The car ride to Port Angeles is silent. Dad knew I was mad at this whole situation, so he kept his mouth shut just in case I blew up again. I was already complaining the whole week and I knew he really didn't want to hear it anymore.

I just didn't understand why Bella had to move to Forks with us. Sure I loved my sister but we had a better relationship when we were separated by states. Bella and I never really saw eye to eye on things. I was also happier living with just dad, we just understood each other. He didn't hover, ask questions and trusted me fully and in return I did my chores, followed the rules, and was straight A student.

"Marlie," my father says as we pull into the airport and park the police cruiser into a spot, "promise you'll lay off your sister."

"I really cant make that promise because I'll break in within the first day." I say and dad sighs looking at me with a cocked brow, "I just don't understand why she has to live here."

"Well one, she's my daughter and your older sister and two if she wants to live here she has every right to." My dad says and I sigh looking away from him and out the window of the police cruiser.

"I know that." I say and he waits patiently for me to continue.

When I don't he says, "What's this about Marlie?" I sigh and run a hand through my thick brown hair.

"Are you going to send me to live with mom?" I ask and dad looks at me with furrowed brows, he chuckles and I meet his brown eyes.

"No, I'm not going to send you anywhere Bug." He says and I smile at him.

We climb out of the car and my dad puts a hand on my shoulder with a grin. I could tell he was really excited about Bella moving here. I was happy because I do really love Bella, I could call her anytime and talk to her about things, but we did fight a lot and that wasn't fun. It was easier just seeing her on holidays and visits over the summer.

It takes a while for Bella to get off the plane but when she does I can find her instantly. Her brown hangs limply at her shoulders and she's chewing her lip. I wave at her and she smiles before tripping over flat ground. I snort with a laugh and my dad nudges me with his elbow.

"You alright there Bella?" I ask as she walks over to us, I take her carryon from her and she nods as a small blush forms on her pale cheeks.

We collect Bella's bags in an uncomfortable silence and crawl into the police cruiser. I have to sit in the back which I'm more than happy to because it means I can stretch out and sleep through the awkward ride home. It was probably mean to leave Bella sitting there with my dad in silence but I really didn't care. It was more fun for me this way.

I wake up just as the police cruiser pulls into Forks and I stretch, noticing that my sister and dad are still in silence. I stifle a chuckle and lean back, putting my feet on the back of my sisters seat and giving it one good obnoxious kick. Bella shoots me a glare and I smirk to myself.

The car pulls up to the house and I jump out grabbing Bella's carryon with me. Bella opens her door making sure that it hits me as I walk by. I stick my tongue out at her and hurry up the steps to unlock the front door.

Bella and I no longer had to share a bedroom, my father gave me the small bedroom, which he used as an office for the past fifteen years, downstairs which was just fine with me. Although we did have to share a bathroom, which was going to be difficult.

I drop Bella's bag down in her bedroom and turn quickly on me heel running into her which causes her to knock backwards into dad. "Where's the fire Bug?" Dad asks as I try to shuffle around them.

"Nowhere, just want to get out of Bella's hair." I answer and he catches me by the collar of my jacket.

"We got you some new bed sheets, Marlie said you liked purple." Dad says awkwardly and Bella looks at the bed, before her eyes narrow at me. I was fully aware of how much she despised the color.

"Purple's cool." Bella answers and my dad grins before walking out of the room, like I said my dad never hovered.

"You're so annoying." Bella says as I smirk at her. I let out a chuckle and the corners of her mouth lift just a tad, she loved me a lot, more than she cared to let me know. That was how our relationship was, make each other's lives hell, but look out for each other when we needed to.

"I know." I say and she throws her coat at me. I hand it up in her closet and help her unpack. It doesn't take long because of how little winter clothes she has, "You know you're going to freeze here don't you?"

"Yeah," Bella answers as she looks at her near bare closet, "guess I have to go shopping." We both groan, because we hated shopping. After years of living with our mom who could spend hours in one aisle totally turned us against it.

I sit on Bella's bed and watch her as she puts pictures on her dresser. There's a lot of the two of us and I smile because I have the same pictures set up on my own dresser.

