The Doctor, any of them, muses on how his Companions always want something from him and the Tardis eventually. It's "Always what the universe can do for -you-". Not directed at Rose, but that is the quote that inspired this.

I for one rooted for the Doctor and the Captain to get back together after Ianto died, but sadly I suppose this shant ever happen.

Don't you think I want to love you? Don't you think I may just want to find someone that I can love as well? I want to spend my eternities next to someone who challenges me and accepts me and…

The Doctor looked over to where his Companion lay sleeping.

"I want someone who doesn't want an ultimatum," He stood and puttered about the Tardis for a bit; he sorted some bolts and flicked a bit of hair from a button. Looking around, The Doctor realized that he was chasing something impossible. Nowhere else in this world was someone like him. His entire people were gone.

And with them, his hope for love extinguished as well. It wasn't that he didn't think there were others worthy of love,

Everyone is worthy of love. Everyone deserves a chance to find their happiness. But what about me? They all want, need, something that I cannot give them.

He picked at his shirt and felt his hearts stutter a bit when his Companion muttered and rolled over.

Still asleep… Good.

Without others like him he was lost. To loose your husband or wife or lover or friend is a terrible thing. But to loose every single entity that would be able to understand you, would be able to laugh and cry and be with you, is almost unbearable. And what did he loose them for? Daleks still presented a threat to the universe. It was like they died for no reason.

Am I being selfish? Of course I am. I don't want to travel alone. I don't want to see these wondrous moments by myself. I need to be able to share the universe and time with. But I drag these humans along on a journey they can't appreciate. I show them something they can never have and when they…

The Doctor looked back, seeing bits the Tardis had collected and changed over the centuries to accommodate his past Companions. Each one had come with him, wide eyed and eager; and each one had left him tired, disabused, and…

"Heartbroken," He whispered to his last true love. The Tardis hummed around him and he felt marginally less alone. Sure, everyone that had the same lifespan as him, the same brain, the same understanding, was gone but he had the Tardis still. She would never stop feeling the wonder and start looking for the gains.

It's not even their fault though. They're just not like me. Such tiny, short lives; humans have to live hell-bent and hap-hazardous in order to feel like they're worth something and not just a cosmic glimmer. But I can't live like that. I can't turn my mind off long enough to see the short term. I can't even see the 'long term' humans talk about. It's just like an instant in front of my eyes.

Looking at one corner of the Tardis however gave him hope. There, sprouted from the wall, was a single bronze hook. It was graceful, curving up like an arm. Neither bulky nor frail, it had a timelessness to it as well as a single and distinct use.

It was a coat hook.

Maybe there could be one.

"But I've been so selfish already," and The Doctor cried.

If you need a little "wait... I didn't get the punchline" help:

The coat hook is for Harkness's greatcoat. But The Doctor knows that Torchwood needs Jack to keep from becoming too military and loosing the diplomatic (snort) side to it that has started to develope. So he doesn't want to go tear Jack, who truely is the only one left that could be on his timescale with him, away from his new(est) life.