Author's Note: Essentially this is a retelling of the major stories of the Teen Titans series in a style designed to emulate that of Young Justice… and as a sort of sequel to Season One of Young Justice. It's darker, grittier, and much more action and relationship oriented then Teen Titans… like Young Justice. But Raven retains her love of waffles. Yes, evil beware, we have waffles.

Since Young Justice's "Team" is designed as a sort of unification of a number of 'young hero' or sidekick based groups in the DC Comics it acts much like the Titans, Outsiders, Young Justice and Titan network combined… if much smaller.

These stories are meant to fill in the five year gap between Season One and Two of Young Justice.

Disclaimer: Teen Titans and Young Justice are the intellectual property of DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros.

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Earth-16: Go!

Chapter 1: Mission to Jump City

The Hall of Justice, Metropolis

November 15th 2010, 18:30 EST

"Temporary Authorization – F66 – Rachel Roth," the computer stated flatly as the caped figure stepped through the set of restricted doors. She was flanked by two of the 'heroes' that would be here to hear her out.

Her Azarathian cloak brushed against the polished tiles as she looked up toward the group. Her hood was pulled low over her eyes as the silver stitching which decorated the cloak glinted in the light.

"This meeting of the Justice League is hereby in session," A calm and controlled voice called from the front of the room where the imposing figure of Batman sat at the head of the U-shaped table. He was a figure of darkness, swathed in a black cape that fell to the floor before he'd sat down. His cowl focused on her figure as he commanded, "Computer, please record all present."

"Acknowledged, identified: 01 – Superman, 02 – Batman, 03 – Wonder Woman, 04 – Flash, 05 – Hal Jordan, 06 – Aquaman, 07 – Martian Manhunter, 08 – Green Arrow, 09 – Hawkman, 11 – Zatara, 13 – Black Canary, and F66 – Rachel Roth. Quorum confirmed," the computer stated.

"Redesignate Zatara as 17 – Doctor Fate," Batman said flatly.

"Acknowledged, records amended," the computer stated.

Rachel swallowed as she stood before the group and watched her two escorts, the ones called Black Canary and Aquaman took their seats. She took a deep breath as she looked over the group.

"You are present here in response to a petition for Justice League assistance, by yourself Miss Roth." Batman stated and she felt her gaze being drawn to the black figure. She felt intimidated, fearful. Her mother had told stories of Gotham, the horrors that existed in that place which could only be described as a hell-hole.

It was little wonder the city had produced a hero swathed in darkness. "My request for assistance and the reasons for it were fully laid out in my petition."

"What business does a creature of chaos have asking us for help?" the strange tonal voice of the armored figure of Doctor Fate asked from where he sat.

"Doctor Fate? Could you explain," Black Canary asked.

"She is part demon, I can sense it from here," Doctor Fate said.

A set of gasps came from the assembled group while Flash leaned forward. "You're kidding. She just looks like a kid to me!"

"You are certain of this?" Batman asked.

"Yes, I can feel her powers writhing under her control… if it were to slip." Doctor Fate observed frankly. "She is a danger."

"She's a kid!" Flash snapped. "Just look at her!" He leaned toward Rachel and gestured toward her, "Just how old are you?"

"I will be twelve on the 22nd of December," Rachel felt her hands tighten into fists. "I am… a danger, I know I am, but that does not mean my warning is false and should be ignored."

"Miss Roth is correct, her paternity or powers are not the purpose of this meeting." Batman said, "How she got them is immaterial to this discussion."

"I disagree… if her powers are of an evil source, how can we trust her words?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Please…" Rachel stumbled toward the group. "I need your help, if you ignore me this world could be doomed to Trigon's power."

"Trigon?" Wonder Woman recoiled as Doctor Fate's helmeted gaze locked onto Rachel's eyes.

"Yes… there is a plot to release him unto this world," Rachel said.

"Who is this Trigon?" Green Arrow asked.

"He is a demon of the most powerful sort, a creature of darkness locked away in a realm of his own making." Doctor Fate said. "In order to transit to our realm he would require a mortal anchor such as my helmet, a familiar like Klarion's Teekl or… a portal."

"He has crafted a portal." Raven said quietly.

Wonder Woman leaned forward. "And where is it?"

"It…" Raven closed her eyes and bowed her head. "It stands before you."

Doctor Fate stood and other members of the league shifted in their seats nervously. "You are the child of Trigon?"

