a strong grip from her and he blinked his eyes in confusion for what does she want now.

"You always look lonely and Victor always rejects your offer of friendship because he finds you creepy. You and I could become friends." She told him and released her grip on his wrist. "I don't think you are creepy, Edgar."

"I don't want to be your friend or anything." Edgar stated calmly and she tilted her head to the side. Her wide eyes focused on him.

"That's okay, Edgar. You will be mine by high school." The Weird girl said to him while smiling in a rather frightening and creepy manner. "I will not give up and sooner or later you will become my boyfriend."

Edgar walked away from her in a hurry, the weird girl watched him, and her eyes watched Edgar moving until he was no longer in sight.

"Sooner or later..You wil become mine, Edgar.." She whispered to herself and hugged her toy cat. "No one truly wants to be alone forever and no one in this school wants to be with you, Edgar E Gore. You will have no choice, but accept it and be my boyfriend. I'm willing to wait."

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