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Welcome to Anonymous Love! Here, you can vent your feelings and ask for advice on your relationships whether it's dealing with something current, ending the romance or beginning it. One more thing though. On this site, don't expect an answer you want to hear. The truth hurts sweetie. Ask away!

Q&A with Anonymous Love

Q: AL, please help me! Lately my boyfriend has been acting super weird. First of all he is constantly being lovey-dovey with me and is also being way secretive. Like, last night I called him at least twenty times and he didn't answer the phone. Today where I asked where he went he began stuttering and then said he was out with his friends. I really think he's cheating on me. We've been going out for a year though. How could this be happening? Is he really a dirty cheater?

~Hopelessly Confused

A: Why hello there, Hopelessly Confused. Sorry to break it to ya honey but you sound like you have a case of overly attached girlfriend. Super serious. Call a doctor. Joking. But honestly, it does sound like you need to lay off a bit. Twenty times in one night? Maybe he just wants some space. And if he is cheating on you, well that fellow can just suck his dick because you deserved better. Cheaters are asswipes, end of story.

~Anonymous Love~

Leaf Green pressed enter and the new post appeared on her blog, Anonymous Love. The thing was popular as hell. Girls left and right were constantly sending in new questions on their relationships. The questions could be normal like, "Getting tired of him, should I just end it now?" or they could be extremely creepy. "Lately I've been following this really cute guy I like. He's totally adorable so I decided I'm in love with him. How can I get him to notice me? The love letters in his locker aren't working, he just throws them away," was something that would appear on the website occasionally. Crazy right?

No matter the questions, though, Leaf would answer them anyway. Sometimes she was a bitch but she was okay with that – no one knew it was her anyway. When a girl was literally stalking someone she needed to be told that what she was doing was wrong. Way wrong.

Leaf had decided to make the advice column blog thingy one day after a particularly boring day at school. Let's just say that Leaf wasn't the most popular. Scratch that. She was the stereotypical geek, nerd, and loser: whatever you want to call her.

That day at school she'd witnessed a nasty breakup between a couple that had only been a couple for literally two hours. Seriously, two hours. Yep, you're thinking: "What the hell has happened to society?" Spot on? Knew it.

Honestly, Leaf thought it was so stupid she had ran around the corner and had busted out in laughter. But then, she had thought how sad that really was. Leaf being such a big romantic, she never wanted to see another "couple" abuse the power of love like that.

That's how Anonymous Love came into play. Leaf being the Anonymous part of it, no one knew it was her. She liked it that way though. If they knew it was her who would want to ask her for advice? The answer is simple: no one.

Back to the present, Leaf shut her laptop and laid it on the floor next to her where she sat on her fuzzy light green bean bag chair. Lazily, she threw her hair on top of her head and secured it with an elastic before yawning and walking over to her bed.

She plopped down on it and glanced at her clock that was glowing with red numbers. It read 1:34 AM.

Leaf fell asleep immediately.

~Anonymous Love~

Almost as quickly as she had fallen asleep her god damned alarm clock had decided to bless her with its glorious presence.

"Mother fudger," Leaf groaned and knocked her alarm clock off the side table to shut it up.

Slowly and lazily she sat up and rubbed her eyes before standing up and walking – more like slowly walking like a zombie – to her bathroom. There she brushed her hair, teeth – the works – before finally leaving and stepping into her closet. She grabbed the first thing she saw on threw it on.

Lastly, she grabbed the only pair of shoes she ever wore – very old and worn out green converse – and put a grey beanie on her head.

Leaf walked towards the mirror and examined herself. Denim shorts with holes ripped in them, an off the shoulder dark green shirt, the hat and the shoes. Her eyes were dull with small bags under them and her hair was a mess.

"Great, my appearance matches my mood. Shitty," she spoke sarcastically to herself. Nodding to herself once, she grabbed her old and worn out brown leather messenger bag, iPhone and was out the bedroom door.

