Randy sighed as he entered his small apartment, ready to just collapse and sleep. It had been a busy day, they had a double homicide, that they were able to figure out thanks to Monk. It had been simple, once explained, but when Randy and the Captain went to arrest the murderer, he had put up a fight. Randy now had some bruises, which were rapidly healing. He was slightly tired, however, and sat on his sofa, and turned on the television.

On the news, not surprisingly, was a report of the case that was filmed earlier. The Captain was explaining things, and Randy saw Monk and Natalie leave the scene, and he saw himself hanging out in the background, doing nothing. No one walked up to him asking his opinion on the case, no one had payed him any attention at all. Randy knew he should be happy about this, a person like him needed no one looking into him, but he couldn't help but be disappointed. He was once the most loved hero in the world, so being an unnoticeable goof of a cop was kind of a step down.

Ever since he woke up, and found himself several decades into the future, he had tried to keep his old identity as Steve Rodgers hidden. He had crafted another identity, this time as Randy Disher.

And he had liked it. He was able to forget the pressures of being a hero, and be his normal self. No one minded that he was a little clutzy, or thought a little differently, or was simply strange. Everyone thought that was simply how Randy was.

There were times, times where he would forget he was just an ordinary cop whose word was worth no more than anyone else's, and order commands and act his old heroic self. He would soon realize his mistakes after that, and remind himself who he was now. He would fade back into the background, and let others save the world.

Turning the television off, he stood and made his way into his cramped bedroom. He was feeling a little down that night, so he walked to his closet and pulled out a dust box from the top shelf. He set it on his bed, and carefully opened it.

The first thing he noticed was a picture of Peggy. A sad smile crossed his face, and he was reminded the anniversary of her death was about a month away. He lost his smile, and set the picture of her aside. He didn't want to think about his lost love that night.

The second, and only other things in the box, things that he saw, was his mask and costume. He pulled it out, and examined it. It was still in perfect condition. Not a single stitch was out of place. Randy had once wore it to a comic convention, he remembered the shocked look on all of the other hero cosplayers. Nothing beat his costume, because it was the original.

Randy was startled out of his thoughts by a shriek and a few gunshots. Glancing out the window, he saw a masked man running off with a purse. A young woman staggered out of an alley, looking shaken up.

Randy looked into his closet, and saw his shield. He grabbed it, and shifted it on his arm. He loved how comfortable and familiar it felt. Here, in the future, with out Peggy or Stark, without the world he was raised up in, he liked familiar.

Looking back out the window, and then back at his costume, Randy smiled.

Maybe he could be Captain America again, a hero again, just for tonight.

A/N: I finally got to see the episode where Randy wears Captain America pajamas. And when he had a trash can lid and was acting all heroic, I just lost it and had to write this.

Maybe, if anybody's interested, I might continue it.