"I am… I do not wish it, my mother Angela Roth told me of the heroes that lived here… of the Batman and his foes in Gotham. I need help. I do not wish to be used in this way." Raven sunk to her knees. "Do with me what you will."

"There is but one way to keep the portal forever shut." Doctor Fate said and turned to the others. "The child must be ended… that is the only means to 'help' her soul."

"Then… there is nothing we can do," Batman said. "There are lines even we should never cross."

Rachel felt tears well up in her eyes as she stared down at the floor. What am I supposed to do now?

Mount Justice, Happy Harbor

January 12th 2011, 22:15 EST

"Authorized – B01 – Robin" The zeta tube's automated voice echoed. "Authorized – 02 – Batman."

Dick Grayson, the young fourteen year old that had taken the name Robin as a nine year old stepped into the Mount Justice's main room clad in a hoodie and wearing a set of black sunglasses. Beside him Batman stepped up to the main computer display controls swathed in his heavy black cape and Bat-suit.

Dick glanced around the room and smirked slightly as he saw Wally skid to a stop beside the rest of the team that had assembled. It always amused him how the speedster managed to be late despite being able to break the speed of sound.

Beside Wally, Artemis stood with a cocked eyebrow while at the redheaded speedster while M'gann and Conner stood quietly waiting. Aqualad, the team's leader wasn't there, apparently off at Atlantis on some sort of business.

Batman keyed the computer controls and his hands tapped across the holographic interface as he began to speak. "Five hours ago an unknown extraterrestrial being entered the system via the L2 Jump-Gate, security imagery and mass registration at the gate have given us this much information." Batman's hands danced across the holo-graphic keyboard and a series of images began to appear on the screen.

Dick squinted and lifted his own gauntlet computer and started downloading the data.

"An alien… cool." Wally a.k.a. Kid Flash said as he squinted at the dimly lit blur, it shot from the glowing gate enveloped in what looked to be blue-green flames.

"Ahem." M'gann said from where she stood beside Super-boy. "Kryptonian and Martian here."

"We do not know the visitor's intent, nature, or even species at this point." Batman said. "We've been plotting his course since arriving in the system."

"I've cleaned up the image a bit." Robin said and suddenly the display flickered with the updated and brightened imagery. The blur was reduced and the frames slowly went by at a tenth normal speed. At the center of the image was a girl with blued skin and glowing blue green eyes with clearly human features. A stern expression was on her face.

"I do not recognize the species." M'gann said.

"Hmm… you remember to add in the whole blue-shift thing?" Flash asked.

Robin smacked himself on the forehead and swore. "Shit… okay, I'm compensating for blue-shift."

The image flickered and the blue seemed to fade from the image leaving behind a trail of iridescent green flame. The girl's skin darkened to an almost earthly bronze and her hair turned from a violet to a brilliant red.

Robin smiled. "That better?"

"Much but… she looks human…" M'gann said quietly. "I know of no species with the ability to generate this… green energy like that."

"Ignoring that then?" Batman asked.

"Could she be Kryptonian?" Conner asked as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Possibly…" Batman said glancing at the image. "Others?"

"Metahuman… Tamaranian… I cannot really narrow it down now. There are so many near human species." M'gann said quietly. "Are you certain she is organic?"

"The gate's registry indicated organic compounds, sixty-six kilograms of them, as well as twenty kilos of metals." Batman said flatly.

"Mission?" Robin asked.

"Mission," Batman stated. "The alien's current course and speed indicate a high probability of a landing on the west coast, north of San Francisco."

Robin nodded and tapped his own wrist computer. "So… likely landing areas are Jump City and the immediate surroundings."

"Since Aqualad is not present, Robin will lead this mission. I suggest you change." Batman added the last bit as he gave Dick his trademark glare.

"Yeah, yeah… you need to get gruntled, you know?" Dick muttered as he headed toward one of the halls. "What's the ETA of her landing?"

"Four and a half hours," Batman said.

"Miss Martian, could you go prep the bioship while I get changed." Dick grumbled as he walked to one of the small apartments that was marked as his.

I'm already on it Robin… M'gann's voice answered in his mind as Robin pulled off his civilian clothes and donned his uniform.

So… what do you think, she kind of looked hot for an alien you know? Wally's voice asked through the mind link.

Wally! Both Artemis's and M'gann's voice echoed in the link and Robin laughed.

She was kind of blurry… hard to tell. Conner's voice echoed across the link and Robin bit his lip. Sure Conner was dating M'gann, but he didn't get the problem with talking like that.

