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Max's P.O.V

I woke to the crash of the window in the living room but when I opened my eyes all I could see was smoke. I coughed as the smoke filled the room.

My body instinctively stiffened as I heard a growl and saw two red eyes through the ever thickening smoke.

An Eraser?! What?! They're supposed to be extinct. But I only had a second to think that thought because the eraser's big meaty hand reached out, grabbed me by the throat and yanked me off the couch.

Now that I was up close I could clearly see it was an eraser.

He threw me backwards straight into the chest of another eraser. The eraser grabbed me from behind, as the first eraser made a beeline straight toward me.

This time I was ready. As I jumped up I used the second erasers' chest for support as I brought my feet up and straight into the chest of the eraser that was running toward me.

And I swear I heard a couple of his ribs crack. He cried out in surprise and flew backwards onto the side table bringing the lamp down with him.

I pulled my right arm free, cocking my elbow forward and straight back into the second erasers face. As his grip loosened, I slipped out of it and issued a round house kick to his temple.

He fell backward and hit the wall unconscious. And that's why you can't surprise attack Max.

I turned around to inspect the rest of the living room and could barely believe what I was seeing. There were about fifteen erasers in the house as far as I could see and not so surprisingly the flock was holding their own.

Dylan had just thrown an eraser out the window with Gazzy watching his back. Nudge was on the back of an eraser chocking him in her death lock while Total bit at his ankle. Her arm was bleeding pretty bad though because the eraser was clawing at it but he soon went down unconscious. I looked at Iggy who was surprisingly holding his own. He had a kitchen knife in his hand squaring off with one eraser and I could see another on the floor holding his bleeding side in pain.

I was so proud of them, my flock, but that second I took to make sure they were alright cost me a kick to the gut.I doubled over onto the floor and looked up at the face of my attacker, Ari.

Astonishment showed on my face. Are is alive...he's supposed to be dead...and a good guy...but he's alive...and a bad guy.

He grinned showing his large yellow fangs. "Surprise Max, looks like we get to have a family reunion."I got to my feet and got ready to attack. His grin grew,"That's the Max I know" Then he kicked me in the side.

It was so fast I didn't see it until it actually connected with my side. What was up with him he was never this fast.

I put my game face on and dodged his next attack. I swung out my leg, he pushed it away and I twirled back around and punched him in his nose.

It broke but he only flinched. What the hell. Well you know what I'm going in for the kill.

I rushed him feinting a punch to his chest and then executed one of my oh-so-famous round house kick to his temple. That should put him down.

But it didn't. His head snapped to the side, he stumbled backwards then turned his now bloodied face towards now I know somethings' wrong first he's too fast, and now he's immune to my kicks.

I started to plan my next attack when I heard Gazzy yell through the fray.


I stopped for a second and spelled it out "B-O-M-B...oh crap"

When Gazzy told you those 4 words you run and get away as fast as you can."Sorry little bro, gotta fly, hopefully I'll see you around...but I wouldn't count on it" I said before jumping through the already broken window.

I raced up into the sky as fast as I could although it wasn't hard for me because I was the fastest flyer in the flock. I counted to ten seconds then turned around just in time to see the rest of my flock flying up towards me.

Then out of nowhere the house blew up and with my raptor vision I could see the erasers being thrown out of the windows and walls. I also saw small pieces of furniture flying out with them. Great now we have to buy more furniture for the living room. Well after we fix it of course.

"Report" I said as they all came up to hover next to me.

"Gazzy check"

"Here...oh I mean Dylan check"

"Nudge check"

"Iggy check"

"Ari Check" was the last thing I heard before I felt something hard and steel hit me on the side of my face. And then I was falling, falling out of the light blue sky and into a dark black abyss.

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