I do not own the 2012 Frankenweenie movie. A little drabble in Edgar's Point of View.

I Wasn't Upset

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I didn't mean to tell them about Victor bringing his dog Sparky back to life. I wanted to show off the fish because I wanted to be noticed by the other kids and I completely broke my promise to Victor. Well I had my fingers crossed, but still I had no plans of telling the other kids about Sparky.

In the end the whole bringing animals back to life caused a huge mess and nearly destoryed the town, but for the most part it worked out in the end. I wasn't upset about the rat returning to it's normal state of deadness and the kid who brought the sea monkey's to life wasn't upset over the sea monkey's being destoryed.

The weird girl is depressed about her cat being completely dead. The boy who owned the turtle was torn between being relieved and sad. The boy who owned the hamster is depressed and currently he's not speaking to the boy who owned the turtle for that turtle crushed his hamster. Victor is happy and he still has his pet dog Sparky...

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