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Rose couldn't keep the frown off of her face. She was in a hovercraft, one she should have been on weeks ago. She was heading to the Capitol, to the president's mansion, where the Doctor was waiting. He had called her, saying that the TARDIS was locked away with locks even his sonic screwdriver couldn't unlock, and that he would have to stay there a while.

Coin had thought that the hospital patients were the last people to head over to the mansion, so Rose (and Johanna) were still under a bit of guard but untouched since Katniss had them in her contract. This was probably Coin's way of dealing out their punishment for sneaking into headquarters and disrupting their plans. Johanna had smirked and told Rose bully for her for warning the Doctor.

"Making Coin mad is the only thing we've got left, hey, Rose?" Johanna said from when she was given visiting time.

Now the two of them were strapped (properly, for once) in a hovercraft, heading to the Capitol.

The war was over. The rebellion won, and while District 13 was ecstatic in their own contained sort of way, there still had been a many things to do. Rose hadn't done much except sit in her bed and roll her eyes at the doctors administering more morphling to her, saying that she was mentally disoriented. She wasn't at all. She had been worse than this. They just needed an excuse to keep her under their care.

All that was gone now. She was heading to the Capitol. She had received one phone call from the Doctor while she had been at 13 two weeks after the big battle. He relayed the story of Prim's death. Rose had needed a bit of time after that. Her warning hadn't worked, it seemed, and she had been stuck in District 13 for a few more weeks because of it. He had managed, after a while and screwdrivering and pliers and bribing to the president's men, to locate the TARDIS. She was acting finicky, though, and he had to fix her up. After all, she hadn't been doing too well, for she had dropped them off at Panem. He would have it done very soon, though.

He told her in their monitored phone call of Katniss reacting devastatingly to her sister's death and Peeta's attempt at recovery, which was going rather well. He made her laugh and cry and feel all around better once the ten minute phone call was over.

Annie was right next to Johanna. Apparently she had had grand news that made her have to stay in District 13 near the good medics while the medics at the Capitol took care of the wounded. Still, she was brightly smiling at the thought of relaying the news of the baby to Finnick, who miraculously suffered nothing but a bunch of bruises from where he had to fight his way out of a bunch of citizens made of men who recognized him and tried to show their girlfriends that they could beat up a victor. Needless to say, he had won the fight, seeing as none of them had so much as raised a punch to a man before.

One of the guards said after a few minutes, "We'll be there in less than five minutes."

"Am I allowed to look out the windows, or am I endangering someone again?" Johanna asked.

The guard said nothing, making Johanna roll her eyes and Rose smile. They were over the Capitol now. In less than half an hour, hopefully, she'd be reunited with the Doctor.

Twenty minutes later, the hovercraft came to a standstill, and the guards unclipped the three ex-tributes from their seats, and they were led to the ladder.

Annie was taken down with assistance, but Johanna and Rose shook their heads to help. They were both practically fine now. Physically, anyway.

They were on a roof, which was a landing field, of a center of sorts, and they headed down an elevator and were taken through the streets to the mansion in a car. Rose looked through the window, watching the people walking by gunpoint, the torn up streets, the buildings getting their repairs. She sighed and closed the window back up. It was getting too cold.

They passed through several guards and stops but managed to park near the front of Snow's mansion. Rose stepped out into the sharp breeze and looked up to see large doors, white marble steps and huge, bulging pillars. Just like they looked on TV.

She hurried up the stairs, Johanna hurrying behind her and Annie lagging behind. The doors were opened by soldiers from District 13, and Rose was met with a scarlet red rich carpet, leading up to a vast grand staircase that had the doors to the entire upper floor visible. Looking around, there was awards and honors on the walls and pictures, Guards were at every door.

Rose looked around a minute. Johanna said, "Well, look who was living in the lap of luxury." She looked to Rose and said, "Come on, Princess. Let's go find your prince."

"The Doctor isn't a prince," Rose said as she hurried after Johanna, who was waving away their guards.

"Yeah, to everyone else. Hey, where is the Doctor located?" Johanna put her hands on her hips and looked at the soldier boy who was guarding the door.