Conner… M'gann's voice groaned.

Calm down you guys, it's a first contact situation… we need to be at our best, right? Robin said through the link as he finished pulling on his uniform and headed for the door.

Right boss. Wally's voice echoed through the link.

We're doomed… Artemis observed dryly.

Jump City, California

January 12th 2011, 22:40 PST

Robin sat with his hands posed above the computer terminal and stared out the bioship's front viewport.

"Team... I just got back to Mount Justice, I should have called... it seems you're on a mission." Aqualad's voice echoed from the satellite uplink with the rest of the Justice League.

"Yeah, no biggie though, just some alien seems to be on her way to California." Wally said from where he leaned behind one of the seats. "Nothing we can't handle."

"I hope not, aliens can be very powerful opponents or allies." Kaldur answered.

"Team, NORAD has radar contact on the arrival. We estimate touchdown in approximately three minutes, from the current vector it'll be downtown Jump City," Batman's authoritative voice cut through the airwaves. "I suggest you set down and seperate so that you can make contact as soon as possible. We have no idea what this being wants or if her intentions are hostile."

"Right, M'gann bring us down in that park... we'll spread out and see if we can catch this girl before some idiot on the ground starts and interstellar incident." Robin said as he turned back from the controls. A holographic map of the city appeared. "M'gann, I want you in the air so you can vector us toward her and move toward wherever she lands as quickly as possible. Superboy, you'll be down by the docks, Flash... stay mobile, I know you'll get to wherever she gets within moments. Artemis, you'll take the higher buildings downtown and I'll take the market district."

The members of the team nodded. "Now... M'gann, hook us up."

Link established... M'gann's voice echoed in Robin's head as he stood from the seat. Outside the ship had settled to the ground and the boarding hatch slowly extended. He walked out and glanced around as the rest of the team headed toward the locations he'd marked on the map.

"It's a lot cleaner than Gotham isn't it?" Artemis observed.

"Less crime, smaller population, less density." Robin rattled off. "Newer construction, yeah it's a lot nicer than Gotham." He pulled out his grapple gun as Artemis started toward one of the larger buildings downtown with her bow in hand. Robin shot a line into the top of one of the apartment buildings and let the line retract with a jolt to toss him to the rooftop.

"You should be able to see her now..." Batman's voice came through the radio.

Dick glanced up and stared as a green streak shot through the air. A sonic boom echoed from the aliens passage as the streak dove down toward the middle of the market district. Robin ran to the edge of the roof as a bang rattled windows and he saw the girl standing in the middle of an intersection in a foot deep crater of smashed concrete and asphalt. The girl's eyes burned with green energy as she stumbled from the crater, citizens gathered around lifting cameras. She seemed to be shouting at them in an alien language. Then he noticed the huge forearm manacles that she wore and swallowed.

"I see her. She crashed in my district in front of a pizza parlor. Umm... she seems to have some sort of manacle on. Escaped prisoner maybe?"

The girl raised her arms above her head and slammed the restraints into the concrete with a boom. The street cracked from the blow but the restraints seemed intact. Robin swallowed as the girl grew frustrated, slamming the restraints against a car before turning toward a structural pillar for a balcony.

"Damn." He muttered and grappled down to the street. "STOP!"

The girl ignored him and slammed the restraints against the I-beam that began to buckle under the blows. Swearing he pulled out his bo staff and charged. "I said stop!"

He caught the girl in the shoulder and tossed her back against a car door that was dented from the impact. The girl staggered to her feet and he felt a chill run down his spine as her eyes locked with his. She snarled and charged forward, swinging her restraints like a club.

Robin felt the breath leave his lungs as the heavy manacles slammed him against a cinderblock wall. He gasped for breath as the girl glared at him then charged forward swinging the manacles.

A gold blur slammed into her and hurled her back against a car. Kid Flash glanced at Robin, You okay?

Ribs feel… bruised a bit. Robin answered as he stumbled to his feet. God, she's strong...

Look out! M'gann's voice shouted and Robin and Wally turned to see a car slow to a halt just a few feet from them where M'gann had caught it.

Did she just... throw a car? Robin's mind spat out.

She did, guess this is in my department then? Conner's voice echoed through the link.

