My name is Colton Hayes. I'm a 16 year old girl who was left alone. I was originally born in District 7, but I had to leave and now I live in District 4 because of something I did when I was younger. Me, being the little naïve six year old girl, sang The Hanging Tree at school for show and tell.

Are you, Are youComing to the treeWhere they strung up a man they say murdered threeStrange things did happen hereNo stranger would it beIf we met up at midnight in the hanging tree

The pain and tortured I had faced after that performance, was unbearable. The man who had written that song was killed and tortured and soon that would be my fate. Before anything could happen to me, my mom scooped me up and brought me to District 4, protecting me from the evil of the capitol.

My mother and I went into hiding for a few days. One day, my mom went out for a few hours and never came out. For days on end, I waited and waited in front of that shack door, but she never came back. I remember that I survived on crumbs of food that was left in the house.

Around a week and a half later, I knew that my mom was never coming back. Curling up in a little ball in the corner of the room I last remember seeing my mom, I cried my eyes out wishing for my mom to come back. Without lifting my head from between my legs, I heard a door creak open and I snapped my head up to only find an older looking woman. That was the last day I spent in that house.

A few weeks after the old woman found me, I was sitting in front of the television coloring a picture, I saw the most horrific thing I could ever imagine. My eyes were scarred for life. Gazing up at the old screen, I saw my mom, tied up to a post with a peacekeeper from the capitol whipping her continuously. He repeatedly asked her where I was, but she never gave in to give away where my hiding spot was. On that post is where she died. In District 7. I was only 6 years old. My eyes will forever be scarred.

Now, I'm 16 and deadly afraid of everything. I flinch at the slightest of movement. I have no friends except for the one person who befriended me.

Finnick O'Dair.

He's the only person, who bothers to go near me since that terrible day. He's 3 years older than me, but it doesn't matter to him, or me. I met him while sitting on the beach watching the water. He was tying a net a few feet away from me and he slowly got me talking.

He's tried to teach me skills like knife throwing, spear throwing, tying nets, sword fighting, archery and many more things that I would need if I ever got reaped for the Hunger Games. But every time he tried to teach me, I refused. I don't have any skills. I won't pick up a sword, knife, bow, poison or anything harmful to another person. The only thing I can do, is tell the difference between poisonous plants and edible ones. I can only do that because I look at plants in my free time.

The Hunger Games are the most revolting thing ever. The Capitol is a messed up place, if they believe that sacrificing 23 children each year, will keep the districts in line. There are many other ways to do it.

It's not right, to put innocent children, into an arena and have them kill each other just so they can live. Taking someone's life for your own is wrong and cruel, but taking your life for someone else, is love. That's what my mom always told me when I was growing up. I will never forget her, not until the day I die. She will always be in my heart.

The woman who took me in was Annabell Grenson. She died 5 years ago when I was 11, from a sickness. After she died, I couldn't bare to leave the house I grew up in, where she raised me the rest of my life. One of the last things she said to me, was to always be strong and never fall for the Capitol's nasty tricks.

Since then, I've been living with Finnick, otherwise I would end up starving myself from depression. A year after Annabell died, he was sent into the games. I had never been more frightened for anyone's life before. I thought I would lose him too, just like Annabell and mom.

Thankfully, he came out of the arena alive, but when he came back to me, I was scared. I had seen him kill other kids and I was frightened of him. It took Finnick, months to earn my trust back. At one point I thought he would give up on me, but he never did.