New Friends

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"Fuck me running." Murmured Jason as the tanks fists rose high above its head. The creature let out a roar, bringing its fists down with lightning speed, luckily, Jason was quicker.

Diving to the side, Jason reached into his hoodie, searching for a gun, instead finding his combat knife.

"Better than nothing." He thought as sprinted towards the large undead, leaping and landing on its shoulder, plunging the knife in and out of its flesh with rapid speed. The attack, though rapid, was not very effective, for the large undead casually tossed Jason aside, causing him to crash into the dry and cracked desert ground, skidding to a halt just inches from Ashlyn and her brothers current position.

Jason slowly rose to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out of his head as he did so, not paying attention to the advancing undead behemoth, only catching sight of it as it reared its arm back, swinging with an unstoppable force causing Jason to sail across the barren landscape, crashing into the overturned van.

"Ow…" Groaned Jason as he slowly attempted to stand up, throwing his arm out, reaching for whatever leverage he could.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jason finally stood. Unfortunately for him, the monster now stood before him, preparing to finish the job. Soon, Jason's eyes had adjusted to the point where he could see the monsters fists rise in the air again, and the look of bloodlust in its eyes.

Closing his eyes, Jason waited for the worst as the creature roared slammed its fists downward, but instead of the sudden addition of weight like he was expecting, Jason heard the familiar sound of a blade tearing into exposed flesh, and the tanks howl of anger as it charged into a new direction.

Re-opening his eyes, Jason could see the tank speeding towards two distant silhouettes, each armed and unloading upon the behemoth.

"Are you okay?" Asked a voice from behind, startling Jason and causing him to turn around. The owner of the voice was a women, late teens to early twenties, black hair tied in a ponytail, and a pink hooded sweatshirt, and her hand on Jason's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" She repeated, with more urgency.

"Uh, yeah." Answered Jason while he rubbed the back of his head. "Who, what, uh…?" The woman smiled, and gently tilted Jason's head backwards, inspecting him.

"I'm Zoey, you were hit by a tank, and my friends are distracting it." Answered Zoey. "That was a nasty hit you took, are you sure that you are okay?"

"Yeah, just a little dizzy." Replied Jason rising to this feet.

"Ahem!" Snapped Zoey, "Where do you think you are going?"

"To even the odds." He said before sprinting after the two men.

Vault Charlie

The Alpha conference room was quiet and dark, seemingly devoid of life. The rooms only occupant sat quietly in the back corner, slowly flipping through an old music magazine, with a look of sheer boredom in his eyes. Sitting up straight, the young male stretched his arms out wide, and went back to reading his magazine.

"This is bullshit." He thought bitterly, "Enough weapon skill to rival Joey, Better hand to hand than Enya, and Cass has me on dispatch duty. Fucking Stupid."

"Enjoying ourselves Mr. Jones?" Said someone from the rooms entrance, causing the embittered male to look up from his magazine, glaring at the owner of the voice.

"Go away Lucky." He growled. "I'm Busy." "Lucky", let loose a small chuckle and strode towards his grumpy friend.

"Oh come on Nick," He smiled, "Don't be like that. And what exactly are you busy with? You've read that magazine enough that you could probably convert it to brail and still know how to read it." Nick, just huffed in annoyance.

"Nothin better to do." He grumbled. "Why are you here, Lucky?" Lucky strode to a near-by chair, sitting down and scooting over to the disgruntled Alpha.

"Figured you could use some company." He said, propping his feet upon Nick's desk, the latter of which pulled of his Element Skateboarding hat, tossing it to the side.

"Maybe." He said whilst running his hand through his thick brown hair, of which he had styled an emo-ish cut, as he described it. "It does get pretty boring in this damn conference room."

"Something on your mind there, Nick?" Asked Lucky, leaning forward. "You seem more unpleasant than normal." Nick turned to glare at his friend, then looked away. He was right.

"Yeah." He said quietly.

"What is it?"

"It's just that," He began.

"Go on." Coerced Lucky.

"I'm tired of being underused." Grumbled Nick. "It just seems like Jason and Enya get more surface time than me. I'm always stuck down here, either on dispatch duty, or playing fucking rent-a-cop down at the market. I've got all this skill, and I have to sit down here doing nothing with it." Lucky smiled at his friend. It was true, He and Nick rarely saw much surface time compared To Enya and Jason, and less than Cass and Joey. But it didn't bother Lucky as much it did Nick. Nick was the type of guy who liked getting his hands dirty, he craved action, he wanted to be the one to dole out some pain, especially with all the pain he felt on the inside. It was only a few weeks away from being the three-year anniversary of the outbreak, as well as the day Nick had to put a bullet in his girlfriends head. It was rather saddening, the only time Nick seemed to smile, is when he spoke of his deceased lover. Everyone knew how he felt about her, how he still felt. It was hell for the young guy. Fourteen years old, and forced to kill his entire world. It was a tough day for all of Vault Charlie, everyone had lost so much, and none could ever forget that day. Lucky sometimes envied the newborns within the vault. They would never have to know what horrors awaited them outside the entrance to the vault.

"What makes it even worse," Said Nick, interrupting Lucky from his thoughts. "Is that I'm ranked below Enya, especially when I happen to be older and more skilled than her in every way."

"Nick, Age has nothing to do with our ranks, You are younger than me, and still ranked higher than me." Said Lucky chuckling, "And skill-wise, yes you are good. But, better than Enya? Come on man, she trained with Jason, AND Cass. Those two are the best fighters on the entire team. Give it time man, we'll get our chance."

