Chapter One

The graveside service for Jonathan and Martha Kent was small and intimate, attended by most of Smallville's oldest residents, especially those who had known the Kents for upwards of 20 years and more. There were no longer many young people who lived in the small, rural Kansas town; as the economy declined, so did the jobs and other opportunities. Many of the young people departed as soon as they graduated – or dropped out – of high school, seeking their fortune in the larger urban areas of America, or they joined the military and left for the wars. These were the only ones who returned young - eternally young - to Smallville, accompanied by a funeral escort.

Many there in the tiny cemetery recognized the Kent's' only boy, Clark, as one of those who had "gone to the big city," becoming some sort of journalist and a success. The Kents had always been proud of their boy, saving clippings of his articles and showing them to their friends, although the boy himself rarely had time to come back to visit, but the Kents didn't mind. So it seemed such a shame, a tragedy, that Clark Kent had finally come home, with his new wife, only after the elder Kents had been killed in that tragic car accident.

Clark Kent stood there in front of the graves as the caskets were slowly lowered, dressed in a black suit, staring down at the ground silently as the minister went through the readings. Everyone there thought him very strong, since they knew he must be dreadfully grieving inside.

"Is that his wife, there?" Edna Mae nudged her friend, Bettie, and whispered.


"That woman next to him!"

"Well I'm sure it must be, whose else could it be?"

Neither of them had spoken to the young woman who stood by Clark's side at the funeral, and as far as they knew, not one of their circle of friends had either. She was a beauty, dark haired, and very piercing eyes - quite a catch for Clark, they all agreed later. They thought they heard that her name was Diana, but she didn't speak as Clark had greeted them at the cemetery, letting Clark doing all the talking. She was also dressed somberly for the occasion, her lustrous black hair pulled into a tight bun, and like him she wore spectacles. This had the effect of making her look like a high-powered businesswoman, or a high-powered diplomat. They didn't see much of either of those in Smallville.

"You think she's American? She looks a bit like a foreigner."

"Maybe she's French?"

"Dunno. Looks Greek to me.

"Are you sure they're married? She's not wearing a ring!"

"He's not wearing one either."

"Maybe where she's from they don't believe in 'em."

"Don't seem right, not having a ring…"

"Maybe Clark couldn't afford one. I did hear he got laid off from his job at the Daily Planet. The whole newspaper went under! After all those years, can you believe it?"

"Not surprised, the liberal claptrap they printed…"

"No, it was the Internet, driving all the newspapers under. Soon we'll all be reading the news on the computer."

"If we had one!"

"Not that there's any news worth reading anyhow!"

"So what's he gonna do now?"



"He's going to take over the Kent farm, so I heard."

"You don't say! He's moving back home?"

"Makes sense. Needs a job, doesn't he? Not much call for a big-city journalist in Smallville, though. If anyone can bring the Kents' place back, he can."

"It'd be hard, the way things are now. Fam'ly farms closing shutting down everywhere. Can't complete against them corporate farms. Wonder if his wife would take to the place?"

"Well, we can make her welcome. If Clark thinks she's worthwhile, so do we!"

Clark could hear them quite well, and despite his great grief, felt a slight comfort that his parents' old friends were prepared to welcome him home, even though he hadn't been home for so many years. He was sure that they would welcome Diana too, once they got to know her. He was more concerned for her. This was not the kind of place she had ever encountered before.

As if sensing his mind, Diana's hand slipped over his and squeezed, just strongly enough to reassure him. He returned it, and felt more thankful than ever that Diana had agreed to come here with him.

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