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Chapter 4: Monday

Danny walked into the office slightly later then he'd anticipated. He'd taken part of the morning off and was expected back at work as soon as his appointment was over, but it had run late and Steve had begun to worry that all of their hard work over the course of the weekend had been for not.

"So?" Steve asked as Danny walked in finally and came to stand with the rest of the team around the smart table.

"So have you found our killer yet?" Danny asked.

"That's not important!" Steve stated and Kono and Chin both glared at him as Danny face-palmed himself.

"Me signing my life away to buy a house is more important then solving a murder case? Steven, where are your priorities?"

"So you got it then?" Steve asked with a smile, and ignoring everything else Danny had said.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as of ten this morning I, Daniel Williams, have officially purchased a house on the island of Oahu," Danny stated. "Now can we please get back to work?"

"Conformity," Kono giggled. "You are now, officially, Kama'aina."

"Just wait until he starts nesting," Chin added.

"It's a really nice place. We'll have a party as soon as Danny takes possession." Steve added.

"As soon as Danny takes possession, all his stuff arrives from New Jersey and Grace's things come out of storage here, and once we put all this Ohana stuff aside and work on the task at hand – namely out murder victim." Danny huffed.

"The guy we found was identified as the banker involved in the foreclosure of the property, but you already knew that. The bullet in his brain was matched to a gun registered to the man that formerly owned the house, Colin Fogarty. HPD went out at about nine this morning and found the suspect, and the stolen vehicle in the garage of the rental property Colin and his family were staying in. When asked about his gun and the car, he confessed to the whole thing," Steve explained. "We also found the files and the victim's car stashed in a long-term parking facility. All of the information, and the dealings with the Fogarty family were found among the files, and Colin had already purchased tickets for his family to flee to the mainland. Their rental agreement had been terminated and they were going to be off the island by tomorrow had we not happened to make a walkthrough of that house."

"But why kill Jarvis?" Danny asked.

"Because, Jarvis, in the beginning, was the man that had talked Colin into the high-interest mortgage in the first place. It was their history of dealing with one another that lead to the confrontation. It turns out that Jarvis wasn't wholly undeserving of what happened to him. The Fogartys weren't the only family threatening him. He was dirty and embezzling much of that money, knowing full well he was going to foreclose on all of those people," Chin explained. "Colin admitted this morning to leaving all of Jarvis's files in the car to be found because he believed it was evidence that would prove that Jarvis was just as corrupt as so many people believed him to be, and he was right."

"But why kill him and not report him?"

"Colin had reported Jarvis, but without the evidence to support his claims, and the bank backing Jarvis, Colin believed that the only way to achieve justice for his family was the confront Jarvis himself. The stolen car was to be used because Colin used to live in the neighborhood and the neighbors would have been able to identify his vehicle. He claims that the theft of a motor vehicle was all he had planned to be charged with once the case against Jarvis came public. He said that killing Jarvis was never his intent in the beginning but in the heat of the moment, and as Jarvis fought back, Colin was forced to draw his weapon and killed Jarvis. Jarvis was the one that forced Colin into a corner, in the laundry room, and Colin believed that he was in danger and has his own defensive wounds to prove his story," Kono said as she handed Danny the file containing Colin's confession and photographs of his injuries.

"So he's claiming self defense?"

"No, he knows he did wrong. He admits to stashing the body and plotting to leave the islands. He's ready to accept the charges that are all put against him now," Steve said. "He believed that he was going to get away long enough to hide out from the law, but he didn't anticipate your house hunting to ruin his plans. You say it's all your bad luck; I'd say you are the luckiest of all of us."

"What about the fibers on the body?"

"They were indeed fiberglass consistent with the fabrication of surf boards – from the board shop that Colin worked at," Kono explained.

"So that's it then," Danny stated.

"Case closed." Kono smiled.

"So let's talk about upgrades," Steve stated and pointed at the computer screen as he wiped the case away. "This is a mockup of your new place. Kono thinks you should take the carpet out of the den and put in cork flooring. The whole place needs new paint and you need to have a landscape company come in and trim all of your trees and shrubs in your back yard to make things easier for you on your days off."

"And counter tops, Steve forgot to mention new counter tops in the kitchen," Kono added, "and retiling the floor and back splash."

"And where is Danny getting the money to do all this?" Danny asked.

"Kamekona knows a guy that can get you stuff cheap," Steve said with a smile.

"Do you remember the last time you asked Kamekona for help with renovations after the General Pak incidence?" Danny asked skeptically. "The house is fine and in a couple of years I'll think about the upgrades, for now at least it's a place to live and it's mine."

"Danny, you bought a house!" Steve stated excitedly. "I told you we'd be successful – man, we're awesome!"

"Oh, trust me, I know. Handing over the deposit this morning and waiting for that final call from the realtor made me have a minor cardiac episode, but I knew it was the perfect place for me when I brought Grace on our final walkthrough and she laid claim to her bedroom right away," Danny explained with a smile.

"So she liked it then?"

"She loved it, and that is all I could hope for," Danny answered. "I got the keys to the house this morning and we plan to be moved in by the end of the month. I've already called my mother and father in Jersey to empty out my locker and ship all of my things. They are going to make the trip to make sure all of my stuff arrives safe and sound, and they are going to help me move in. I want to paint, and take out the carpet before they get here – the kitchen renovations will have to wait."

"They can stay with me this time around," Steve stated with a smile, "and next time, they'll have a bedroom in your new house."

"Thanks," Danny smiled, "anyone wanna come and check out my new place right now?" he asked as he pulled the keys out of his pocket.

"Yes!" Kono and Chin stated together.

"All right, seeing as the case is closed, let's all go."

"Shouldn't we maybe start plotting our take down of the people that are infesting your current residence?" Steve asked as a playful smirk crossed his face.

"We can't shut down the apartment complex just yet," Danny said with a sigh. "I still have to live there till the end of the month!"

"No, you don't," Steve smiled, "You could come and crash with me, just until you are ready to move into your house, and we can take down the brothel and the illegal gambling that has been keeping your awake."

"Danny, illegal activities are happening out of this place too?" Kono asked in shock.

"Oh yes."

"You can't go back there and neither can Grace." Steve stated. "You go and gather your things, while we gather some evidence to shut down that terrible place."

"Give me a couple of hours and I'll be out."

"You've got two hours, and then I'm going to need my partner."

"I guess we have a new case," Kono smiled as she looked to the three men that stood around her.

"You go help Danny, and see if you can't get us some evidence to merit the raid."

"I'm on it!" Kono stated and flounced a little.

"So me moving out of that shithole has turned into an undercover operation?" Danny asked.

Steve smiled.

"Of course it has." Danny sighed. "It's always an adventure with you."

The End