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The next morning when I woke up, I found my head on Breckin's chest and his arms wrapped around my waist holding me tightly. Slowly I sat up trying to not wake him up, but that didn't happen and he woke up anyways.

"Sorry," I whispered, trying to not wake Katniss up too.

"It's okay," Breckin said, adding a smile at the end reassuring me he didn't mind.

Looking down from the tall tree Breckin, Katniss and myself were all cooped up in, I saw all the careers lying down in a circle surrounding a burned out fire, all holding weapons tightly in their hands, ready to fight at any second. Glimmer had her head resting on Cato's arm and curled up into his side. Jealousy began building up in my body, but I had to let it not bother me.

Peering up, I saw Katniss just waking up too. Knowing we were on the move again, Breckin untied the rope from our legs and shoved it into our backpack, then began slipping off our sleeping bag. In the process, I looked down at my leg, frightened to see what it would look leg after a night, but what I saw shocked me. My leg was fine! It had healed so much! It still looked pretty bad, but the skin around it had reformed itself again, but my leg was still all purple and bruised looking. That must mean that Katniss's burn is okay too! Just as I was about to tell Breckin, I heard a noise in the distance.




All three of us looked up and saw the little girl from 12. I think her name is Rue, but I'm not sure. She pointed over at something so we all followed her finger to find, a few branches over, a trackerjacker nest. Those are deadly little bugs that cause hallucinations from only a few stings, but can result in death if stung too many times.

I don't understand why Rue was pointing at the nest, was she telling us to be careful or something? I looked back over at her and was pointing to the ground, or more like the careers and Peeta. She started showing a cutting motion, then pointed to the careers and Peeta again. Now I understood. She wanted us to cut the branch down on to the careers as a distraction to get away. All of us nodded and Rue disappeared.

"Colt, will you be able to run?" Katniss asked in a concerned voice.

"I think so, why?" I asked.

"You will need to be able to run fast after I cut this down," She stated.

"Okay. I'll start climbing down now and then jump when the nest reaches the ground," I explained.

"Okay good idea. Both you and Breckin, run east when you get down there, then we'll meet up," She said. I nodded my head.

"Be careful," I said.

She nodded her head and began hopping branches to get to the nest. Breckin and myself, started slowly climbing down the tree with our backpacks on ours backs and being careful to not break any of the branches we were on. When we were about five feet above the ground, I could hear the sawing from Katniss cutting the branch. I could see a few trackerjackers fly out of the nest and sting her. Katniss tried slapping them away and almost lost her balance, but caught herself. I gasped, but Breckin covered my mouth before it got too loud and woke up the careers and Peeta. Katniss looked like she was in a huge amount of pain, and looked like she was about to pass out, even from the few stings she received.

Finally the branch was cut so it was unevenly balanced and it collapsed making a loud crash. Breckin and I didn't waste even a second before we made our escape. I could hear the careers screaming, trying to sprint away as fast as they could; one girl in particular. I hope it was Glimmer, that bitch should've never touched Cato.

A loud thump followed the girls screams of pain. It must've been Katniss jumping dwn from the tree because it wasn't loud enough to be the cannon. We continued running until we were far from the tree. Once we knew the trackerjackers were gone, we began heading back to where the careers and Peeta slept to gather anything useful they might've left behind. On our way back we heard the cannon go off. I wonder who it was this time.

Before we even arrived at the spot, I could see a girl all shriveled up lying on the ground not moving. She must've been dead. As we got close, I could see that it was Glimmer. The trackerjackers did that to her. Not only was she shriveled up, but she was purple and her entire body blew up to a size twice as big as her. Jumping back in fear, I bumped into a tree and slid down the trunk in disbelief. I was in shock. Putting my knees up to my chest, I raised my arms around my knees and held myself. A single tear slipped out of my eye, but I quickly wiped it away. Breckin, with a sigh, sat beside me and threw an arm around me and engulfing me into his body.

I may have envied Glimmer for being able to spend so much time with Cato and him willingly wrapping her in his arms, but she was still human. She was still someone's child. She was still someone's friend and someone's sister, cousin. I could only imagine how her parents felt at seeing the sight of their dead daughter. And it was all my fault. I allowed this to happen.
"It had to happen. It was to save our lives," Breckin told me in a soft voice, resting his head on my own.

"But she didn't have to die for it to happen. And what's worse, is I went along with it. I just didn't know it would kill her," I sniffed. I couldn't peel my eyes away from her body, frozen. The guilt lingered in every word, her blood was on my hands.

"It wasn't your fault," Breckin said, kissing my head. We sat in that very spot, not moving for a bit, then we decided we needed to leave before the hovercraft came and picked up her body.
"Now what?" I asked, once we were away.

"We find Katniss," Breckin simply answered.

After a few minutes of walking, Breckin spoke up. "I'm really thirsty. Let's go find a river," He stated. I nodded my head as we continued walking.

We walked hand in hand around the arena, searching for water to drink. While walking, I could feel the ground beneath us start to sink; it was getting mushy. Letting go of Breckin's hand, I knelt down on the ground and felt it with my finger; it was wet meaning we were close to water.

"We're close!" I announced, "C'mon."

I held my grip tighter on Breckin's hand, and pranced around happily to find the water! Thinking about it, I was very thirsty myself. When we got there, I jumped in, not wanting to wait another minute. I could hear Breckin laughing in the background as I swam up to the top.

A smile appeared on my face as I noticed Breckin taking off his jacket and shirt. I couldn't help, but allow my eyes to follow his abs. Thinking about it, he was very good looking and kind to me, unlike Cato. Maybe I had mistaken my feelings for Cato, and maybe it was Breckin I was falling for the whole time. Maybe there was a way to get both of us out of the arena alive.

When I zoned back in, I saw a smirk on Breckin's face. He noticed I was checking him out. Embarrassed, I looked away with a blush creeping on my face. He snorted then jumped into the water.

"I give it a ten!" I announced laughing as I 'judged' his cannon ball when his head poked up on of the water.

"Thank you! Thank you!" He said playing along. A smile played along his face. Maybe I was falling for my Pauper, rather than my Prince Charming.

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