Black Kitten Chara: Okay, I couldn't go on with "Alphas" because I lost the train of thought on the story and that SUCKS! But, this is story I already had an idea for, it is much shorter, and I hope that it will be better.

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You know those days where nothing goes right because of something so strange happened, but you couldn't explain why it happened. Well, that is how my day went the second I woke up with a seven-year-old girl on my chest and she called my "Dad".

Well, let me explain myself. My name is Claude James McGinty, I'm sixteen years old, and I go to a school for mad scientists. So really, I should have been surprise when a weird little girl kicked on stomach with her foot when I didn't answer her right away. Oh, there is also the fact that I she called me "Dad" and she kind of looked like someone I knew.

But more on that when we get to it.

It was Saturday morning and I was still asleep in my bedroom. Around seven is when my day went to CrazyLand because of that girl. I felt something heavy on my chest and I kept hearing someone calling for someone obviously in my room, but I ignored it because I faced stranger things.

Trust me on that because... I. Go. To. A. School. For. Future. Mad. Scientists.

"Excuse me. Wake up already." A small, girlish voice said near my face. I thought I was dreaming so I waved my hand to tell whatever that was to go away. Or I hoping that would happen.

The second I lowered my hand back on my chest, I felt a a small foot kicked the air out of my chest like I was a punchingbag. I instantly stood up and grabbed my chest, but somehow missed the seven-year-old sitting on my chest. "What the hell was that for?!" I screamed as I gasped for air.

"Because you didn't wake up. Duh." The voice said. I finally was able to breathe and was about to strangle the kid before I actually got a good look at her. Note to self: Wake up when a little girl askes you to do because she may actually surprise you.

At first, I thought she was five because she came easily come to my thigh and was skinny as a stick. But, her voice sounded older so I knew that she maybe seven instead. She wore some kind of school-girl dress with fancy black shoes and a pink backpack. Her skin was pale and she had shoulder-length, orangey-red hair with 'M'-shaped bangs. Literally, I really thought she looked like Lucy Snow, who was my best friend.

That wasn't the thing that scared. As I kept looking t her, I noticed her eyes for the first time; they were the same goldish-brown that I have.

"Who the heck are you and why are you in my room?" I wasn't about to smack the kid because one.) she was a girl and two.) because I wanted to know why she was in my room before I strangle her or report her to the headmaster, Dr. Bleak.

"Well, the reason I am in your room because this is where I teleported to. So-"

"Wait, wait. I have an IQ of 181 and I can't believe that you just say that you teleported here." I said as I silenced the girl.

"Well, that what happens when you come to the future, dummy." The girl snapped like she was an adult. It was weird; this girl looked much younger than she did because I thought she was five, but she acted like she was thirty-five and I was the dumb kid.

"Oh...So you come from the future." I said sarcastically as I smirked at her. If she was going to smart off to me, then she was going to get a smart-aleck response right back.

"Don't be such a smart-ass." The girl said as she rolled her eyes.

I got out of bed and ignored the girl, but I had to say, "And obviously your parents can't control you if you are cussing at seven. My mom would have smacked me if I said anything like that."

The girl jumped off and blocked my path. "Well, you should know."

I almost kicked the girl out of my way, but something in me didn't want to. Maybe it was the small, humane part of me that was keeping me from doing that and I hated that a lot. "Okay, how about this? We play a game called "Leave Claude Alone or He'll Kick You". Okay?"

"Oh, you're funny. Now I know where I got my smart-aleck side from because Mommy would have said that to me if I went to her." The girl said before she placed her hands over her mouth in shock.

That comment kept me from walking out from my room in my pajamas. I turned around calmly and asked, "Excuse me? What does that mean, you devious little child?" The girl looked at me nevously.

I asked her again, but she shook her head. So, I did the most reasonable response; I pried her hands off her mouth and gave her the "Tell-Me-Or-Else" look. She gulped nervously before she said, "Well, what do you think it means? And what is with calling me devious? You go to a school for mad scientists."

"Hey! For your information, this school is for good mad scientists. So, please get your facts straight at least." I said to her as she smirked at me like I was stupid or something.

"Please. Calling me devious still in dumb because you were just as devious as I am right now." She said with a cocky glare in her eyes. That kind of scared me because my parents always told me when I am smarting off, I have a cocky glare in my eyes. But I returned to my kind-of-adult-like state and glared at her in annoyance, but also in fear because what she might say next.

"Was? Okay kid, tell me what you are saying before I dangle you from my window." I threated. I stood up and tried to act like an adult, but that only made the little brat smirk at me.

"Please. I am only scare of you in the future." She said before she clasped her hands over her mouth again in fear and shock. "Oppies." I heard her mummbled, which only got me angier.

"What does that mean and the "Mommy" comment? You are really getting on my nerves right now." I said.

The girl removed her hands on her own this time and had a sad look about her. " name is Katherine Alana, but everyone call me Katie instead. And...A-A-And...And..."

"And what?!" I demanded this time.

"And, you will become my dad in about five years. So right now, you are about twenty-eight because I am seven right now." Katie said with a sly smile, but her eyes kept that cocky glare. "Oh, also the fact that I am also the daughter of..."

Too bad she never got to finish because something in me clicked. What this girl, "Katie", has said in the past few minutes made sense. And right about the same time, I fainted on to my bedroom floor.

"Well, you asked!" Katie yelled.