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Lights flickered upon the dead scenery as countless forms scrambled across the now crumbled ruins of the what was once a five-star hotel. The forms talked no words, only groans and growls, with the occasional screech. Zombies. It had been three years since the Rabies virus became much deadlier, turning once civil men and women, into vicious and bloodthirsty creatures. Parents who once loved their children deeply, found themselves feasting on the flesh of their younglings. Many lives were lost.

The U.S. Government attempted to quell the outbreak, doing whatever they could to isolate this event, but all was for not. Soon, Governments across the globes retreated into their dark corners, hiding from what the world now was. The people cried for help, but none would come. Hope was lost. Or so it was thought.

The remnants of humanity found themselves also retreating into the dark sections of the world, hoping to do as their leaders did. Fortunately for them, the worlds leaders had left them one last parting gift, multiple high-tech underground bunkers, known to their inhabitants as, Vaults. Able to hold many, vaults became safe-havens for those who live their, with self sustaining environments for livestock and plant life, multiple apartments, and enough weaponry to supply a small country. The vaults were a godsend to earth's people. In order to preserve humanity's laws, councils were formed within each vault, each assigning their own security forces, nicknamed, Alphas. The world was slowly rebuilding itself, with this known, hope had returned, but it had returned to soon, for an evil, worse than the infected, was on its way.

A young woman silently approached the derelict building, once a supermarket, in hopes of finding any traces of supplies needed for the trip to Vault New Mecca. It was a three day trip, and the young woman, who looked to be about nineteen to twenty-one years of age, needed whatever she could find for her and her brothers to make the trip safely. It was bad enough there were brain-dead, carnivorous freaks roaming the once living land, but with the super-infected, zombies who mutated due to advanced strains of the virus, and bandits, an unprepared traveler had no chance of survival in the land of the dead.

Hearing a familiar screech, the woman ducked behind a broken wall.

"Hunters," She thought, "Always a damn hunter around when you don't need it." Taking a deep breath, the woman peaked over the broke down wall, in hopes of seeing the poor soul. Hunters were a special infected who were known for their speed and agility, often seen wearing a ragged blue hooded sweatshirt, and having a loud inhuman shriek, Hunters are dangerous infected, and could certainly kill the young woman if she wasn't careful.

Gazing over the wall, she breathed a sigh of relief when the Hunter turned and headed the opposite direction. Picking herself up, she readied her weapon, a 9mm glock, a weapon she was forced to use against her mother and father once they turned. Clicking the safety off, she gazed around once more, she needed to be certain the hunter wasn't coming back. Once she was satisfied with the Hunters seemingly hasty departure, she clicked the safety back on, and continued her way towards the rundown supermarket.

Silently stepping inside the broken automatic doors, she glanced to her right, then her left until she saw what appeared to be a cart full of food, drink, and other supplies. Silently laughing to herself, she sprinted to the cart, unaware she was being watched, that is, until large arms wrapped around her small, petite waist.

"Tank!" She squeaked before a large hand placed itself over her lips, turning her cries of surprise into muffled pleas.

"Look at this one!" She heard a voice say from behind her. "Nice and pretty little thing, isn't she? Nice body, pretty eyes, and blonde hair, I love blondes!" There was a roar of laughter as several figures brought themselves into the light. Bandits. Lots of them.

Her mind raced, trying to think of ways to escape this predicament. Glancing around, she noticed there was at least five of them, and she figured at least three of them had to be armed. Her thoughts raced through her head as she formulated a plan.

She then reached for her left pocket, she remembered storing a small knife there just in case. Digging in her pocket, she smiled mentally as she wrapped her fingers around the handle. Counting to three, she yanked the small blade out of her pocket, digging it into the bandit's arm, causing him to cry out in pain and drop his small captive. Sensing guns were about to blaze, she dove behind a tipped over shelf, and readied her pistol.

"DIE YOU DIRTY FUCKERS!" She yelled as she jumped from her hiding spot, opening fire on the thugs, catching one in she shin, and another in the throat, dropping him. The other three bandits, had had enough, and proceeded to open fire upon the young blond as she ducked behind the shelf once more. Preparing to attack again, she felt a large hand swat the right side of her face, sending her sprawling on the ground, and her gun sliding across the floor.

"You think yer real tough, don't ya bitch?!" Snarled the large man, whom the young woman had just stabbed in the forearm. Grabbing the young woman roughly by her blonde locks, the man brought her up to his face, an unpleasant sneer upon his mug.