"Down this door, and you continue until you can find the room that makes weird noises," the soldier said.

"All right. Thank you," Johanna said sarcastically, and Rose hurried after her through the door.

They were in a vast hallway that had its walls covered with pictures. Pictures of tributes in varying sizes, with weird frames and words that looked almost Latin under them. Rose looked at them for a moment, dazed, until Johanna said sharply, "So where are we going to find the Doctor, huh?"

"Like he said," Rose said, looking to Johanna. She grinned and said, "Just follow the sound of the noise."

After a bit, they did hear the noise that the soldier was talking about. It sounded like a combination of glass breaking, things clattering, pots banging, something going boing and the sonic screwdriver. Around a corner and they were at a door that had a blue sign that said, "Hello, humans! Knock please, or I might zap you. Accidentally, of course. Wouldn't want to hurt any of you without reason."

"That's him," Rose said after looking at Johanna's weirded out face. Rose quickly knocked, and she could hear the Doctor say, "Come in! Oh, dear, stop, I'm TRYING!"

Rose smiled and quickly pushed open the door. Walking in with Johanna behind her, saying, "Well, he's officially weird," she saw a bunch of stuff laying all about the room. Tools were scattered everywhere, ranging from nails and screws to hammers and the other screwdrivers. There was a broken glass something and wires and cords, and something that resembled fog or smoke coming out of the TARDIS's open door.

"Doctor?" Rose called, craning her neck out a bit.

"Rose!" and he appeared out of the TARDIS, his hands full of something that looked to be something to be thrown in the trash. He dumped his stuff unceremoniously on the ground while Rose grinned and raced toward him.

He caught her and hugged her as hard as he could once she was in his arms.

"Oh, it's been a while, Rose Tyler!" he said, a grin on his face as he drew back, looking her over. She was still wearing her District 13 outfit, but was looking loads better than she had when he saw her last. Her blonde hair didn't look so straggly and her grin was wider as she hugged him again.

"Much too long, Doctor," she said, and they let go of each other, and she looked to the TARDIS and said, "I heard she was acting up."

"Wellllllll, she's been acting a bit sick. Pretty sure that's why she brought us here. Wasn't reading the coordinates right at all," the Doctor said, and the TARDIS let out a temperamental hiss. He frowned and said, "Oh, come on, you know that I didn't mean that!"

Rose laughed and he turned back, saying, "Though, if she cooperates, we can leave this afternoon."

"Really?" Rose said, looking happily incredulous.

"Yes," the Doctor said. He frowned, though, and said quietly, "They're planning on executing President Snow this afternoon. I'd rather not be here to witness it."

Rose nodded, and she understood how he didn't want to see it. He knew that President Snow deserved it, and he knew that President Coin was not going to not do it. He could try to help them forgive President Snow, though there were few things that were unforgivable.

Rose looked around the room as the Doctor bent to pick up some of the cords and she said, "Where'd Johanna go?"

"Dunno," the Doctor said. He straightened, his bunch of cords with a few stray wires that stuck up at odd angles spilling out of his arms, and said, "Want to try to help?"

Rose laughed and said, "I don't know if I can. I'm not very good with time machines."

"All right. You can chat with me instead. The TARDIS has given me a rather annoyed silent treatment. She likes to hold grudges," the Doctor said as he entered the TARDIS. Rose followed him into the time machine, and she looked around excitedly at finally seeing the TARDIS after months of being separated from her. She looked the same. Somewhat dismantled near the flooring, but that was the Doctor's handiwork as he dropped into the three-foot hole in the floor.

He started working away as Rose sat down, cross-legged, by the edge.

"How's she looking?"

"Wellllll," the Doctor said, sticking two wires together that singed and smoked, "just a little while longer."

"Okay, then," and Rose, taking a breath, added, "tell me everything."

"What?" the Doctor said, his head popping up.

"You couldn't tell me everything over the phone. Tell me everything now," Rose said, and she looked determined as she said, "I won't take 'no' for an answer."

The Doctor sighed and for a couple of hours, he told her everything that happened. From the camp to the pods to sausages to the caged aliens.