With a boom, Conner slammed into the street just before the girl after a leap and shattered the surface. The green-eyed alien stared up at him in shock before lifting the restraints to block his punch. With a crunch the outer layer of the manacles broke from the impact as the girl was tossed through the air. She landed beside a bus. The remains of the outer layer of restraints fell from her arms with a clatter and Robin could see her hands which had been encased within the restraint.

"G'horta!" She yelled before grabbing the city bus and tossing it toward them. Flash grabbed Robin and yanked him out of the way as a hooded teen that looked to be almost seven feet tall caught the bus in his arms and dropped it to the ground.

"What the hell are you doin' smashin' up my neighborhood?" The tall man yelled at the girl who just stared at him. Robin caught the glint of cybernetics and the dull red glow of a camera eye under the teen's hood.

The girl lifted her hands with a snarl and green energy enveloped them. A barrage of glowing bolts shot from her hands and Flash zipped out of the line of fire as small explosions marked the impact point of each bolt of energy. Robin ducked behind the bus as the cyborg did as well.

Conner roared and hurled himself toward the girl winding up for a superman punch when she spun and intercepted his blow with a kick. Her whole leg was enveloped in green flame as she struck and Conner was tossed into the air, a hole burnt through the superman crest on his t-shirt before he bounced across the ground and slid to a stop beside the bus.

Damn... that actually hurt. Conner's voice spoke quickly. This was my favorite shirt too.

"We need to coordinate to beat her... on the count of three!"

"Who put you in charge?" the Cyborg asked.

"Batman." Kid Flash said with a smirk.

"Alright, on three... one... two... THREE!" Robin yelled and hurled himself around the bus to charge toward the girl.

With a screech, a massive shadowy raven spread its wings to block their path.

"Maybe fighting isn't the answer." A raspy voice spoke from a darkened alley. Robin spun on his heel toward the voice and froze as a woman in skintight leggings, black and white converses, and a dark grey hoodie stepped from the shadows. What froze him in his tracks was her deathly pale skin and strange dark azure eyes that seemed to gleam from beneath shadow of her cowl.

"She's destroying the city!" the cyborg snapped back at the girl.

"No… think about what you saw." The hooded figure stated.

Robin swallowed and thought back to what he'd seen. "The restraints, she's been trying to get rid of them…"

"So… she destroyed that balcony, endangered God only knows how many people," the Cyborg said.

"She's fighting us." Conner said and stared down at his chest where a welt had begun to form from the impact.

"That doesn't mean it wasn't because of a misunderstanding," the hooded girl said. "Try some negotiation, hero."

Robin took a deep breath. "You're right… hold!"

"You're not my boss dude," cyborg snapped.

"Hold here, I'm going to try something." Robin said before putting his bo staff away. He took a deep breath and stepped out from behind the bus.

The girl spun toward him, her eyes burning with green fire. Energy enveloped her hands again as she stared at him. Slowly he lifted his hands. "It's okay…"

"G'hota!" She snapped as Robin walked toward her slowly with his hands in the air.

"Easy… my name is Robin." Robin said as he stared at the eerie green fire that had enveloped the girl's hands. He thought for a moment about going for the TAZER on his belt but decided against it. The girl was clearly some sort of alien… The glowing green eyes, flight, and super-strength seemed to confirm that, but she wasn't Kryptonian.

Was she? Superboy was nursing an actual bruise from this girl…

"I don't want to hurt you… I just want to help." Robin said as he slowly reached for a set of lock picks on his belt. The eerie green flames still rose from her fists.

"G'hota, g'hota buhok'ta." The woman shouted and seemed Robin stared into the glowing green eyes.

"It's okay…" He said as he lifted the lock pick and took hold of one of the arm braces. Mentally he frowned at the silvery metal alloy it was made of as his gloved hands ran across its rough surface until her found a mechanical lock. He slipped the lock pick into place and after a bit of fumbling felt the tumblers click and the braces popped open and dropped to the ground.

The glow around the girl's eyes slowly died and the flames that enveloped her fists sputtered before disappearing.

"There, now maybe we can be—" Robin gasped as the girl grabbed him by the neck and wrenched him forward.

Then his mind went blank, totally blank as he felt her lips on his. She was kissing him, after nearly destroying the block, hurling a car at him, and knocking him careening across the asphalt, she was kissing him.

He gasped for breath as the girl wrenched him away and knocked him to the asphalt where he stared up at her in shock.

Her eyes flared green and she snarled down at him. "If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!"

With a thump she kicked off the ground and rose skyward. Robin watched her fly just out of sight and swallowed.

