Soooo I chose to re-write What a Party, making the story longer and shit…

I wear my sunglasses at night.So I can, so I can, watch you weave,then breathe your story lines.And I wear my sunglasses at night,so I can, so I cankeep track of the visions in my eeeeeeyes.

Click. Victor Frankenstein turned the radio off on the inside of his father's car. Edward smiled at his scientific teenage son, a straight A student, with a passionate love for science, the fifteen year old was sucking on a pen, his essay was due at the end of the school year, but not a topic came to his head; his father couldn't understand why his son was so caught up in this when he had months to think of a topic! And it was only the second day of school!

The car pulled into the parking lot of the high school, Victor grabbed his bag, and hopped out of the car.

"Bye dad!" he called, making his way to the entrance.

"Don't think too much about that paper, son!" and with that Edward drove away towards his work.

Upon entrance, Victor was greeted with arms wrapped around his neck and a kiss to his cheek, causing the teen to blush a little, his girlfriend, Elsa, just gave a small smile to the rosy cheeked teen.

"You are coming to my party right? My uncle will be out of town, so it'll be just us teens." Victor blushed.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." He replied as she gave a kiss to his cheek.

"I'll see you after class." And with that Elsa walked away, Victor placed his fingers to his cheek.

"Ye-yeah…see you." He blushed slightly a goofy smile lingered on his face.

Edgar and Weird Girl rushed their way towards Victor, the couple both had rather happy expressions on their faces.

"Well didn't she tell you?" Weird Girl asked, cocking her head to the side, giving a squeeze to a Hello Kitty plushie. Victor rose an eyebrow, did he miss something?

"Mayor Burgemeister is out of town!" Edgar gave his hands the plotting ring to them.


"And, Elsa knows where he hides his wine and the key to get to his wine!"

"Are you saying…"

"We're going to get so wasted!" Edgar did a double fist pump in the air. Victor gasped.

"But…we're too young! Elsa isn't that…" but before he could finish.

"I know! It's going to be so cool!"

"Do you think she'll have strawberry kisses?" Weird Girl asked, cocking her head to the side, "I've always wanted to try it!"

"I don't know! But I can't wait to have my first drink of that wine!"

"I can't wait to have that first drink of alcohol!" Victor just walked away slowly from the couple, they sure were freaks…and he was glad he wasn't close to either of them.

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