"What happened, or is going to happen to them?" Rose asked above the sounds of a drill.

"They're going to be shipped back to their own planet. Using Snow's ship, they should be able to. I'd take them in the TARDIS, but they said 'no'. Oi. Anyway, thank goodness. Took a while for me to convince the rebels to take them back. Coin said it was a waste of money."

Rose looked rather shocked when he said he had used regeneration energy to fix his burns.

"You can do that?" she asked.

"Not all the time, but yeah. I mean, if I did it all the time, I wouldn't have gotten past my sixth regeneration." He shrugged. "I can use it. On occasion."

He continued after Rose nodded for him to, and he got to the part with Prim.

"She . . . was only thirteen. Who sends thirteen-year-olds to war, Rose? Honestly! It practically was like the Hunger Games, the way that there could only be ONE winner," the Doctor said angrily.

"We tried," Rose said quietly.

"Yeah," the Doctor said, climbing out of the hole so that he was sitting next to her on the edge. "That's all we could do, really, I guess."

A few minutes passed, and Rose leaned against the Doctor's shoulder. He leaned his own head against her's, and said, sighing, "After that, we were taken here, Katniss has been a wreck. Finnick's been making knots out of everything. Gale's been shipped off to wipe up Peacekeepers, whatever that means. We've all been keeping ourselves busy in our own ways."

He cleared his throat and they both sat up straight.

"You done?" Rose asked, looking at the hole that was nearly filled.

"Yep," he said, his legs swinging back and forth. "Want to go say goodbye, then?"

"I guess we should, shouldn't we?" Rose said as she got to her feet.

The Doctor pushed the floor tile back into the floor and wiping his hands on his suit, he nodded. "Let's go."

They linked elbows and headed out of the room. Down the halls, asking guards when they had to and they found themselves outside of a room that looked rather important.

The Doctor knocked, Rose leaning against his shoulder, and the door was opened by none other than President Coin. Her cold eyes and straight sheet of grey hair looked the same as it had when she had been in District 13, and she said, "Hello, Doctor. Soldier Tyler. Can we help you with something?"

"Yeah, can we come in?" the Doctor asked with a smile, and Rose smiled as well as the two of them hurried into the room.

Coin looked at them sternly as she closed the door. The Doctor ignored the look on her face and looked about the room. On a large curved sofa was an annoyed looking Johanna, a miserable looking Annie with Finnick next to her, an arm around her shoulders, a prideful Enobaria, Beetee, Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta, all watching the three of them who were standing up.

"Hello there!" the Doctor said. Looking around, he turned to President Coin and asked, "What are you all doing here?"

"We have just come to an important decision, Doctor," Coin said smoothly. "There shall be a new Hunger Games." (His face drained of color and Rose looked stunned.) "One for the Capitol children, especially for Snow's granddaughter."

"No. No, no, no, no, you can't do that!" the Doctor said quickly, all signs of his smile gone. "You just stopped the Hunger Games. You just stopped an event that had CHILDREN KILLING each other! Why would you want to bring that back?"

"It's for Snow. To show that even the president that ran Panem cannot escape punishment for his crimes," Coin said crisply.

"Isn't his execution enough?" the Doctor asked. He looked around. Katniss avoided his face, and so did Annie. Johanna stared defiantly back. Haymitch looked drunk. Peeta looked annoyed as well.

"The Doctor's right, you guys," he said. "We don't need another Hunger Games!"

"Yeah? Does Snow not deserve to go through what we had to go through, Peeta? He was the one who presided over them, marketed them. He liked the Hunger Games, Peeta. This last one should be for him," Johanna said sarcastically, looking dangerously annoyed.

"So even after all that's happened, you want fighting? You want killing? You don't want that," the Doctor said, looking around at the victors with sad, miserable, broken eyes. "You don't want any more killing. Believe me, I've seen what you've all been through. You don't want any more of that, even if it is revenge. It's not going to make you feel better." He gulped and said, "I know that for a fact. It doesn't make anything better."

Rose looked at the Doctor, concerned, but he straightened and said, "So do what you want. But, please, don't continue it." He gulped and said, "Rose and I came to say goodbye. We're going."