"Wow…" Wally said from where he stood in his night uniform staring at him. "That was just… weird."

Don't tell me… we've got to find her, make sure she's not a threat. Robin answered through the telepathic link. "I'm going after her."

"You just want another kiss, don't ya?" the cyborg said with a smirk.

A snicker came from M'gann across the link as Dick scowled and reached for his grapple gun. Shut it… what was she saying anyway? Was it interlac?

It wasn't… it sounded like Okaaran, which is the trade language of the Vegan System. M'gann answered.

She's a Veganite? Robin's eyes went wide. "Oh hell."

Aqualad's voice suddenly crackled from the com-link hanging from his belt. "Team… Watchtower just picked up another ship coming through the jump portal, ETA twelve minutes."

"Twelve minutes, what is it?" Robin asked.

Batman's voice crackled from the com-link. "The Green Lantern database has identified the ship as a Gordanian slave transport."

Slave transport… the restraints the girl wore, she's a slave? Robin glanced around at the team and saw Conner narrow his eyes.

They kept that girl… as a slave? He roared through the link.

She was just trying to remove the restraints… smashing them against anything she could find. She must be terrified, like Conner right after we got him out. Robin thought.

M'gann nodded. She's a Tamaranian slave… the skin tone, flight, and strength… that's got to be it.

"What you guys doin'?" The cyborg asked as he glanced between them.

"They're talking… telepathically." The hooded figure said from where she'd been watching.

"How did you know?" Robin asked.

The figure pulled back her cowl and stared at him for a long moment, those azure eyes studying him… She looked young, maybe only thirteen, but there was an age to her expression that sent a chill down his spine, a strange knowing. "I am an empath, it's what I do."

"It's not all you do… what was that black raven?" the cyborg said. "I don't remember seein' you in this neighborhood before."

"My powers are my business, not yours," she said flatly.

"If you're an empath, you can sense distress… panic, right?" Robin asked. "You could lead us to the girl."

"Yes," she said. "But why should I? She told us to leave her alone."

"You stopped us from fighting her, she still needs help," Robin said.

"I'm not the hero type, trust me. If you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want my help," she answered.

"That slave ship will be here in just a few minutes to pick her up." Robin snapped back at the hooded figure. "Thousands of lives could be at risk if they search the city by force."

"It's not my problem… you can take your damn Justice League morality and shove it up your ass," the girl said. "They've never bothered to help anyone who asks for it."

"What? Who are you?" Robin said suddenly.

"Rachel Roth, look it up… I'm sure the League knows me since I asked for help." The words were delivered in a grave tone that betrayed a fervent effort to keep calm, to keep cool.

"Batman?" Robin asked.

"Rachel Roth, a.k.a. Raven… she came to the League two months ago warning of a plot about a trans-dimensional demon planning to take over the world, using herself as a portal." Batman's grave voice hardened. "Doctor Fate found that her… ancestry is such that she could not be trusted."

"Ancestry?" Robin asked.

"I'm half-demon," Rachel stated flatly.

"Dude… that's kind of badass!" Kid Flash said.

Robin scowled. "Great… but you're not evil, otherwise you'd have never stopped us from killing her," he sighed. "Okay… will you help us?"

"Six minutes." Batman announced.

"Flash! Find her!" Robin snapped before straightening up. With a boom of displaced air the speedster was gone. "Now we don't have time for games Rachel, where is she?"

The teen sighed and her eyes glowed a faint white for a moment. "She's near… north of us. I think your friend may have found her already."

Flash? Robin thought.

A little help here, I'm in the corner theater and she… well, she apparently eats like me. Flash's mind answered. Am I really that gross?

Yes. A chorus of mental answers came back.

Food, water, shelter… maybe she's had survival training of some sort. Robin thought. "Let's go, she's in the corner theater."

"Now easy… I don't want to fight. You pack a wallop you know?" Wally slowly backed away from the bronze skinned girl and the litter of popcorn and condiments that surrounded her. "Glowing eye thing is kind of creepy, you know… and the green flames."

"Why? Why did that red, yellow, and black one assist me?" She snarled.

"Just being nice… I guess."

"Nice? What is this nice?" She asked. "There is no word for this in my language…"

"Uh…" Flash glanced around the room. Hey Robin, walking dictionary… please help.

Almost there… With a bang, the theater doors smashed open and Robin, M'gann, Conner, the cyborg, and Rachel burst into the door. Wolf snarled from Conner's side.

