Black Kitten Chara: Okay, I decided to do a little epilogue chapter for everyone who wanted to see Zach and how Claude is as a father. Katie isn't a major character in this chapter, but Zach is.

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On a sunny morning, three-year-old Zachery Jay McGinty walked out from his bedroom and walked towards the kitchen as he smelled the crisp scent of bacon being cooked. He found his mother, Lucy McGinty, and his older sister, Katie McGinty, at the breakfast table.

"Morning, Momma." Zach said sleepily as he rubbed his blue eye.

Lucy looked away from the stove and smiled at her baby boy. "Good morning, sweetheart." Zach ran to her leg and latched on. The 27-year-old woman laughed as she pulled back her long, flaming red hair and her blue eyes that matched her son's look down at him. She wore a pair of plaid sleep pants and a light pink shirt. "What are you doing up so early?"

"I can't sleep." Zach looked around at the table. "Where's Daddy at?"

Lucy smiled at the thought of her husband and put her son down. "He is in his office." Zach nodded his head as she ran pass Katie, whose red hair was pulled back in ponytail and her golden-brown eyes looked sleepier than Zach had felt. She wore a light pink nightgown while he wore a light blue onesie, matching the colors with their genders.

Zach wobbled to his father's office as he opened the door to see his father, Claude McGinty, talking to someone on the phone. Zach walked in with his brown bear as Claude smiled at his son and ruffled the boy's untidy, dark brown hair that matched Claude's longish dark brown hair. Unlike his mother, Claude wore jeans and a button-up shirt as today was Friday and that meant they had to go teach soon.

Zach sat down on the floor as he began going through an open drawer, but Claude swatted the boy's hands away. But the toddler pouted, so Claude gave in and let his son go through the drawer as he continued to talk on the phone. "Yes…Yes… I understand Doctor Bleak." Claude said as Zach went through the drawer.

Finally, going through files and silly papers, Zach found something interesting. "Daddy! Daddy! Look at this picture!" He said happily as he pulled out a random picture and showed it to Claude, who was still on the phone. The three-year-old pouted as his father finally got off the phone.

"What is it, buddy?" Claude asked as his youngest child jumped into his lap.

"Look at this picture! It has you and Mommy and Katie, but Katie is a baby in this one!" Zach yelled as he shoved the picture in front of Claude's face, proving that the boy's sleepiness was gone. The 28-year-old took the picture and smiled fondly at it.

It was him, back as 22-year-old who had just become a teacher, with Lucy, back as a 21-year-old who had become a teacher as well, with their one-year-old daughter, Katie. It was strange seeing himself, even though he hadn't change that much; He still had the longish dark brown hair, golden-brown eyes, lean and muscular body, and slightly tanned skin but he wore black jeans with a short-sleeved black shirt that had a blue button-up over it. Lucy hasn't changed much with her red hair, blue eyes, beautiful figure, and pale skin. She wore black skinny jeans with a elbow-length white shirt that has a sleeveless black vest over it.

But what strange is seeing him back when his first daughter was a baby. Katie was just as pale as her mother with the same golden-brown eyes as him. Her flaming red hair, which matched her mother's hair, was short and curly back then. She wore the light pink jumper Lucy had sturggled all morning to get on her that day, but it was worth it to him.

"Daddy?" Claude looked down to Zach pouting at him. "Why didn't have a picture like that?"

Claude smiled. "Well, I guess Mommy and I never got around to doing so." He ruffled his son's untidy hair as his eyes follow back to the picture.

He remembered that day; Lucy and him had gone to London for a meeting that Bleak had scheduled for them. They had brought Katie along because they wanted their kids to be worldy-cultured. The first born McGinty child was well-behaved for her age, so they decided to take some time off to see the London Bridge.

He remembered fondly of Katie laughing everytime she saw an animal and Lucy had decided to get a picture of them by a random stranger, who was nice enough not to take their camera.

He smiled lovingly as he saw how much love was in the picture; Katie was laying her head on Claude's chest and he was holding on to one of her tiny hands. Lucy had Katie in her arms and Katie had her other hand pressed to Lucy's chin. Claude was leaning his head against Lucy's head and she had her head laying on his shoulder.

Claude let a chuckle out. "I was in love with her then and I still am." Claude murmured about his wife of six years and lover of thirteen years.