"I was gonna be nice n' gentle wit ya, girlie," He sneered, with sick delight in his voice, "Now, ima make it hurt, a lot." Gazing at the bandit, the young woman gave a sneer of her own.

"Fuck you!" She snarled, then spit into his face. The man let out a disgusted groan, and brought his hand to the air, and brought it crashing down upon her face, massively disorienting her. She could barely make a out the "I don't need yer face" bit, as she felt another blow crash against her face. She was losing consciousness, she could feel it, and slowly waited to drift away so she didn't need to experience the dirty deed. When the blows stopped, she expected to have her clothes stripped from her, but instead, she felt the cold floor as she crumbled to the ground, and she heard the screams of terror and pain emitting from the group of bandits. Shaking her head, she sat up, trying to make sense of what just happened. Turning her head from side to side, she noticed all the bandits were dead, or very close to it. Then she noticed the slash marks across their bloodied torsos, and soon felt her heart beat against her chest. Her suspicions were confirmed when a noise caused her to look behind her, and she let out a terrified gasp escape her.

"The Hunter!" She thought, as the figure before her stepped closer. She knew it was a hunter, from the torn up cargo pants, to the ragged blue hoodie. The creature took another step towards her, raising a bloody hand, as if preparing to strike.

The young woman quickly scooted backwards, frantically reaching for her pistol. Once she had a good grip upon it, she turned it towards the figure, now looming over her. Surprisingly, the creature stepped back, and raised its hands in surrender.

"This how you treat every guy who saves you?" It asked. The woman was shocked, did this thing just talk? Hunters didn't talk, they screeched, or growled. This wasn't a hunter, it was a HUMAN.

"You-you are," She gasped, "Human?" Her savior laughed.

"Of course I am." He chuckled. "What else would I be? Don't say a zombie, a zombie wouldn't have risked its life to save you there. Now, if you don't mind me asking, what's your name? Mine's Jason." "Jason", then reached down, offering his bloodied hand to help the young woman up.

The young woman glanced towards Jason's hand, thinking if she should trust him.

"Trust him, or not?" She thought, "He is a stranger! What if he is a bandit too? But, he did just kill several men to save me, maybe he is a good guy. Okay, I'll Trust him." Placing the gun in her holster, the young woman gingerly raised her hand to meet Jason's, who in turn helped her to her feet.

"So," He began, "Your name?"

"Oh," She said, "My name. My name is Ashlyn."

"Pretty name." He said smiling. Taking a moment to study her savior, "Ashlyn", saw that he bore a large scar across the bridge of his nose, as well as bright blue eyes, and light brown stubble aligning the bottom side of his face. She couldn't see much higher than his eyes, for his hood was drawn over his head, rather deep.

"Thank you." She smiled. "So, Jason, what are you doing here? If you don't mind me asking."

"Well from the looks of it," He said beaming, "Saving you ass. I heard the screams, and thought someone was in trouble. Good thing I thought right, or else that shiner on your left eye wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to you today. Now if you don't mind me asking, what were you doing her?"

"I was looking for supplies." She said as the duo exited the supermarket. "For me and my brothers. We were going to make a three-day trip to Vault New Mecca." Ashyln's companion stopped her, with a curious look in his icy-blue eyes.

"Vault New Mecca?" He asked, "Shit, I'm an alpha in a vault a lot closer than New Mecca. Vault Charlie, ever heard?" Ashlyn shook her head.

"No, I haven't. Is it close?"

"Close?" Chuckled Jason, "Yes, it is. We are about a hours ride out from the entrance. Hell, I can take you and your brothers there right now."

"Really?" Gasped Ashlyn, "You can?!" Jason nodded.

"Yep, sure can. Just take me to your brothers, and we will be on our way. I got a car that'll take us there in no time." Jason was then surprised as Ashlyn threw her arms around him, and brought him into a tender hug, which he tentatively requited.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!" She said into his neck as she backed away, "For everything, thank you."

"No problem, Miss Ashlyn." He chuckled. "Now, lets say you and I go find your brothers, hop into my car, and mosey ourselves over to Vault Charlie?" With that, Jason held out his arm, which Ashlyn graciously accepted. "And while we are there, how about a little target practice? I saw you in there with that pistol, not very accurate. Some time in the target room will fix that. And I don't mean to be a dick, but girl, do you stink! Man, you need a bath. And I'm gonna guess your brothers will need one too. Maybe six."

Well there ya go! This is a left for dead fic, and i promise some of the game characters will make an appearance, excluding Bill, may he rest in piece. And remember to submit your characters, and leave a review. Tell me how I'm doing, and what improvements can be made. Till then, cheers.