I twist my hair up into a bun on the top of my head and sigh as I grab a piece of cold leftover pizza out of the refrigerator. I can hear my dad talking on the phone to Carlisle in the living room, trying to find anything out about Bella. He sounds tired, his voice gravelly and sad. It makes me sad knowing that he won't see Bella again.

My dad hangs up the phone and walks into the kitchen, "What's the news, Chief?"

"They're still not giving me any straight answers. I think I'm going to have to go down there." My dad says as he picks up the Sunday paper off the table. He affectionately pats the top of my head with it and asks, "What's on your schedule today?"

"Watching TV, considering I'm grounded." I answer and my dad smiles at me.

"Good answer." My dad says as he walks past me to the refrigerator. "You have school tomorrow?"

"Yep, it's Monday." I say, but I didn't plan on going to school tomorrow at all. Tomorrow I was going back to the Cullen's since Bella would be waking up. I could get Edward to call in sick for me, even Carlisle.

"Ok Bug, well Sue invited us over for dinner tonight." My dad says before hitting me in the head with his newspaper again. "Jake's gonna be there."

I smile and then frown when he looks at his hunting rifle that's on the wall. "Daddy." I say and he rolls his neck.

"I'm just going to talk to him Mar." My dad says and I roll my eyes, sighing in annoyance.

"Dad I've been with Jake for almost two years and I've known him my entire life. It's not a big deal." I say and my dad hits me with the newspaper again.

"I know Bug, but as your father I have to protect you." My dad says and I smirk at him. Jacob could protect me just fine, even more than my dad could, but I knew what he meant, besides my dad didn't know about the wolves or the impenetrable bond Jacob and I have.

"Jacob's never going to hurt me dad." I say and he sighs, rubbing his temple like he has a headache.

"Marlie, you and Jake are young, it isn't going to last forever." My dad says and I shake my head, backing out of the kitchen, it's not worth arguing over.

I sprawl across the couch and feel my eyes droop a little even though I had just woken up not too long ago. I close my eyes and start to doze until a sickly sweet smell pricks my nose. My eyes flutter open and I growl, quickly sitting up and heading towards the windows that opens to the backyard.

The scent is of a vampire that isn't familiar to me and I feel the short hairs on the back if my neck stick up. I couldn't just run out there and phase with my dad in the house. I hurry to the phone in the kitchen, my dad already watching some game on the living room TV. I dial Jacob's number quickly, licking my lips and bouncing in my toes. I wasn't allowed to be using the phone, if my dad came in here I would have to hang up.

The phone answers on the second ring, "Hello?" Billy answers and I bite my lips. It wasn't Jake, but Billy would pass along the message to one of the wolves.

"Billy, I can't talk. I smell a vampire. I don't recognize it and I can't check it out, dad's home. Send someone." I say and Billy grunts.

"I'll call someone Marlie, stay on your toes." He says and I hang up the phone, the smell was getting closer and I could feel my blood starting to boil.

I swallow and try to be as natural as possible when I walk back into the living room, but I'm tense. I keep getting up, glancing at the windows and trying to listen for anything outside. I can still smell the vampire and the fact that there weren't any other wolves around made me nervous. If I needed to protect my dad, how was I going to do that without him knowing that I'm a giant wolf.

"Bug?" My dad says and I turn away from the window, lifting my brows up in surprise. "What are you doing."

"It's a really nice day. I'm just surprised you aren't fishing." I say, my voice sounding unnatural.

"I thought I would hang out with you." My dad says and I nod my head, licking my lips and then bouncing on my toes again.

"Marlie would you sit down? You're making me nervous." Dad says and I sigh, taking the seat closest to the window.

It feels like hours before Embry, Jacob, and Leah show up but in reality it's only fifteen minutes, twenty tops. I can hear them thrashing through the woods, causing me to sigh and relax considerably. Embry's howl rips through the air and my blood boils again. I wanted to be out there with them.

