Black Kitten Chara [with Claude asleep next to her]: Well, he went to bed and will not do the disclaimer for me now.

Claude [mummbling]: Reason for that...

Black Kitten Chara: AHA! YOU WEREN'T ASLEEP AFTER ALL! [Chases after him, but looks at the screen] I do not own Hollow Fields!

I woke up the next morning with Lucy throwing me off the bed and glaring at me like I was the devil. Really? After the day I had, I get the Lucy's evil glare that everyone is scared of?

Here is what happened.

It was about eleven o' clock in the morning and I heard the door opened. "Wake up, guys. It is almost noon, and Meg is here for you Claude." I ingored it and pretended like it was part of my dream.

I threw the pillow over my head and said, "Five more minutes please. It's too early."

I knew Lucy said something like sleepy-head doofus, but I didn't catch it before she threw the sheets from under me and I fell on the floor with a thud. And somehow, Katie was still sleeping on the bed like nothing happened.

"What was that for?" I groaned as I looked at Lucy from the floor.

"Well, you and Sleepy up there wouldn't wake up the first three times I called for you. So, I did the obivous and threw you off the bed." Lucy smirked as she went over to Katie.

"Well, thanks for the headache." I said.

I stood up and saw Meg at the door, who was tryong to keep a laugh in. I don't know who is worse; Katie as a brat, Lucy when she is pissed, or Meg in general. Trust me because I have dealt with all three at once.

"Well, well little brother. You have offically slept over at a girl's house. Now only if you can get in bed with her." Meg said sarcastically as she twirled her long blonde hair between her long, pale fingers.

"Meg, that is your brother. Be nice." Lucy said in a motherly tone as she picked Katie off the bed and Katie yawned like a little puppy.

I stood up and watched Lucy take Katie to her bedroom. "I have some hand-me-downs in my old room in case our cousins come over." Lucy said as she joked about my whole "cousin" lie to her yesterday.

"Thanks for taking care of her." I mummbled as Meg rolled her eyes at the comment. I sighed and looked at Meg with annoyance and pity.

Meg smirked at me and threw me a backpack at my chest. "There is some clothes for you since you are didn't think about getting your own clothes yesterday."

"I didn't think I would be staying over, Megan." Call me sick or twisted, but I love when Meg cringes at her full first name. Gives me a joy that I can only have every once and a while. "Plus, you are no sanit when it comes to not getting your clothes when you spend the night somewhere."

"Aw, and you are such an angel as well." Meg said as she locked her bleu eyes at me. Her eyes aren't a dark blue like Lucy's, but an icy blue like the kind you see when wintertime.

I stuck my tounge at her as she left the room. I got dressed quickly with the jeans, my shoes, a plain blue t-shirt, and a plaid shirt that I end up using as a jacket since my old one was ruined by the rain last night.

And then Katie came in with her...well, I guess I can call it an outfit since she was happy with it. Damn, being a Dad even when you are not a Dad yet can be hard on you.

"DA-I mean, CLAUDE! Look at what Lucy picked for me!" Katie came running in with a huge smile on her face. She wore her backpack from last night, but everything else was basically something a seven-year-old would have picked out.

She had on a bright, polka-dot shirt with a demin jacket and a light pink ballerina skirt. She had on blue-and-white stockings and brown boots. She also has a dark-green-and-orange scarf and her hair was pulled back in two pigtails by sparkly blue hairbows.

"What the heck did you pick out?" I said as I tried to keepa smile from coming on my face. "I know Lucy would..."

"I would let her pick it out." Lucy said right behind with a smirk. She wore a long-sleeved verison of Katie's shirt and a demin skirt. "She is an independent little girl, which she must have gotten from you."

"Aw, thank you." I said sarcastically as Katie pulled my hand and lead me out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

"Come on!" Katie pulled me downstairs and let me just say, that what I saw shocked me to say the least.

Katie had fixed her invention, but she had also covered Lucy's table in sweets and ballons. "This was going to be my going-away party, or at least a good-bye ceremony."

"Well, this is... what do you mean be was?" I said to her. Katie gave a huge smile as Meg held back a giggle.

Then I heard the voice behind me; an old and manly voice that I knew would kill me at the sight of me. "What are you doing here, McGinty? And why is there food on the table?"

I turned around to see Lucy's father, who had her eyes and blonde hair. Thankfully, Lucy covered for me because I had my heart in my throat and Katie was behind me in fear. "Daddy! The food is for my fundrasier today! Plus, I told you that Claude was staying the night."

Her father must have thought she was speaking in an aneglic tone because he loosen up. "I'm sorry, Sweetheart. I forgot about the fundraiser and McGinty was staying the night. You know how I am in the morning."

"We all know." Lucy's mom, who was the exact copy of her daughter excpet she had green eyes, said as she smiled at me. "Claude, you and Katie can go with Lucy to the bridge. We can get the food to the fundrasier."

"Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Snow." I said timidly (yes, I can be that way) as her parents got the food and left the house.

