[Author's Note: You ask me for smut.]

[I give you softcore.]


It was nice to wake up next to another body instead of just the rest of the empty bed; Equius had fallen asleep with one of his big arms draped over my midsection, a little reminder that we were now totally boyfriends and I wasn't going to get out of his reach for the next few days.

I remembered the kiss from last night, but not the subsequent part after that where we had stripped down to our underwear and gotten into bed together, but obviously that was a thing that happened because here we were, naked except for our underwear, and sharing my bed.

I turned over as slowly and gently as I could as to not wake him, a whole two minutes passed and I was barely halfway turned. It took me a while but I was now facing him, his grey face calm as it rested on the pillow. I reached out and brushed my finger along the bottom curve of his lips, then over the top curve. My finger trailed over his cheekbone and then around his eye socket, careful of the bruise that was still there but the swelling seemed to have vanished overnight. My finger traced his brow and then down the soft bump in the middle of his sharp nose to the little dip just beneath it and then over his lips again, feeling their curve with my fingertip.

His eyes opened slowly, his pupils readjusting to the diffuse morning sunrise coming through the blinds. He blinked and gave a sleepy smile and then pulled me closer with his arm. Our foreheads touched and he stared into my eyes with absolute adoration; I guess I must have been his first real matesprit, and that's pretty important to a troll.

"G'mornin' big guy," I said in a half-whisper, nuzzling his nose with my own.

"Good morning, Dirk" He grinned and nuzzled back. I set my head as close as I could to his on the pillows, noses brushing, and kissed him; he pressed his hand into my back and pulled me even closer, softening his mouth to meet with mine.

I snaked my arm under his and pressed it into his back, feeling the little ripples and divots of musculature under my fingertips. I rubbed his back and he produced a low thrumming purr in his gut.

It was nice to be like this, laying with another person and just touching. I broke off the kiss, pulling my lower lip away from his gentle bite.

"That was the most restful sleep I have ever had without sopor," He rumbled, once again touching foreheads and looking at each other.

"Maybe that's just one of the benefits that comes with getting a human Matesprit," I grinned. Equius removed his arm and rolled over, reaching to the nightstand and groping for a clock.

He picked it up and looked at it, he huffed and set back on the table and sat up. He swung his legs out of the bed and stood up but I grabbed his hand in an effort to make him stay. He turned and looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and a little smile as if to say Dirk, seriously?

"Dirk, it's midday and well past time to get up," he moved to leave but I tightened my grip.

"C'mon, it's Friday, what are you going to do on Friday that requires getting up at midday?" I was a proper question, I didn't have any big plans and I was pretty sure that Equius wasn't going back to work with a concussion.

"I need to have a shower, put on some proper clothing and have a meal, other then that nothing," he turned to leave again but I sat up, crawled over the bed and wrapped my arms around his neck and legs about his waist, clinging to him like a koala. He gave a big sigh and I felt him place his hands on his hips, just beneath where my thighs rested.

"Dirk, I am going to take a shower weather you remove yourself or not, you cannot stop me," he was still happy, which was good; an angry morning Equius was not high on my list of things I wanted to encounter a second time.

"Nuh-un, watch me big guy," he strode out of the room and into the bathroom where he proceeded to run a shower, he didn't wrap an arm around me or make any noises of effort; it was like he was wearing a shirt made of Dirk Strider.

"One last chance Dirk, remove yourself or suffer the consequences of an impromptu shower." He was looking at me, head sort of turned to look at my own that rested on his shoulder.

"You wouldn't dare," I sneered. He shook his head and pulled off his boxers.

"No, Equius, no," he slowly stepped into the tub and I felt the misty spray on my lower back. "Eq, no why, jeez, stop Equius, Equius!" He was now fully in the tub and I could feel the butt of my underwear start to dampen.

"Equius!" I shouted as he stepped under the shower, my underwear was soaked through in seconds and my hair was clinging to my face in a sodden heap, I pulled away from his shoulder and gave him a little kid pout.

"Frick you," I detached myself from him and stepped out of the shower. Equius laughed and pulled the curtain across the stall. I removed my boxers and vacated the premises to let Equius have his shower. I flung my wet boxers into the laundry hamper and then toweled myself off.

I stretched out on the bed; towel over my junk, and hands clasped behind my head and thought on what I needed to do today. I needed to get on the updates for Plushrump, I had been lax with them as of late and I would lose subscribers, and money. We needed groceries too; I was out of a long list of things, many of them necessary, like Nutella; that shit basically ran the Strider household. The shower cut off in the bathroom and the hinges of the bathroom door squeaked back and forth a few times as Equius fanned out the steam.

I gathered my towel around my hips, holding it in place with my hand, and walked into the bathroom again. Equius had the decency to also cover himself, which I silently thanked him for; it would be an inopportune time to spy on my new boyfriends junk.