The girl reacted immediately, conjuring a blast of green flame onto her fist and hurling it toward the group. The flames struck a solid dome of black shadows and died. The girl eyes glowed green and two more fiery bolts splattered against the shield before Conner burst toward the girl snarling and winding up a punch.

She sidestepped the strike, lifting mere centimeters off the ground and floating behind him before lashing out in a kick that hurled Superboy into the popcorn machine.

"Conner!" M'gann shouted as she flew into the room.

Superboy rolled out of the popcorn machine and glared at the girl who had turned to face the others. He launched himself toward her again.

"Wait!" Wally yelled as he leapt toward Conner. With a spin the girl lashed out with a roundhouse that caught both of them and hurled them into the wall.

Wally slid down coated in drywall dust and groaned, his head swimming while Superboy leapt to his feet and charged toward the girl.

"I shall not be a prize…" The girl growled and twisted into a combat stance.

Robin's practiced eyes studied her form and his deductive side went to work. He suddenly realized the girl had been protecting her side throughout the fight, and this newest stance seemed to confirm it.

"Engage to disable!" Robin shouted as he pulled a set of flash-bangs and tossed them toward the girl. Then he charged.

The girl snarled and held a hand up to her face, before charging another bolt of green flames in one hand. Then Robin's fist collided with the girl's stomach.

There was a gasp for breath then a gurgle, she slumped forward and toppled out of the air and onto the ground. Robin looked down at his fists then glanced toward the girl looking confused. "Conner, restrain her… just keep her from running."

She whimpered on the ground and clutched her side. "Rutha… Ou'r rutha Koriand'r, X'hal… G'hota… "

"She was protecting her side the whole fight… figured it was a weak spot." Robin said quietly as he bent over the girl. M'gann, could you setup a link with her?

I can try…

"She's in a lot of pain," Rachel said quietly.

"An old poorly healed wound, maybe?" Robin thought as Conner held her arms behind her back and pulled her upright. "There's no sign of injury on her skin though."

Link established.

It hurts, X'hal it hurts! How did he know… how? The girl's voice whimpered in his head and Robin swallowed. X'hal… these people, why do they attack me? I just want to be free… they will sell me back to them, I know it…

Hey… we would never sell someone into slavery! Conner's voice seemed to shout.

You can bring in the other two M'gann… they helped. Robin thought before leaning down beside the girl. I'm sorry about hurting you… you attacked us… We thought you were a threat.

X'hal… it is all wrong. Her mind answered and she looked up at Robin with tears in her eyes. I can hear you in my head? How?

Telepathic link… we have a Martian with us. Robin thought.

Martian? The girl looked at them in a confused expression. I do not understand.

"Get out of the way." Rachel snapped and pushed past them kneeling beside the girl. A dull white glow came from her hands as she touched the girl's side. Suddenly her eyes went wide. "What… what happened to you?"

"Citadel…" The girl wheezed.

In his mind Robin heard M'gann gasp. Oh no… Her gaze flicked toward the girl. "Can you sense her injuries?"

Rachel nodded. "There's so much scar tissue… it's like all the muscles and her organs have been scrapped and prodded… I can't fix it, not without taking days to do it."

What's your name? Robin asked.

Koriand'r… Her mind answered him.

"What happened to you?" He asked. "Why are the Gordanians…" He glanced at the holo-graphic countdown on his wrist. "…two minutes from this city looking for you?"

"I am… prize, escaped and recaptured slave of the Citadel." She was in tears. "Do not let them take me back! I will do anything!"

"We don't make deals with slavers." Robin said. "Conner… let her go."

Koriand'r gasped as she slumped forward and Superboy stood. She coughed and put a hand on her side. "I… I do not know… I do not know what to say. Is this the 'niceness' the fast boy spoke of?"

"Yeah, name's Kid Flash." Wally said from where he stood.

"Batman… We've got the girl. She's claiming to be an escaped slave of the Citadel." Robin said.

"Do you have a name?" Batman asked.


The Dark Knight swore quietly. "Hal and Stewart are on Oa at the moment. Get her to safety Robin, she'll be offered refugee status and diplomatic protection at the next meeting of the Justice League, but keep her safe."

"Understood." Robin said just before a rumble echoed overhead and a huge gold and red ship slowed to a stop over the city.

"Oh…" Koriand'r stared skyward and swallowed. "Oh no."