Downstairs, all the lights were off and Leaf smiled softly at the figure on the couch. Her mom must have had another hard day at work with trying to support both her and Leaf on two jobs. Leaf adjusted the blanket so it covered her mom fully before stepping out of the house and locking the door behind her.

On the way to school she stopped to get some coffee. She needed caffeine desperately.

"White chocolate mocha please. Venti," she said, not even looking at the cashier as she tried to dig out some money. Finally she managed to get a wrinkly ten dollar bill.

Once the coffee was ordered, Leaf was out quickly and then finished the short walk to school where she saw her two friends – and only friends for that matter – sitting outside waiting for her.

"Drew, I swear to the heavens above that if you keep on being such a dick I will twist your head three hundred and sixty degrees! Let the Lord bless your soul because it's going to need it!" A fuming brunette said, glaring coldly with eyes like liquid blue fire.

Said boy shrugged his shoulders and flicked his odd colored hair – green, bright green – and smirked.

"You little…!"

"Good morning to you too my beautiful little sunshines," Leaf greeted with a sarcastic smile plastered on her face.

Said "sunshines" turned to look at the girl standing before them.

"Oh hey, Leaf," Drew said, taking another bite of a muffin he had in his hands.

"Mornin' Drew," Leaf replied and turned to the other brunette that was still fuming, "I see your chipper as ever May," she laughed.

"I'm never happy when he's around," May said, accusingly pointing a finger at the green haired boy who looked like he could care less. "Ugh, today Drew–"

Leaf held up a hand to silence her friend. "Sorry May but you guys argue over the same thing every time. It's getting old." Leaf chuckled when she saw the disappointed look on May's face.

"Whatever, Leaf," she said childishly and crossed her arms.

"How about a sip of my white chocolate mocha?" Leaf sang and waved it in front of May's face.

"Yes please," she answered back and gladly took a sip from her friend's cup. "Thank you!"

"No problem," Leaf laughed, her green eyes showing the laugh was genuine. "You want some too Drew?"

Drew took the cup and took a sip before handing it back to Leaf.

"Ugh, you let him have some?" May asked, her nose wrinkling cutely in disgust.

"Aw, I'm sorry that you're disappointed at the fact that we're not actually kissing but instead we're stuck with these indirect ones through the lid of a coffee cup," he said with a sarcastic grin.

May rolled her eyes and took a frustrated breath in through her nose before turning back to Leaf.

"We go through this every day," Leaf sighed. "I get coffee and arrive at school to see you two fighting, then I give you coffee, you become happy, I offer some to Drew, you become sad and then it goes back to you two fighting. Geez."

"Face it, you'd go insane if Drew and I weren't fighting all the time," May pointed out with a smug look. Drew nodded to back her up.

"Only because I'd think the world was ending," she retorted back smartly.

"Whatever you say," Drew and May said at the same time before glaring at each other and turning away.

Leaf laughed and hooked her arms through each of her friend's arms. "Let's just go to class."

~Anonymous Love~

"Hey slut."




Leaf cracked a small grin at the boy sitting next to her none other than Gary-freaking-Oak.

Gary was a star on the diamond and could hit a homerun in his sleep. So, why was he, an athletic star and mega hottie, talking to Leaf, a nerd with only two friends?

He didn't know and neither did Leaf for that matter. That's just how they greeted each other every day. It wasn't like they didn't like each other. But, it wasn't like the liked each other either or they were friends. God no, definitely not friends.

Leaf concluded it was just a "there" relationship. Not enemies, not friends, not even acquaintances. Their relationship was just… there.

The rest of the hour, Leaf didn't even notice Gary's eyes watching her from time to time noticing just how pretty she really was. Even with her tired eyes and shitty appearance.

~Anonymous Love~

May and Drew were once again bickering when Leaf came up to their table in the back corner of the lunchroom and set her tray down. Today's lunch jiggled slightly when the tray met the table. The three friends all made faces before laughing.