"I still have conditioner in my hair, I will need the shower again in a little while, do not be too long," he commented as I ran a shower of my own.

"Alright," I replied and then dropped my towel and daintily stepped into the deliciously hot water of the shower. Equius remained in the washroom, humming quietly to himself. I ran through my hair care regiment; skipping over the extra rinses for times sake. I had just run the conditioner through my blonde mop when Equius spoke again.

"Are you nearly done, I sh001d rinse out this hair product soon" he was a little whiny in his tone; I stuck my head out of the shower and gave him a lecherous little grin.

"Why don't you come in here with me then, I'll help you rinse it out," He flushed a little, met my gaze, and then flushed even more when he realized I wasn't joking.

"That is…Quite a 100d notion, Dirk," he sighed and met my gaze again, an equally lewd grin playing over his lips, "But if you are serious, I guess I have no choice," He dropped his towel and stepped into the shower.

His eyes remained fixed on my face as we switch places, his large frame forcing me out of the hot stream. He turned, letting the cascade of water pour over his head and horns. He sighed as I started working out the milky conditioner from his hair, black strands sliding through my fingers and over my knuckles like silk. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned, water dripping over his brow and off his nose.

"Swap places with me," instructed, he nodded and took a step back and to the side. I slipped past him, hip brushing his crotch, I felt the brush of hair down there; good, I don't think I would be able to cope with hairless alien junk, let alone alien junk itself.

He didn't touch me; he just kind of stood there a little behind me. I turned my head back and gave him a smirk as his eyes snapped up from my rear to connect with mine.

"Enjoying the view, Eq?" he blushed darkly, "It's nice to stare at, and even better to touch, don't-cha know," his flush darkened another three shades.

"I feel depraved for staring," he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around my chest, once again that fuzz brushed over my skin. "But if you say it is alright, then I guess my wickedness can be waived just this once," One of his hands left my body and moved to my hair where he started to smooth out the conditioner.

I leaned back against him, enjoying the water and his touch. If humans could purr, I would be doing it right now. The hand that was still on my body stroked down my chest and a little over my abdomen before moving back up and brushing down again. His other hand stopped running over my hair and instead rested on the nape of my neck.

"The shower's getting a little cold Equius," he gave an understanding hmm and let go of me, backing out of the shower and holding the curtain open for me. I shut off the water and stepped out too, nabbing a towel off the ground and quickly covering myself. Equius wasn't as covered as I, he held the towel in front of his crotch but made no move to wrap it around his waist; I gave fleeting glances to his hips and waist, seeing the end of a dark happy trail leading from underneath the towel. Yes, hell yes, happy trails were the best.

"W001d you mind braiding my hair again?" he asked, free hand tucking a few strands of loose hair behind his long ears.

"Sure thing, just wait on the bed and I'll get the brush and elastic," I smiled, his hair was so nice to work with and it gave me infinite pleasure to hear him purr like that. Equius nodded and walked out of the bathroom, giving me a full view of his rear. It looked like it was pure muscle without any give to it; I wish I could have grabbed it right then.

I walked into the bedroom, brush in hand and crawled onto the bed behind Equius who sat on the edge. I brushed out his hair in long strokes, being careful of his horns as to not knock them with the brush. He purred, I grinned, and then my hand slipped on the brush; the back of my fingers stroked over the side of his broken horn as the brush fell into my lap.

His purr deepened momentarily and then stopped, he turned, eyebrow quirked.

"Sorry, brushed slipped, touched your horn, did I hurt you?" he shook his head and replied.

"Goodness no, when horns are rubbed it feels most rela%ing," he tilted his head, offering them to me to touch. I reached out and looped my fingers around his unbroken horn; stroking up and down its length. His eyes fluttered closed and his mouth hung open a little as he purred like a motorboat.

"I'm going to need to stop for a bit here to finish your braid, then I'll give you all the horn rubs you want," I let go of his horn and he blinked. He turned back to me and I finished tying his hair back. I scooted up the bed and propped myself up on some pillows he crawled forward and then lay down with his face on my stomach and arms spread over my legs.

I brushed up his horn again, enjoying its smooth texture under my fingers. He purred and purred, I could feel the vibrations moving through the bed. His horns were only a little ways away from my face; I decided to test something. I leaned forward and licked to point of his horn; he shuddered, breath hitching in his chest.

I licked it again, brushing soft kisses along its point; Equius's breath caught in his throat and turned into a whine. With another soft kiss it turned into a mewl. Oh I was having far too much fun coaxing these sounds out of him. I stroked my fingers down his horn a few more times and then smoothed my hand on the back of his head.

There sound of Equius's now quiet purr, the tick of my clock, the sounds of our breath. We were both half naked and I had basically given Equius a horn job; it seemed like the perfect time to ask him. I spoke, voice quiet as to not disturb the moment too much;

"Do you want to live with me, Equius?"