There's a heavy knock on the front door and I know it's Jacob. "You expecting company?" My dad asks and I shake my head, following him closely to the door just in case.

Jacob stands on the porch, a smile on his face even though he's tense. "Jake, what's up?" My dad asks and Jacob's eyes fall on me.

"Just thought I'd drop in, see Mar." Jacob says, licking his lips and smiling reassuringly at me.

"Well, Jacob she's grounded. You can see her tonight at dinner." My dad says and Jacob stands a bit taller.

"Charlie, can we talk about this weekend?" Jacob asks and my dad rolls his shoulders back, stepping to the side to let Jacob pass through.

We all go into the living room, my dad sitting in the chair with Jacob and I across from him on the couch. Jacob takes my hand into his and I'm instantly comforted, no longer worried about the unknown vampire lurking outside. My dad grunts and Jacob takes a deep breath.

"Charlie, I know you're disappointed in us." Jacob begins but my dad cuts him off.

"Look Jake, I know you're heart is in the right place. I can see that you care very deeply about Marlie but things like this don't last when you're young. Right now, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Mar got married at eighteen." My dad says and I feel bad, my dads scared that I'm going to leave him too.

"We're not getting married Charlie, at least not until after Marlie finishes college, maybe even longer than that." Jacob replies evenly and I know he's telling the truth. Jacob wants me to go off to school, experience life but I would be happy just attending the local college. In all honesty, I had no idea what I wanted to do.

"Look I know the two of you have strong feelings for one another, but you have to slow it down." My dad says just as Leah and Embry howl outside. They lost the scent and Jacob tenses, he jaw clenching.

I squeeze his hand and he says evenly, "To be honest Charlie, I understand what you're saying but I'm going to marry Marlie. I can promise her that right now."

My dad grunts and Jacob stands up. He's already starting to quiver as he walks towards the front door. I follow him closely and when he turns to look at me he says, "Call the Cullen's, see if they recognize the scent."

"Ok." I say, and he kisses my forehead softly, "Be safe."

"I will." I say and he nods his head, running to his car to drive it around the corner so that dad doesn't suspect anything.

I hurry into the kitchen but before I even begin to dial Carlisle's number, the sounds of a fight break out. I close my eyes and listen intently to the sounds of jaws snapping and crushing into a vampire. Whoever it was, Embry and Leah had found it and killed it. I crossed my fingers hoping it wasn't any of the Cullen's friends.


"It's a Volturi." Carlisle says as he pushes the broken body over with his foot, "A guard, but not one I've seen."

"Probably one that doesn't have anything special about him, just a runner for Aro." Jasper says as he lights a match.

It's around midnight but luckily my dad had gone to be early after we had dinner at Sue's. Jacob hasn't been there, he and the rest if the wolves except for me and Seth, who was still with Renesmee, see on patrol. They were scared that more unwanted bloodsuckers were going to get through. Jacob nudges me with his nose and I lean against him, I had chose not to phase for this meeting tonight. I was too tired and there wasn't a reason for all of us to be wolves, especially since Edward wasn't here to translate our thoughts.

"So this guy is like a messenger? He was checking to see if Bella was actually a vampire." I say and Carlisle nods.

"I guess the wedding invitation wasn't enough for them. We'll have to send them a gift, announcing Bella's rebirth when she wakes up." Carlisle says and Embry snorts, it's a laugh or the closest thing a wolf's laugh can sound like.

"So when their messenger doesn't return, what happens?" I ask and Carlisle takes a deep breath.

"Lets just hope they think something went wrong in between here and Italy. They can't know about the wolves, because if they did they would come to destroy them." Carlisle says and I pull at a Jacob's fur.

"Not that we would let them Marlie." Jasper adds as he lights the vampire on fire. The smoke rises up to the top of the trees and then to the sky.

"So what happens now?" I ask and Jacob pushes me with his nose again.

"We can't do anything until Bella wakes up tomorrow." Carlisle says and I nod my head.