"Who are you in love with?" Zach asked.

"Your mom." Claude said as he continued to look at the picture.

Zach nodded his head as he played with her brown stuffed bear. "Daddy, why does Nanny never sees us?"

Claude stopped for a moment and looked down at his son. He then looked at the picture and remembered something about that day that reminded him why his mother never wanted to see her grandchildren.

"Well, it's complicated. When you're older, you'll understand." Claude said.

"Okay." Zach said absent-mindingly. Claude sighed as his eyes returned to the picture.

When the picture was taken, Claude and Lucy were not married yet. Coming fom a strict Catholic family, Claude's mother was disapointed that he didn't wait until marriage to have sex, nonetheless have a kid. But him and Lucy knew they were soulmates, they had good steady jobs at Hollow Fields, and they wanted to have a kid as soon as possible. They saw nothing wrong with it, but Claude's mother was furious.

They had a huge argument the day Claude told his parents he was going to be a father. Claude's mother had screamed at him for an abortion to be scheduled as soon as possible, but Claude had told her that wasn't happening. His father stood by him with the rest of his family, but his mother won't listen as she called the doctor anyways and had the nerve to call Lucy a slut. After that, Claude got them out of the house and he has not spoken to his mother since.

What was worse is that Lucy cried in the car ride home, which broke Claude's heart. He told her over and over again that she shouldn't believe his mother, but she was so depressed about it for days. She ahd actually gone to the scheduled appointment, but she backed out and only today Claude after Katie was born, but he wasn't mad.

After Katie was born, Claude's parents got divorce because his mother did not want a man who actually stood up for his kids instead of bowing down to his controlling wife. Now, she was a bitter old woman who hated her own grandchildren, who were dying to see her. Both Claude (being forced by Lucy) and Lucy had tried to call her, but she won't answer and said she had no grandchildren.

Claude smooth out Zach's hair and kissed his head. "Why are you up so early?"

"I couldn't sleep." He looked up at his father and said, "Do I have to be babysitted by Miss Notch?"

"Yes. But Mommy and I are geting off early and taking you and Katie on a trip." Claude promised as his son's light up. Zach jumped off his father's lap as he ran back to his room, screaming.

Claude smiled as he placed the picture in his pocket and went to the kitchen. Nobody was in there, so he sat down at the table as his wife came down with Katie, who was dressed in her school uniform. Lucy was in a white blouse with a black pencil skirt and black heels. Both had their hairs tied up as Katie looked at her father and ran up to hug his leg.

"You excited for Christmas break?" Claude asked his daughter.

"YES! I'm so excited!" Katie yelled.

"Katherina, do not forget your backpack in your room." Lucy said as her daughter ran back to her room.

As they were alone, Lucy walked up to her husband and kissed him on the lips. "Who were you talking to in there?"

"Bleak. He wanted to know how long we were going on vacation." Claude said as he smirked widely. "Two weeks in Germany is a perfect getaway." His wife rolled her eyes as he said, "Good thing Meg is coming or we would never get alone time."

Lucy had to pull her husband off as she said, "Claude, not before school. And it will be perfect because my cousin will show us around and we don't have to get lost with your lousy directions."

"HEY! I am not lousy with directions." Claude said in a fake-offended tone.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, McGinty." Lucy said as she kissed him and pulled his bottom lip.

"I thought we couldn't do this before school, Mrs. McGinty." Claude said in a sexy tone as he pulled his wife down on his lap.

Lucy pushed her husband off as their daughter came back in. She had her bunny-shaped backpack as her brother came wobbling behind her in jeans and a red t-shirt that had racecars on it, but still holding his teddy bear. "We're ready, Mom and Dad!" Katie yelled happily. "Let's get to school so we can leave early."

Lucy pushed herself off Claude's lap as she picked up Zach. "Okay, let's go."

Claude smiled as he watched his family interact. Unlike his childhood, he wanted his kids to have love and comfort from their parents. He also wanted to love his wife rather than being cold due to her being a controlling bitch, like his mother was to his father. In fact, besides the fact he was training them to become amd scientists, he wanted his kids to have the total opposite of his childhood.

He smiled as he stood up and held his daughter's hand. "Katie going back in time was the best damn thing that could have happened to me. Now, I know how treat my kids instead of being a controlling monster."