"Where are you going, Doctor?" Coin asked quickly.

The Doctor turned to face her and said, "To the stars, President Coin. Far away from here."

Coin looked slightly miffed as the Doctor turned to Haymitch and Rose headed to the others.

"Goodbye, Haymitch," the Doctor said with a slight smile, offering his hand.

Haymitch glanced at him and grudgingly shook his hand. "Bye, Doc."

The Doctor nodded. He nodded to Enobaria (he was still slightly annoyed with the fact that she tried to kill Rose in the arena, even though she was only forced to), shook hands with Beetee with a grim look on his face (remembering the bombs), hugged Annie and Finnick ("Nice meeting you, Doctor. Don't know what we would have done without you." "Yeah, well, hope you and Annie can go home and be safe and all domestic-y, like you both want to." "Hope so.")

He headed over to Peeta, walking around Rose who was hugging Beetee, and sticking his hands in his pockets, said, "Hello there, Peeta Mellark."

"Doctor," Peeta said, standing as everyone else did. "I'm-"

"Don't apologize," the Doctor said. "It wasn't your fault."

"Think I'll ever get better?" Peeta asked quietly.

The Doctor smiled and nodded. "Not totally, but you'll get kind of normal. As normal as you can get, anyway."

Peeta nodded and the Doctor nodded as he turned.


He turned to see Katniss. He had seen her a few times in the president's mansion. He had seen her in the hospital, tried talking to her with Haymitch when she was silent. When getting supplies, he'd see her on occasion walking around the mansion.

He smiled now and said, "Welllllllll, I guess you found your voice."

"Yeah," she said.

His smile faded and he said, "Hey, I want to say a proper sorry to you, about your sister. I tried, but things just - some things happen like that."

"Yeah," she said in the same tone.

The Doctor's face softened and said, "Come here."

She moved forward and he held her in a hug, wrapping his arms around her. She was just another human, really, one of the thousands he had met. He'd leave her with her own people to deal with the Hunger Games and her sister's death, but he'd never forget her. Hard to forget a girl on fire.

He pulled back and said, "You all right?"

Katniss gave him a corner of a smile and said, "I'm always all right."

The Doctor's face turned a bit with a frown and he said loudly, "WELL, goodbye Katniss Everdeen. Mockingjay."

"Goodbye, Doctor," she said, and the Doctor swung around to Rose. The two of them looked to Coin and he said, "WELLLLL, we'll just be going then. Bye then, President Coin."

"Goodbye, Doctor," she said in her professional voice, and the Doctor and Rose nodded and waved to the rest of the people in the room before they headed out into the hall.

"She's scary," Rose said, looking back.

"All politicians are," the Doctor said.

They hurried through the halls and they came upon the room with the TARDIS. Collecting a few random pieces laying on the ground, the Doctor and Rose headed into the TARDIS. Rose put down her pieces and closed the door while the Doctor dumped his stuff and hurried to the console.

"Now, where to, Rose Tyler? The Alps? The Great Wall of Alban? What time? To five hundred B.C. or thirteen thousand years into the future? The possibilities are endless!" the Doctor said, looking around the console as Rose walked up the steps.

"I don't know," Rose said, and the Doctor looked up because she sounded tired, and Rose hardly ever sounded tired when she was on the TARDIS.

"Choose something. Anything," the Doctor said quietly.

"It doesn't matter," Rose said.

The Doctor walked around the console, and leaning against it, said, "Hey, it's been months. Want to head home to visit, see your mum?" He ended with a smile that grew when she nodded and saying, sounding relieved, "Yeah, that'd be nice."

The Doctor nodded and smiling, started pushing the necessary buttons and such.

"We've been gone a while," Rose couldn't help but say as the TARDIS started up.

"Yeah, and I'm terribly sorry 'bout that," the Doctor said.

"Don't worry 'bout it," Rose said. She sighed, though, and said, "It'll be nice having a cuppa of real tea, though."

"We'll be in London in JUST a minute," the Doctor said. He grimaced and looking at the TARDIS, said, "Let's just hope she doesn't start acting up again."

Rose couldn't help but grin at that.

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