~Dark Kiss~ Xll

Midnight was approaching and Melione has gone through great lengths to keep herself awake. She had taken a nap, spent a lot of time with her father, and even had a small cup of coffee—with extra sugar and milk.

Now she waited in her parent's room on their bed. Hades was in the armchair near the fire reading a book, and Melione submerged herself into the silk sheets on the bed. In her lap she looked at the pictures that she had been drawing for the past months.

Her family. Mum, Daddy, Demeter, Hecate, Thanatos, and Charon.

And now she had a baby sister.

" Daddy. Is being a sister a hard job?" Melione asked. Hades eyes pried away from the pages in the book and he smiled at his daughter.

" No. It's not hard. It's like being a daughter. You're good at that." Melione smiled and shook her head.

" Yeah but being a daughter isn't a job. I just do it!" She said. Hades shook his head and sighed.

" Yes, exactly. It's the same with being a sister."

" Daddy, you don't know what you're talking about. You don't have a sister!" Hades laughed and smiled.

" I have three sisters Melione." Melione furrowed her brows and cocked her head.

" Really? Have I met them?" Hades raised a brow and nodded.

" Yes! Many times!" He added. Melione pursed her lips.

" Do I like them?" She asked as Hades nodded again.

" Yes, very, much."

" Daddy! I don't know! Tell me please!" Melione wined.

" My sisters are, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter." He said. Melione mouth went wide and she scrunched her nose.

" Ew! Daddy! Demi is Mum's Mum." Hades sighed and nodded.

" God relations are different."

" Oh… Sorry." Melione slouched back on the bed, somewhat embarrassed.

" That's alright."

" But does that still make Poseidon and Zeus your brothers." Hades laughed.

" Yes, you can have a brothers and sisters."

" So did you have fun with them when you little?" She asked. Hades pursed his lips and nodded slightly. Melione didn't know how Cronus ate his children when they were born, and how he still resides in the Underworld in Tartarus.

" Daddy, how much longer I'm getting tired!" Hades sighed and put his book down and left his chair walking to the bed towards his daughter.

" Melione your Mother and Macaria will be here soon." Hades said. Melione crawled into his arms and gave him a hug.

" They better be cause waiting to be a sister can be hard work." Hades laughed and kissed her daughter's head.

Persephone was out in the garden with her child in her arms. The moon shone on the garden and Persephone waited for Hermes to arrive to take her back home to the Underworld.

"And those Macaria are tulips, they come in all different colors." She cooed to her newborn, "These Macaria, are my favorite flowers. Yellow narcissuses." She said with a huge smile. " I like to try and grow them in my garden back in the Underworld." She said. " Everyone there is really excited to meet you! And your Father and Sister are there." She said smiling at a sleeping Macaria.

" I can't wait to back." Persephone said to herself, " Only a few more hours." She whispered as she headed back inside.

She had missed Hades. The first couple of days of taking care of Macaria were hard for her. For one, she was a newborn. Two, Persephone was tired. And three, she was used to the help that she had gotten from Hades, Hecate and Thanatos. Her Mother was a big help, but she too was off in her own world some times.

She entered her bedroom and pressed her back up against the headboard of her bed. She sighed and lay her baby down in front of her as she pulled her keens up to her chest, crossing her arms over her knees and laying her head in them. She smiled and raised her brows at her daughter and watched her sleep. It brought back memories of the family that she left behind for six months—and now Macaria would be a part of that too.

" Daddy! How much longer!" Melione asked again for the 20th time in the last 2 minuets. " Daddy does Mum come here this late every time?" She asked. She lay in her parents' bed with the silk sheets wrapped around her with soft plush pillows holding her head.

" Yes, sometimes even longer." He said as he left his armchair again and sat on the edge of their bed.

" Ugh. If she doesn't come soon Daddy I might just fall asleep without even knowing it." She said with a sigh and a yawn.

" Don't worry, she'll be here soon." He said with a smile. " Promise." He said raising his brows. Melione yawned again and nodded with a smile.

" Okay Daddy. How soon is soon though?" She questioned. Hades sighed and pursed his lips.

" Sooner than you think." Said a familiar voice.

Hades and Melione turned their attention towards the door and found Persephone standing there cradling Macaria in her arms. Melione jumped from the sheets and ran to her Mother. Hades lips parted into a smile as he walked towards her and braced his wife and newborn child.

" Hello Seph. We missed you, both of you." He whispered in her ear.

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