"Bells, Bug, come down here." Dad calls from the bottom of the stairs and I jump up. Bella pushes me back down and then runs out of the room quickly before I can retaliate.

I smirk and follow her down bumping into her when I reach the last step. Billy Black and Jacob are sitting in the living room. I nudge my socially awkward sister out of the way and walk over to Jacob.

"Hey Mar." He says with a grin and he pushes me a bit in greeting. I smile and punch his shoulder affectionately; Jacob and I have always been best friends. We grew up together.

"Hi Jake, what are you guys doing here?" I ask, "Was the Res too boring for you?"

"If it was do you think we'd come to Forks?" He asks with a light laugh and I grin at him, "Nah, we're here to deliver a homecoming gift."

"Oh really?" I say bitterly, I knew exactly what my dad was giving Bella. The 1953 Chevy Truck that I've had my eye on since Billy stopped driving it.

"Don't be like that." Jake says nudging me again ,"She's your sister."

"Shut up Jacob, you feel the same way about your sisters." I snap at him and he rolls his eyes at me before we follow everyone out.

I can tell Bella really likes the truck and that her thank you to dad isn't fake. I really wish it was just so I could point it out and ruin the gift. Jacob helps Bella with the truck and I can't help but shift from foot to foot uncomfortably, I could tell he found her attractive which really got on my nerves.

It wasn't that I liked Jacob, he was just my best friend and he was the one thing I really didn't want to share with Bella.

"We used to make mud pies in the back yard together, remember?" Jacob asks Bella and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, I remember you used to make Marlie eat them." Bella says and the two of them laugh glancing at me. I glare at Bella and shoot Jacob a look. He smiles at me apologetically before turning his full attention back to Bella.

"So are you going to need rides to school or something?" Bella asks and I roll my eyes at her. Jacob didn't go to school in Forks.

"No, I go to school on the Res." Jacob answers and I walk over to him nudging him with my elbow. He grabs me in a headlock and I struggle to get out of his grasp.

Jacob lets me go after messing up my hair. I stick my tongue out at him and pull at his long locks. He frowns and does the same thing to me. "Come on," I say when I notice that my dad and Billy have gone inside, "we better get in there before they eat everything."

Jacob nods and looks over at Bella. I kick him lightly in the shin, "Can you be any more obvious?" I ask him and he shoves me.

"Whatever." He grumbles before pulling at my hair again.


I laugh when I walk out of the house and find Bella on the ground. I guess she slipped on a patch of ice. My dad is helping her up and he shoots me a look. I roll my eyes and sigh obnoxiously.

"I put some new snow tires on the truck." Dad says and Bella thanks him awkwardly.

I climb into the front seat and Bella cranks up the heater. It honestly wasn't that cold but Bella wasn't used to this weather.

When we get to school I walk her to the office before parting ways and heading over to my friends. They're hanging out in the front of the school all of them talking idly.

"So your sister's here now?" Tessa, who has a thing for gossip, asks and I nod sitting down on the steps next to them.

"Yep, Bella's back." I say and Tessa grins making a note of my sisters arrival to spread to the school.

We chat for a while before we head to our first class. I part ways with Tessa and meet up with my very best friends Hanna. She smiles at me, waving me over to the table we share. I sits down and already hear people talking about my sister.

I sigh, she wasn't even in my grade and everyone knew about her. People were acting like a famous person is here.

"How come you're not as pretty as your sister?" An obnoxious boy name Calvin asks me and I roll my eyes.

Bella and I looked a lot alike, we both had the same brown hair but I kept mine longer and we shared the same colored eyes. Bella was just new and older, that's why people were liking her more. As the day goes on I find myself in a terrible mood when I get to lunch.

Bella was the buzz of the school and the people sitting around her were all fighting for her attention. I sigh leaning back into my chair and chewing my lip. This is way I didn't want Bella here. I didn't want to be in her shadow, the second best Swan.

We thought this was a fun idea. This is going to be Twilight through Breaking Dawn in Bella's little sister's POV. We thought it would be a cool twist, of course Marlie will have her own love story as well.

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