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The hot sun was beating down on my body to the point where I was dripping sweat. If someone saw me right now, they would probably think I had just went for a swim. Why do the Gamemakers insist on making the temperatures unbearable? It's freezing at night and blazing hot during the day, but today was most definitely the worst of them all so far.

Not being able to take the dreadful heat anymore, I stopped walking and set my bag down that now contained Breckin and my stuff. Slipping the jacket off, I tucked it back into the backpack that was almost full now, and resumed my position with my backpack tightly on my back, the small sword in my hand, and the small knife sticking out of my belt loop, for easy access.

It was near sunset and I still hadn't eaten after I found Peeta. I guess I didn't realize it. At this point, I'm just drifting through these games waiting for them to be over. I decided it would be best to get some food in my stomach, so I went on a hunt for berries.

After walking for about twenty minutes, I came across a few bushes that contained berries on them. Anxious to put something in my stomach, I quickly walked up to the them and began to inspect the berries, making sure they were edible. I lifted the small food to my nose and the second the scent entangled in my nose, I cringed back. It smelled of vinegar and dirt, meaning it was poisonous. My guess by the shape, smell and color of the berry, that it was nightlock. But of course, this is an arena where you fight to the death, why would they have almost anything edible here.

As I was about to walk away, I heard a movement in the bushes. Assuming a fighters position, but a weak one at that, I listened to the rustling in the bushes now closer to me. HE was watching me. Cato.

Taking a deep breath, I turned before he could fully see me and began running as fast as my legs would carry me. Judging by the noise following after me, he was chasing me. His footsteps were very loud and monstrous. I'm sure anyone within twenty feet of either of us, would be able to hear them. I stopped running when I found a strong tree that looked like I could hoist myself into quickly. I ran up to the tree and climbed up it to the best of my abilities.

"I'm coming to get you!" He shouted with anger in his voice. It was easy to tell that he didn't like running after his prey.

Cato must not have been able to see my District number because I took off my jacket with the number on the back and on the arms. I could only hope that Cato wasn't able to recognize me and that's why he's running after me.

I managed to make it about fifteen feet up the tree, when my hand slipped, making my body follow it. Peering down the trunk, I could see Cato right on my tail.

"P-Please don't kill me," I softly whimpered, hiding in my jacket. His blond hair stuck to his forehead as beads of sweat dripped down his perfectly heart-shaped face. His chest quickly went up and down, panting. His icy blue eyes burned into my own. He had a sadistic smile plastered onto his face.

Taking that as a no, I threw my hand back up and grabbed a knot on the tree. I continued climbing faster and faster, when I felt something prick the palm of my hand. I could feel blood quickly rushing to my new wound. I took only a split second too long to look at my hand, but it was a split second that I needed to get out of Cato's clutches. I now found my foot being tugged on by Cato.

"Let go!" I pleaded. A tear slipped down my face as I knew death was coming after me.

I continued kicking away at Cato's clutches, until he finally let go. Taking a deep breath, I looked up and climbed faster. I had almost reached the top of the tree, so I was forced to stop and realize, I was going to die at the hands of this beaut. Peering down the tree, I could see his face just inches from my feet. Then his eyes, met mine.

Cato's P.O.V

I had been searching for some animals for Clove, Marvel and myself, when I saw a girl looking at the berries. This should be an easy kill. I hid behind the bushes and watched her. While trying to hide behind the bush, I accidentally stepped on a branch. Looking over at the girl, I saw that she noticed me. I never got a good look at her face before she started sprinting away from me. I wouldn't lose her, so I started running after her.

"I'm coming to get you," I egged on, shouting at her.

When I finally caught up to her, she was a fair few feet up a tree, but I knew I could reach her. She peeked down at me, and I smirked at her evily. With a giant breath, she continued to climb as fast as she could, when she suddenly stopped and peered down at her hand, giving me a chance to grab her foot.

"Let go!" She pleaded.

