Ch1: prologue anyone?

Author's Note: It took me forever to type enough chapters (3) to upload this one I know its short-ish and you don't really see anything related to the Angel universe but don't fret it will happen & I will upload chapter 2 next week on Sunday. But this ones a short ch and ill post ch2 soon ish. More info on my Face book & Tumblr page

In the middle of the skyscrapers in Sacramento on the corner sat a tattoo shop called Somes professio (Latin for Body art). Only twenty past noon with people walking by to lunch holding briefcases talking on their cellar devise. Sitting next to her friend and college France waiting for Ted to return with their noon meal preferably not fast food again.

"Seriously I hope Ted does not bring back any fast food, my stomach would murder him, and I would miss that back tattoo your doing this afternoon." moaned France spinning in the chair as Jericho was giving the tattoo design a seconded look over before her two o'clock appointment.

"I agree with you France I mean last time he brought back McDonalds the grease was clogging the box the was holding the fries" throwing her hands up in the air the slumping into the chair showing how bad that lunch was. France just laughed at her response while explaining.

"Hate to break it to ya but those were from that fast food place by the thrift store not McDonalds." laughing France got up from the chair and walked to his station for his one o'clock appointment. As Francis, walked into his station Ted just showed up with lunch surprisingly it was not greasy food walking up to the front desk.

"Hum only Twelve thirty I'd say that's good timin aye. . . Hello you lads still awake?" asked Ted holding a bag from the local grocery store searching for France only seeing that Jericho at the front.

"It better not be greasy man or France will hurt you or his stomach will" smiled Jericho from the front desk. Gazing toward her Ted just shrugged placing the bag on the counter.

"Well it isn't so France's stomach should be happy" laughed Ted taking out the bag's content. After tossing Jericho a red apple and eating his own meal leaving a few crumbs for France. Kidding there was a bag of chips and a soda still in the bag.

"So how are you Lynell?" smiled Ted glancing at the young women that was glancing through the magazines on the waiting room table.

"Alright just tired of a few things and so far pretty board." yawned Lynell picking up some metal magazine from the waiting table.

"Why don't you go back and start prepping for that back tattoo." Ted patted Lynell on the back. As the minutes ticked by while Jericho was preparing her station, the bell rang. There stood a tall man who almost like he was a Viking in his past life.

"She's in the back getting ready so just head back there." spoke Ted not even looking up from the magazine he was reading. Many minutes later, which could be confused with hours, it was complete. It just about covered his whole back. The nice black shades that defined the old giant tree with 5 wolves evenly placed in the dark moon light. In the upper, right on his shoulder bone was some saying in old rune. Fully satisfied Jericho took a photo to show the client the results of the tattoo.

"There it's all done, see." pointed out Jericho on the computer screen showing the completely back tattoo.

"You did a fine job lass, even did the rune's right. Most people make at least three mistakes with that phrase." the man grinned patting her on the back like old pals.

"Having a friend who knows Rune really well helps too" laughed Jericho stretching her sore legs, that chair was not good for her height. The man laughed leaving the area to go pay at the front desk. With no more people coming in Jericho took some vacation time that was over due. Taking the alterative transportation to walking, the bus, looking up from her seat at the afternoon sky. Getting off the bus and walking the two blocks to the house, she rented. Once inside the smell of the old house hit her nose with the flick of the light, lighting all four walls. Skipping eating until tomorrow Jericho went straight to the shower. There was always tomorrow to plan, eat, and pack.