"Guess you're right." Mumbled Nick. "I guess I just-" Nick was cut off by the sudden static emitting from his comm unit.

"Nick?" Said a male voice on the other end. Reaching to his ear, Nick answered.

"Yes, Cass?" He said sternly.

"Find Lucky and get your asses up here. I have a special assignment for you two."

"Yes, Sir." Replied Nick, gazing over to his friend with a small smirk. "I think our time has come."

"Damn It Francis!" Yelled an African American man in a white long sleeve and red tie, as he ducked a punch from the tank at the last second. "You had to throw the knife didn't you? You couldn't let me just snipe him?"

"Shut up Louis!" Snapped another, this one wearing a white tank top, black leather vest, and multiple tattoos on his arms. "We did things your way last time, now we do it my way!"

"Well YOUR way is fucking STUPID!" Yelled "Louis" while ducking another swing from the tank, causing the behemoth to roar in frustration.

"Damn it Louis!" Growled Francis, "Stand still and let the fucker hit you, you're pissin him off!"

"Fuck you Francis!" Snapped Louis.

"You'd enjoy that wouldn't you?" Sneered Francis as he fired his shotgun into the beast's back, causing it to turn and face him, with an in-human look of fury in it's eyes. With a roar, the beast charged forward, with Francis unloading shell after shell into the beast until his gun was empty. Staring at his empty weapon in disbelief, then tossing it aside, Francis reached inside his vest, looking for his knife, but was mortified to learn it was not there, for he had recently thrown it at the beast to protect the young guy with the hoodie, an act that only Zoey had wanted to do. Realizing he didn't have much time, Francis adapted a fighting pose, and prepared to make his final stand against the monstrosity charging toward him.

The creature soon was upon Francis, fists raised high, but before the creature could strike down, Francis found himself tackled to the ground, out the creature's reach.

"The hell!" Snapped a surprised Francis.

"The point is to kill the damn thing," Said a younger man standing above Francis, "Not let it smash your ass into a fucking pancake."

Gazing up, Francis soon saw that his savior, was in fact the same guy they had been trying to help in the first place.

"You," he began, "You're alive?"

"Yep." Laughed the hooded guy, "Been through worse. Now, let's say we kill the son of a bitch?" With that, the hooded guy handed Francis his knife back to him.

"Oh hell Yeah!" Yelled Francis, rising to his feet and taking his knife back. "What's your name kid?"

"Jason." Said the stranger, holding his hand out to Francis, "Call me Jason." However, before the two could shake hands, they were interrupted by Louis.

"If you two are done bro-ing out, I could really use a hand or two!" Looking at one another, the newly acquainted duo then charged the beast, attacking it from all sides, by hand, gun, and knife, with Louis firing his MP5 into the creatures legs, dropping it to one knee, Francis wrapping one arm around the beast's neck, thrusting his blade into the creature's shoulders and back, and Jason hitting the beast in the head with a barrage of left and right hooks, knees, straights, and roundhouses. The trio was relentless, and with one final bellow, the beast fell to the ground, presumed dead.

"Finally…" Said Louis wiping his forehead, looking at Jason, "So kid, what is ya name?"

"As I told your friend here, Jason." He answered. "Yours?"

"I'm Louis." Answered Louis, then pointing to Francis, "He's Francis." Jason then held his hand out to both men.

"Nice to meet ya both. Look, do you guys have any type of transportation? Me and my friends-Oh shit!" Said Jason taking off in the direction he last saw Ashlyn, with Louis and Francis in tow.

"Ashlyn!" Yelled Jason, looking into the ditch, then letting out a sigh of relief.

"Oh Jason," Gasped Ashlyn, leaping up and wrapping her arms around Jason, "You're okay! That's great, we found, or better yet, she found us, and is helping Andy with his leg." She said, pointing to Zoey, who was working on Andy's leg, who at the mention of herself, Looked up to see Francis and Louis standing behind Jason.

"Nice to see you guys are okay." She smiled. "I take it the tank is dead?"

"Yep." Quipped Louis, resting his MP5 upon his shoulder. "Deader than Dead."

"Ya know," Growled Francis, "I bet even you has got to be tired of bein wrong all the fucking time." The two men then turned to see the not-dead tank rise from the ground and charge the group. Readying his gun, Louis looked behind his back to Zoey.

"We gotta hold it off so they can leave."

"For once," Growled Francis, "I agree with you."

Louis than began firing his gun into the creature's chest, doing very little to slow it down, even less when the gun clicked to signal it was out of ammunition.

"Fuck!" Mumbled Louis as the creature came closer, permitting Francis to charge forward, prepared to strike down this creature.

To his surprise, the beast slowed to a halt, extending it's left arm towards Francis, before collapsing on the ground, a small knife protruding from the back of its skull.

"Holy shit, Francis." Gasped Louis, "Either your aim got better, or someone can throw a knife better than you!"

"I'm counting on that last part." Said Jason, reaching to his ear, "Not bad Enya, but I gotta ask, have you been there awhile?"

Almost instantly, A young Asian girl wearing black spandex leggings, dark brown mid-calf boots, a black zip-up sports coat, and a white tee, leaped from behind a broken wall, grinning ear to ear. Following behind her, was a large male with short brown hair, a dark green camo vest, and black cargo pants, carrying an M4 carbine emerged from cover. Suddenly, the young girl, reached to her ear.

"Nope." She answered, "But tell me, who are your new friends?"

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