Alright, so I know many of you didn't like the last chapter, and I'm sorry you didn't. You all think I was being very cruel and out of line to Colton's character, but there is a reason for it. As the sequel is written, more and more will be revealed as to why I wrote what I wrote. One comment I got, pointed that it was very unreasonable of me, to have Colton get a score of 12. Let me just explain why I had that because some of you obviously can't read between the lines. That score was given to her, because she explains that she told the Gamemakers off. That was a sign of rebellion and they didn't want Colton to survive the games. By giving her a score of 12, it would put a target on her back making the Careers or anyone, to want to kill their most dangerous enemy. So by giving her the 12, it would make the Careers want to kill her. See the knowledge behind that? If anything else confuses you, don't just write my story off right away, message me and I'll explain the reasoning behind it. Good lord.

Okay sorry for that rant. Anywayssss here is the new story! Link right here! - s/9884303/1/Spark-of-Nirvana

It's called Spark of Nirvana! Read it!