Lucy smiled at me, but my mouth was still on the floor. "Don't worry, Claude. I conviced my parents that I wanted to a fundrasier for the pet shelter here. Pretty close to the actual truth, right?"

"Um...sure." I said in my daze.

Lucy smiled at me as she took my head and lead me outside. Meg glared at me and smirked. "Have fun, Claudey. Make sure you keep your lips where they should be at."

"SHUT UP, MEG!" I yelled at her as Lucy lead Katie and I towards the small bridge near her house. I saw Meg get into her car and drive away, which couldn't make me any more happier because she wouldn't toture me to death.

"Why was she here?" I asked Lucy.

"To give you clothes and make sure you don't die from my father's hands. I knew I couldn't fight him, but she could." Lucy said with a micheavious smirk. Dear God, what did Lucy said to Meg that involves me?

Katie giggled at the comment, but I glared at her like the father I was supposed to be. But she smiled at me and I caved in so I would stopped glaring. Lucy took Katie's other hand and she began swinging between us like a monkey.

"WEE-HEE! WEE-HEE!" Katie yelled as she swinged back and forth. "Go higher! HIGHER!" She almost took my arm when she almost went over my head.

"Katherine! Stop swinging before you take off my arm!" I yelled. Katie pouted at me and Lucy and I must have glared at her the same time because she stopped pouting or swinging.

Then she smiled and said, "Kay-kay!"

I cocked my head and looked at Lucy curiously. "She sounds like you, doesn't she?" I asked in a joking tone.

"She does." Lucy said as we reached the bridge.

Then everything began sad. Katie's eyes looked at the wooden plakes and she slowly got her invention from her pocket. I couldn't help but knit my eyebrows together and Lucy seem like she was holding back a cry. Yeah, it was that sad for someone to see their daughter go back home.

"Well, this is good-bye." Katie said sadly.

"Man, and I didn't even get to know you for a whole day!" Lucy cried, but she did her best to hold tears back. Or maybe that was her eyes watering a tad bit.

I looked at Katie as she set the numbers and kneel to the ground. "Katherine. Please don't look so sad. Okay, sweetie?"

"How can I not be sad? I'm leaving..." Katie said as her lower lip whimpered.

"But you are going back to your own time. You get to see me, Mommy, and Zachey becasue we have to be missing you like crazy. Isn't that important to you?" I said as I made her look me in the eyes.

"Yeah. You and Momma must be missing me, but it may only be a few minutes after I left. Time doesn't work in the same aspect as it does here. So, it must be only a few minutes in my time and plus I was in the woods looking for something." Katie explained like an adult.

"And you wouldn't be sad when you leave because..."

"I get to see you in a few years." Katie finsihed as she smiled finally. The timer on her invention began ticking and knew it was almost time for her to leave.

I looked at Lucy and asked, "Any last words?"

Lucy pushed me aside and hugged Katie. "Aw! If only you were my child! Of course, I would be crying like a waterfall if you were my child, so maybe it is good that you are not my kid. But I will still mis you because you are such a little angel!"

" kid an angel?" I said with a smirk. Lucy glared at me and we both stood up as the ticker began louder.

Katie went to the middle of the bridge as Lucy and I went to the beginning. She smiled one last time and said, "Bye, Dad." Then she disappeared in one single bright light.

Okay, I will be the first to admit it; I was tearing up. I felt tears string my eyes and I let them fall without making a scene. Well, I may have been whimpering a little in my throat, but that doesn't count unless someone heard me.

Which Lucy heard quickly.

She smirked at me and nudged my ribcase. I looked at her and wiped some tears away before she saw me. "What is it?" I asked in a tone that I tried to make tough, but it ended up sounding like a little girl crying.

"Well, you are freakin' crying! The day I see Claude McGinty cry and it is over a child he hasn't even had yet!" Lucy said in a loving but teasing tone. Which, I get a lot of that from her since we began friends.

"Thanks a lot. You make me feel so happy." I said sarcastically. I looked away, but Lucy kept nudging my side and smirking at me. "You know that is annoying. Can you please stop before I push you in the lake?"

"Well, let's go in together!" Lucy yelled as she grabbed my hand and we both fell into the icy lake. You would have thought that a lake in the sumemr would be warm, and not 20 degress below zero!

I pushed my wet hair from my face and glared at Lucy angrily. "What the heck was the for? I didn't ask to be pull into a lake, and this lake is freezing cold for crying out loud!"

"You need to ahve some fun! Katie was the first time I have seen you loosen up, but you never are around me!" Lucy said in a happy tone. She splashed water in my face and I held my arms up in defense.

"Stop it!" I yelled.

Lucy crossed her arms and huffed. She looked like she wanted to smack me and then beat me to a pulp, but what she did next surprised me even more; she kissed me.

"One of these days, McGinty." She whispered when she parted our lips. She stood up and patted water from her clothes and walked off. "And you can call your sister to come get you because she has the car!"

When she left my there, I touched my lips in shock. Truth be told, I didn't expect her lips to be that soft and warm, and they tasted like strawberries.

"Hey, Lucy! When is your kid coming from the future?" I yelled as I chased after her.