"Is there ever a moment when you two aren't fighting?" Leaf asked the two as she picked up the apple off her tray and twirled it by the stem.

"Nope," they answered in unison, switching their packed lunches just as they always did.

The three were a strange bunch. Leaf was the low life loser at school who everyone ignored – as mentioned before – and May was one of the art and theater geeks. Finally, Drew was a star when playing baseball just like Gary. He and Gary were the best. Gary being the best batter and Drew always striking everyone out, the school's team was almost always undefeatable.

Saying that, Drew was supposed to be with the jocks, May was supposed to be with all the other theater and arts kids and Leaf was honestly supposed to be eating alone in a bathroom stall or in the library. But no, none of them were following the status quo and they all stuck together.

People gave them weird looks all the time with the school being extremely cliquey, but once Drew sent a glare in their direction they'd shut up and walk away. No one wanted to be hated by one of the star athletes. No one.

Maybe the three stuck together because they'd known each other since kindergarten. Or maybe it was simply because they were best friends.

"You two seriously need to stop all this 'hating each other act' and just go get married and give Auntie Leaf some babies to play with on her weekends," Leaf said and busted out in laughter at the two's faces.

"Not funny," Drew muttered.

"Yeah and that would never happen anyways," May added although her face was bright red and she was nervously chewing her lip.

Leaf continued laughing. "Chill out guys. I wasn't being serious… unless there really is something between you two?"

She began laughing even harder at their newest faces.

"As if!" May exclaimed and reached over the table to take Leaf's apple out of her hand and take a bit out of it.

"Hey!" She protested and reached over to take May's untouched apple. May made a noise of protest before Leaf smugly said, "You don't even like green apples." She gestured to her new green apple and her old red apple now in May's hands.

"Ugh, you're right."

"Remind me again why I hang out with you guys?" Drew asked suddenly staring at his two friends who each were having a contest of who could hold the apple in their mouth the longest without touching it.

Their answers came out muffled and incomprehensible. Drew sighed but laughed nonetheless before looking above Leaf's head.

"Hey Gary," he said with a head nod. What was up with guys and head nods or whatever they were called? Did they even have a name?

"Drew," Gary nodded and turned to look at Leaf who was focusing really hard on not dropping the apple from her mouth.

"Hey slut," he greeted and took a seat next to her.

The apple dropped from Leaf's mouth. "Frack!" She exclaimed as May gleefully cheered in her seat. "Hey asshole," she said right back to him.

"What brings you here?" May asked, folding her hands under her chin and resting her elbows on the table.

Gary took a quick seat next to Leaf but didn't acknowledge her any further. "I just came to tell Drew that practice is extended today until six with our upcoming game and all."

"Aw, shit," Drew groaned and banged his head on the table. "Another extended practice?"

Gary sadly nodded.

"Ha, loser," Leaf laughed and pointed a finger at the green headed teen.

Suddenly May clapped her hands. "Why don't Leaf and I just come to your practice?" She asked with hopeful eyes.

"What?" The other girl hissed.

"Come on Leaf, it'll be fun," May begged. Leaf sighed and huffed in her chair.

"Great, now I'll have to deal with you two after school too," Drew muttered with a flick of his hair.

Gary stood up and lifted a hand to say goodbye.

"See ya later whore," he smirked at Leaf.

"Bye bastard."

Once Gary was back at his table, May whipped her head around and stared Leaf in the eyes.

"So, what's going on with you and Gary?" She asked excitedly while taking a bite out of Drew's old sandwich that was now hers.

"No. More. Girl talk," Drew said robotically.

May ripped off a piece of her sandwich and stuffed it in his mouth. "You hush. You've been living with it for what, thirteen years? Get used to it."

Leaf chuckled at her friends' behavior but then made a face at what May had just asked her. "Me and Gary? Nothing, why?"