"Ok, the wolves will just have to start running shifts again." I say looking at Embry, "Let Sam know what's going on."

Embry nods and slinks back into the darkness of the forest. Jacob and I part ways with the Cullen's and I keep my hand intertwined in his fur and he walks me home.

"Things can never be simple, can they?" I ask and he shakes his head, letting out a low howl into the night sky.


"I was only gone for two days right?" I ask and Seth nods his head as he hands me Renesmee. "This can't be the same baby."

"It is." Seth says and I sigh, cuddling Renesmee as I sit on the couch next to Jacob.

Bella had already woken up but I hadn't seen her yet. Edward had taken her hunting already and I was starting to her nervous, what if she wasn't the same Bella she always had been.

Jacob and I pick up their scent at the same time and we stand up. We wanted to see if Bella could handle her thirst around us before we let her near Renesmee. I follow close behind Jacob who is tensed since Bella is a newborn and very unpredictable.

When she sees us she seems surprised that we're still around but she smiles nonetheless. "Hey Bells." I say, taking in her new look and smiling. She looked the same, just paler, flawless, and red eyed.

"You're still here." Bella says and I nod, I try to side step around Jacob but he stops me.

"I trust her." I say and Jacob licks his lips.

"I'd rather test her first. It's safer for Renesmee." He says even though I know he really means it's safer for me.

"Ok." I say and Jacob steps forward looking at Bella and nodding his head at her.

"Take a whiff." Jacob says and Bella steps forward easily, she sniffs Jacob and her nose crinkles. I tense up, readying myself to intervene.

"You smell Jake." Bella says and I laugh. Jacob rolls his eyes and scoffs his foot on the ground.

"You don't smell so good yourself." Jacob replies and I take his hand, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"I think you smell fine." I say to him and Jacob rolls his eyes, pulling me back to the Cullen house where Renesmee waits to meet Bella.

"Take a step back Seth." Jacob says but Seth doesn't move. He stands protectively next to Renesmee, weary and ready to protect his imprint. "Seth, back up." Jacob growls and Seth takes a few small weary steps back.

Bella and Edward walk in and her eyes light up when she sees Renesmee. I watch the two of them bond the moment she begins to hold her and I can't help but smile. Renesmee shows her something and when Bella looks up in surprise I smile reassuringly towards my sister.

"Pretty cool huh." I say after Edward finishes explaining Renesmee's special gift.

Seth shifts uncomfortably and looks at Jacob. "Don't you think that's enough?" He whispers but everyone hears him.

"What?" Bella asks and Jacob pulls me behind him.

"I'm just- I mean you don't want to push it. You might hurt her." Seth says and Bella hisses at him.

"Seth she's doing fine." Edward says and Seth licks his lips.

"Why do you care so much anyways?" Bella asks and the realization hits her. She hands Renesmee to Rosalie and the suddenly grabs Seth, dragging him outside.

Jacob and I hurry, following then out. When Bella shoves him hard and then hits him so that he slams into the ground. "Bella enough." I say and she turns on me.

Jacob phases and pushes me behind him, growling protectively as Bella turns back on Seth.

Seth tries to explain but it only makes her even angrier. She goes to hit Seth again but Jacob jumps in between them, taking the blow himself. Jacob crumbles to the ground and I know Bella's broken his shoulder.

"Enough!" I yell at her as I collapse next to Jacob. I look up at Bella who looks remorseful.

"Jake I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Bella says and I rub my hand through his thick fur.

I calm Jacob down and he phases. Seth and Edward carry him up into the house so Carlisle can reset his bones. Bella tries to apologize to me again and I shake my head.

"It's fine Bella, any mother would react the same way." I say and Bella runs a hand though her hair, "I'm glad your back Bells, I missed you." I say and she smiles at me.

"It would be weird if we hugged huh?" Bella asks and I laugh.

"Just a little." I answer, glad to know that Bella is still Bella.