With nothing else to do, she began kicking her foot that I grabbed very harshly, forcing me to let go. She kept climbing until she was near the top of the tree. A laugh escaped my throat, knowing I had her.

When she finally turned around my eyes met hers and they were gorgeous. I almost lost my balance on my grip on the tree. Peering deeper into her eyes, I realized that it was Colton, District 4; the girl who disappeared on me on the rooftop. The girl I saved from the rooftop on the Capitol. The girl who broke my heart.

My eyes disconnected from hers and you could see how frightened she was. I had almost killed the girl who stole my heart. I noticed a tear slip down her face and I didn't know if that was because her hand was in pain or because she didn't know if I was going to kill her or not. Of course it infuriated me, that she humiliated me and blemished my ego, but my heart was definitely strung on her. When she pulled one of her hands out, I saw a pool of blood covering her it, like it was painted on. I had to help her, after all this was my fault.

"Let me help you," I offered.

"No," She cried with a small sniff, "Get away from me," You could tell she was very frightened, by the tone of her voice.

"Please, I won't hurt you. I promise," I said to her. I really wanted to help her. I'm still really mad at her, but deep down, I'm so thankful that she's okay.

Normal P.O.V

I could see his eyes soften as he pleaded to help me. "Okay," I gave in. He stuck his hand out, offering to help me. Unsurely, I reached my hand forward and placed it into his hand. The second my skin touched his, I felt safe.

Holding onto Cato for safety, not sure if I should or shouldn't, we climbed down the tree together. Every few seconds, I would check on him to make sure he wasn't about to pull a knife or some weapon on me. When I was just a couple feet up from the ground, I felt Cato's hand wrap around my waist, making me squirm at his touch.

"I won't hurt you Colt," He whispered close to my ear sending shivers up my spine. I stopped squirming and allowed him to pull me down onto the ground.

When I touched the ground, I turned so I was facing him. Looking into his eyes, he peered into mine. His were so gorgeous, even though just a few minutes ago those same blue eyes, were icy cold. My eyes followed his jawline, to his perfectly shaped lips giving me goosebumps. His muscular figure- no.

Stop Colton. He tried to kill you just seconds ago. You're going to let him help you, than go your separate ways.

I told myself.

"So my uhh hand," I said tipping him off that I just wanted to get this over and done with.

"Let me see it," He said softly, making me want to trust him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a big rock and sat me down on it. Kneeling on one knee, he grabbed my hurt hand, resulting in a wince. Looking at the blood, made my stomach twist and turn. I wanted to cry, still not believing that all of this was real. "It doesn't look too bad, I'll just wrap it," He concluded.

Nodding my head, I watched his every move intensely, as he pulled something out of his bag. Before wrapping my hand, he had to pull whatever pricked me, out.

"This might hurt," He warned me. I nodded my head in allowance.

Just as he was about to pull it out, I winced while watching. Whatever was stuck in my hand, was deep. It was so painful, almost felt like a nail being pulled out of my skin. He then began wrapping it and that's when tears began to spur in my eyes. Cato looked up and saw the tear on my face and wiped them away using his thumb. Before I could look at his face, I looked away, refusing to make eye contact. Based on how tightly he wrapped my hand, he didn't like my rejection.

Once he finished, I stood up, ready to be on my way. "Well thanks. See ya," I said, picking up my bag and starting to walk away, but his large hand hooked onto my shoulder, stopped me. Flinching at his touch, I turned around to meet his eyes, that now turned icy again.

"Where do you think you're going?" He ordered at me.

"Leaving," I said trying to go again, only to be pulled back.

"Based on your 12 score, I either have to kill you now, or you can join the career pack," He barked at me. He was obviously back to being the way he was before the interviews, not that I cared anymore or deeply wish for his approval. I don't want his love, I want Breckin, but that can't happen now.

I didn't want to be killed now cause I couldn't win for Breckin then, so my only choice, is to join the Career Pack. Maybe I can escape from them. Hopefully, they'll kill each other or someone will kill one of them.

Making my choice, I answered, "Fine, I'll join you."

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