"Ugh, you know what I'm talking about!" May said exasperated, laying her head on the table. "What's up with the whole 'hey asshole how's it going' thing?"

Leaf shrugged. "That's just how we greet each other."

"Why?" Drew finally took part in the conversation as always.

"I don't know. The first day in class when I saw him I thought he looked like an ass and he thought I was a slut because I was wearing my whore outfit," she explained.

"Oh," May said, understanding. "Anyone would call you a slut in your whore outfit," she pointed out.

"Exactly May! That's why I call it the whore outfit. I'll give you a sticker for effort," Leaf said with a bright smile, almost resembling a preschool teacher when a student could finally count to ten.

May shot her a dry look when suddenly the bell rang signaling for lunch to be over.

"Look, there's nothing between me and Gary and there never will be. Trust me," Leaf said, dumping her food and disposable tray in the trash before walking away.

Leaf was exactly right. Their relationship was nothing.

~Anonymous Love~

Here's how it would work. Every morning Leaf would get up, go to school and chat with May and Drew. Then they'd walk together but split ways as they went to homeroom. Leaf would then proceed to sit by Gary and they'd "greet" each other like usual. Then, nothing else would happen.

The two of them would sit in class, listening to the teacher rambling on about current events but still never talking to each other. The two would work together if they had to partner up with their table partner. They'd even be first to finish with nothing to do. Still, they wouldn't talk.

That's just how it went. All they said was their "greeting" and that was it. In the halls they'd ignore each other even if they bumped into one another. The only time they'd talk was if Gary was with Drew while Drew was with Leaf which wasn't very often.

In the hallways they'd also ignore the feeling of electricity if they brushed shoulders. The two were completely clueless when it came to love and let's face it – each other.

~Anonymous Love~

The final bell rang and Leaf gladly pushed her chair back and was the first to walk out of the class. Yippee, school was over for the day. Too bad she'd just have to come back tomorrow and repeat the process of sitting in class and trying her hardest to stay awake so she'd at least be slightly aware of what the teacher was saying.

Leaf sighed. She really needed to start paying attention more to keep her grades up. If she wanted to go to college she needed to have a scholarship. Her mom was already having enough time paying the bills for the house as it is.

Leaf rounded a corner to leave the school when suddenly May appeared in front of her with an arched brow.

"Hm, were you just about to ditch coming with me to Drew's baseball practice?"

Smiling Leaf said, "You know me too well."

"That I do," May confirmed with a nod and a smile before grabbed Leaf's hand. "Come on; let's go watch sweaty guys play with balls."

When the two girls arrived at the practice they each took a spot on the lowest bleacher where Leaf immediately took out her physics book, notebook and a pen. Sitting cross legged on the metal bench Leaf began her studying.

She didn't even get five minutes into her homework before May spoke.

"How are you not watching this?"

"Are you liking the view of Drew?" Leaf asked her, a smirk playing on her lips.

"Leaf, I love you and all but shut the hell up."

Leaf busted out laughing, finally looking up from her notes to laugh at May's face that was set in a glare.

"May, I love you too but you should know by now that I never shut the hell up and neither do you."

This time May cracked a smile and joined in on the laughing. "True."

For the next half hour May didn't interrupt Leaf's studying again. She knew about Leaf's situation and how bad she needed to keep her grades up.

It wasn't until the boys were taking a break did Leaf look up from her books.

"I thought after school I got a break from you two," Drew said approaching the two girls.

He had beads of sweat on his face and his hair was slightly damp from it. He also had dirt on his pants and everywhere else.

Leaf curiously glanced at May who appeared to be slightly blushing.

Don't like him my ass, Leaf thought, smirking to herself.

"Admit it, you love us," Leaf stated. "Besides, you would have ended up hanging out with us anyways."