Green skinned aliens began to drop from the ship's belly. Their body's held aloft by black wings. Robin took a deep breath. M'gann, call the ship. We need to get Koriand'r out of here.

Bioship, on the way... Once airborne I can open communications with the Gordanians. I do not believe that they will risk an incident once it is known we are under Green Lantern jurisdiction. M'gann's thoughts came through the link.

"You... you are helping me, you are willing to fight them?" Koriand'r said from where she stood. "I... I..."

"We're heroes, it's what we do." Wally said with a smirk. "Come on... let's get going."

The rumble of the bioship rattled the windows and the alien girl stared out the windows as Robin grabbed her by the wrist. "That's our ride!"

"I... I do not see it." Koriand'r said.

"I do..." the cyborg said flatly, "Optical camouflage of some sort, right?"

The best the Martian's can produce. M'gann assured him.

The ship shimmered into existence and a boarding ramp extended toward them as the team ran out. Raven and the cyborg followed them as the vast red and gold shape of the Gordanian slave transport hovered high over the city.

The ship sealed the hatch behind them as Robin dragged them toward the cockpit. M'gann sat in the pilot's seat and turned toward them. "I'm about to open hailing frequencies with the Gordanians."

"Understood." Robin said, "Could you do a running translation for us?"

Certainly... M'gann tapped the displays and holographic image fluttered to life in the middle of the bridge. Gordanian vessel, you have entered Earth space. The prisoner you seek has asked for refuge, as per the agreement between the Oa and the Vegan Systems she is under Green Lantern jurisdiction and our protection. Leave at once.

Robin watched M'gann finish her Interlac statement and the screen flickered to show an enormous green-skinned alien with features that reminded him of Killer Croc. With a snarl, the alien answered in the same language.

They're saying that the return of the prisoner is an internal Vegan matter and that our interference violates the same treaty I just referred to. They're demanding the return of the prisoner or they'll destroy Jump City.

"Do they have the firepower to do that?" Robin asked.

Sensors show one particle-disruptor-cannon of sufficient firepower to do that. What's the word Robin? M'gann asked.

Can you destroy the Cannon? Robin thought.

Yes, the weapon also has a long power up sequence, we've got over ten minutes. M'gann observed.

"Then let's do it."

Artemis swore as she watched the large reptilian aliens dropping from the ship, large wings spreading from their backs to slow their descent. She tapped her temple. Guys? What are we going to do about them?

Robin's voice answered her immediately. We have to drive them off, they're slavers Artemis, make sure they don't pick up anyone to compensate for the loss of their prize.

She pulled out an arrow from the quiver and took aim at one of the Gordanians. Acknowledged, am engaging… maybe the Bioship could engage their heavier ship?

Then she let fly with her first arrow of the day.

The Bioship roared overhead and a beam of solid energy ripped through the air, tearing into the hull of the Gordanian transport. Flames burst from the main gun of the ship and Gordanian soldiers turned to look up in shock and smoke billowed from the beam strike.

Main gun disabled… they've issued a recall order! M'gann's voice spoke in Artemis's mind and the archer smiled. I'll swing by and pick you up… we've got three guests to debrief back at the base.

Mount Justice, Happy Harbor

January 13th 2011, 04:10 EST

The Bioship soared into the hanger bay as Batman watched from the end of the platform. Beside him Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lanterns stood with his eyes focused on the ship.

"We got lucky today... the Vegan systems are always a thorn in our side but... this could have gotten very ugly if the Gordanians hadn't withdrawn," Hal said. Aqualad stepped from the rear doors and studied the two adults for a moment before coming to a stop between them. "Kaldur... how was your trip?"

"Productive... I have added another entry to the authorized list, with Batman's approval." Aqualad said. "How was your visit with the Guardians?"

"Not as productive." Hal admitted as the ship's hatch opened and Robin stepped out with one hand around the bronze skinned and redheaded girl they'd seen in the images. "That's her."

Batman nodded. "It might be a good idea to do a complete workup on her... as a slave there's not telling what she suffered."

"Slave... yeah, about that." Hal stepped forward and offered a hand toward the girl. "Princess Koriand'r, welcome to Earth."

The girl's green eyes went impossibly wide as she stared at the Green Lantern in shock. "You... you are a Lantern?"

"I am," He said.

"What's this about a princess?" Wally asked from the back of the group.

"I... I am a princess of the world Tamaran... third in line to the throne." Koriand'r said quietly.

"But... you said that you were a slave." Conner stated.