Most days after school the trio would either retire to May's house to do homework or they'd go to the park to hang out. Though, Leaf normally refused to go anywhere if she had too much homework so sometimes the three just split ways for the rest of the day.

Drew gave Leaf the finger before turning around and going back in the dugout with the rest of his teammates.

"Ah, can't you feel the love radiating off of him?" Leaf muttered.

"You can't feel the love radiating off of any of us," May pointed out with a chuckle.

Leaf pondered the thought. "True, but that's why we're best friends. We all hate each other."

"Exactly," May agreed

After practice, Leaf juggled all the books in her hands, trying to balance all the weight. Her backpack was already stuffed with three textbooks and two binders and she had two more textbooks, a binder and a notebook in her hands.

"Having some trouble?" May asked as she stood up while grabbing her heavy backpack but no textbooks in her hands.

"Nope, I got this."

Leaf proved to herself that she didn't "have it" as she dropped the three books on the ground. She cursed under her breath and was about to get them but someone else had already beat her to it.

"Here you go."

She looked up only to lock my eyes with Gary's dark ones. Looking to the right she saw Drew was standing next to Gary perking a brow, his eyes focused on something behind Leaf, probably May.

Turning around Leaf saw her walk up to Drew, grab hold of his arm and drag him off the parking lot.

"I'm not walking with you today, Leaf! I need to tell Drew something, sorry!" She yelled but Leaf knew she was lying.

The ditched teen let out a frustrated groan and turned to face Gary.

"Thanks," Leaf muttered, taking the books Gary was still holding.

They brushed fingers but both of the oblivious teens ignored the spark.

Leaf quickly averted her gaze and mumbled to herself, "First May makes me come to this stupid practice and then just leaves me."

Gary perked a brow after hearing what the girl in front of him said. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy watching a hot guy like me practicing."

Leaf turned around to lock gazes with him once again. She studied his face for a second. He had a firm jaw, nice dark eyes that were pretty much black, and spiky chestnut locks. Leaf didn't miss the smirk adorning his face either. Honestly, she was about to let herself think that Gary was attractive but she quickly shoved that thought away.

"Like what you see?" He asked making Leaf be the one to perk a brow.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, you're just like Drew."

What happened next was the most unexpected thing to happen. Gary Oak laughed out loud at something Leaf – the nerd, don't forget that – had just said.

Said girl crinkled her eyebrows together until Gary's laughter died down.

"I'm nothing like him," he assured her.

"Sure." Leaf glanced around and noticed everyone else had already left. "Quick question… why are you here?"

"Because I had practice…" He trailed and motioned to his sweaty self and then the baseball field.

Leaf shook her head. "No, I mean why are you here talking to me? Everyone else is gone and if you haven't noticed I'm kind of the loner loser type while you're the attractive jock type."

She usually didn't point these things out, there was no need stating things already obvious, but right now she was confused. Downright confused.

"The attractive jock, huh?" Gary started with a suggestive raise of his eyebrows.

"That's not what I meant!" Leaf exclaimed as she felt her cheeks burning up. What the hell was that? Leaf never blushed. What was this guy doing to her?

Gary chuckled. "Whatever. I don't know why I'm talking to you considering I never do," he noted as he started studying Leaf as she did to him.

The first thing he noticed about her was her startling gaze. It was firm and not necessarily cold but it kept people from messing with her. Gary eyed the rest of her face. Her eyes were a dark green, a nice hazel color, and she had the longest brown hair reaching below her waist.

"Like what you see?" Leaf mimicked, snapping Gary out of his studying.

"Kind of," he said rather bluntly and enjoyed the look of shock on her face.

Leaf kept her cool. "Why are you talking to me?"

"I don't really know… but you interest me. You have since you called me an asshole," he told her.

"Only because you called me a slut," she pointed out.

"True," he agreed and started walking backwards. "I'll see you around."

With that Gary turned and walked away leaving a gaping Leaf.

What hell was that?

Gary Oak said she interested him. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

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