"I was... it is a long story." Koriand'r stumbled and whimpered as her legs nearly gave out. Rachel stepped to her other side and placed a glowing hand against her side. "Thank you..."

"Where is your medical bay?" Rachel asked.

Aqualad stepped up to offer his assistance. "I'll show you Miss Roth, this way please."

As the team began to file past Hal glanced at Batman. "Umm... maybe this is a bad time to confirm her refugee status?"

"It'd probably be better to give them a hand in the medical bay... that ring can tell you her anatomy at least." Batman pointed out. "Robin!"

"Batman?" Robin turned from the group and looked up at him.

"Good job out there... it could have been much worse." Batman said.

"You should thank Raven, she stopped us from fighting her." Robin said quietly.

Batman nodded. "You would have figured it out... come on, we need to get back to Gotham."

"Yeah..." Robin said with a faint smile. "What about the others that helped?"

"We'll discuss it, tomorrow." Batman said.

Robin nodded. "Could... Could I talk to Koriand'r first, I'd think that being an alien arrival she'd appreciate a familiar... mask."

"Fine, just don't be late tomorrow." Batman answered and sighed.

Rachel grimaced as she helped Koriand'r onto the bed as Kaldur worked at a holographic terminal to add the pair of them to the authorized visitor list. "Is she..."

"Stand back..." Hal Jordan said as he stepped toward the girl and lifted his ring over her. Koriand'r's eyes went wide as the green energy washed across her and she wrinthed in pain.

"What are you doing?" Raven snapped as she leapt back to her side and put her hands on the girl's temple.

"I... I forgot, the Psions made Vegan species react that way to the Lantern Rings." Hal said quietly. "I... damn it."

"We will take care of her Hal... could you just transfer the data on her anatomy to the computer." Aqualad said coolly.

"It hurts..." Koriand'r winced. "Must people always hurt me within moments of meeting me?"

"It's okay... we'll take care of you." Rachel stammered and bit her lip before laying her hands to the girl's side. "So much damage..."

"I... I thank you. You are a kindness Friend Raven," Koriand'r said quietly. A blue scanner washed over her from the overhead monitor and Kaldur stepped back from the terminal.

"Can I get a copy of that scan?" Hal asked quietly.

"Certainly... you are our expert on alien species." Aqualad said.

The doors hissed open and a woman clad in a blue jumper and slacks stepped inside. Her blue-eyed gaze focused on Raven and a grimace slipped across her face as she saw Koriand'r on the bed. "Are we getting a bunch of new members Aqualad?"

"That'll be up to the League and Batman to decide." Aqualad stated.

The door's hissed shut behind Robin. "He said he'd discuss it... the three that we brough back today will probably get temporary authorization at least." He stopped beside Koriand'r's bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Still hurts... but not as severely." She murmured quietly and her green eyes flicked to Raven. "Friend Raven has been of great help."

Raven felt herself blush and she stepped back. "It's not a problem..."

"You have shown me kindness, you and Friend Robin." Koriand'r said quietly.

"Umm... does your name mean anything in your language? Koriand'r just doesn't roll off the tongue that well." Robin asked.

The alien girl smiled faintly. "In your language it would be... Star fire."

"Starfire..." Robin smiled faintly. "We'll take care of you, don't worry."

"Thank you... could you thank your friends as well for me?" Starfire asked quietly.

"I will." Robin said before squeezing her hand. "Will you stay with her Rachel?"

"Yes." Raven said. "I will stay with her."

Undisclosed Location

January 13th 2011, 14:20 GMT

He stepped into the small circle of holographic displays dragging along the small boy that was his prize. The green-eyed child stared up at him, a look of terror in his eyes as he struggled futilely against the ropes.

The displays shimmered and the white silhouettes of each of the light members appeared one after another. Their voices were slightly distorted in the transmission hiding much of who they were.

"Have you accomplished your mission?" A female voice asked from one of the projectors.

"The boy is in my custody… as I am sure you all can see." He answered as he lifted the child from the ground into the camera's lens. "I've obtained the samples you requested easily enough. Just need the payment and a place for the exchange…"

"Very good Ravager, your father could not have done better." One of the silhouettes stated flatly.

Ravager nodded. "Do you have any use for the boy?"

The cultured voice of a man answered. "I believe the samples will suffice, we can always clone more."

"Non… non… I believe I would like to examine him myself." The French accent of one of the members said.

"Right." Ravager said as he glanced around the group. "Where and when?"