Chapter 4: City of . . . Angels?

Author's note: this is set to the day after the ep city of angels. Here Jericho has know Cordy for 19 days I could have swore I had a longer gab but ouh well. Jericho's still an assistant but has her own bare apartment that she's trying to decorate. I hope I get Angel and doyle reaction and persona right. I sort of rushed this sorry hope I got some things right.

Walking to the address that Cordy gave her holding three cups of coffee. Cordy just said bring two but Lynell needed some coffee after the long night of looking through wall colors. Walking up the steps to the building Jericho wondered who the extra cup was for. Standing in front of the office door she knocked the door. After waiting a bit the door opening what she didn't expect was a young man who looked at her with the same emotion she was showing confusion. Being brave Lynell spoke up first "Is Cordelia around?"

"um ouh Cordelia ah shes organizing' something who wants to know.?" question the Irish man.

"I well we're new friends long story anyways she asked me to bring some coffee so here I am with coffee." shrugging Lynell giving a small half smile as she lifted up the drink carrier. "Crap where's are my manors names Lynell friends call me Jericho." stretching out a free hand while balancing the drink holder. The Irish man hesitated for a second before shacking the young women's out stretched hand.

"Doyle. I'll go tell Cordelia you're here." letting go of her hand Doyle walked to the area where Cordy was organizing. Leaving Lynell to stand there alone. Looking around a bit at the sort of small office well it was just the area before the stair case that lead to the office rooms. Not really looking where she was going when she turned around. Almost colliding and having the coffee spill everywhere into the figure.

"sorry!" staring wide eyed at the dark young man for a minute all she did was study his face almost fancying him. But gulped as he just stared at her a bit before asking who she was. "Lynell sort of friends with Cordy." feeling a mix of a nervousness & oddly calm two different things. Before he could answer Cordy entered the room.

"Ouh no you are not going to get lovey with him missy no ,but thanks for the coffee." Cordelia rushed trying to push Jericho out of the office but Jericho just started to laugh.

After her little outburst "Cordelia . . .he's not my type calm down. And no I don't jump in guys pants at first sight I can wait till after marriage Cordy." still laughing Lynell put down the coffee before she really spilled it this time.

"Well I guess that's a relief and thanks for the coffee." grinned Cordelia taking her cup. Following suit Jericho grabbed her's before someone else did.

"I thought I'd make up for dealing with me." laughing at the two still confused men.

"Ouh this is Lynell" Cordy spoke gesturing to Lynell who corrected her saying its Jericho "ok fine Jericho." then pointed at the two men "and these two are Doyle and tall dark and brooding here is Angel." before heading off to her desk leaving the three of them in the room.

"So you're that er person Cordy was talkin' about this morning." spoke up Doyle

"If dark crazy hairdo, who needs a makeover then yeah it so must be me." rolling her eyes hoping they got that she wasn't serious. "And I take it your Angel and Doyle." showing a half of a smile. Holding her hand out. "I'm Lynell or as my friends call me Jericho nice to meet you both." shacking Doyle's hand first person shacking Angels noticing how cold he's hand was. Angel noticed that the young women noticed his cold hand trying to figure out an explanation along with Doyle struggled as well. The fact it was a bit new for Angel to meet to people and be social. On Lynell's end who looked calm but inside she was freaking out. The fact she was in the same room with a vampire. And the fact that her first experience with one tried to make a snack out of Cordy. After a few painstaking seconds Cordy interrupted their awkward moment by telling Doyle & Angel that Lynell already knows. That seemed to work for a while.

"You know Cordelia mentioned um knowin err someone with your er style." spoke Doyle a bit awkward.

"That would be me dark cloths and all. Don'y worry I'm actually a nice person. Besides does this look like a face of a mean person." smiling Jericho laughed.

"I guess not." muttered Dolye "But you never know." shrugging.

Angel looks a bit lost before he spoke "But how I know how Cordelia was in high school and to actually talk to well you is um." pondering over the right words

"Who dresses like me well I bought lunch and breakfast for her plus the coffee. I think that sort of helps along with sort of killing a vamp that tried to have her as his next happy meal." shrugging as she calmed down a bit. "I kind of got that when I first meet here." thinking for a second "What do you guys do here anyways ." laughing Jericho stopped at the serious look on their faces "ok joke times over" finished Lynell.

"Well we deal with the um. . ." scratches his nose Doyle trying to come up with an explanation before Angel beat him to it.

"I'm a detective . . .sort of go after the more um supernatural kind." Angel spoke up "we just started verily recently." finishing up the short explanation. Jericho took a sip from her coffee before giving any response.

"Alright . . .wow at least someone's dealing with that don't think police took a course in "supernatural" cause I don't think movies count." chuckled Jericho stopping herself before she ranted of some more. "Um I should get back to work it was nice meeting you two." spoke Jericho telling Cordy bye before walking out the door feeling awkward she hurried off to work.

"She seems nice." Doyle spoke breaking the silence still having his arms folded.

"Cordy an explanation." question Angel looking for a reason why Cordy would talk to her.

"For one she save my life two bought me lunch so I guess she's alright with her black on black look." spoke Cordy before adding "not that its horrible just a little color would do her some good." when she noticed Angel's wardrobe

"Doudt' that did you see those eyes I think the black makes them pop." chuckled Doyle

Rolling her eyes "Other then being from another dimension I'm sure she's your type Doyle." getting back to work while Doyle just tried to find a come back. He was just complementing the young women. Later after both Cordelia and Jericho got off work Cordy went over to Jericho's. Knocking on the door waiting for the tattooed chick named Lynell to open up.

Opening the door "do you have to knock so loudly come in." groaned Lynell walking closing the door as Cordelia entered the hallway. Once they both sat down on the coach in the living room before could Cordelia say anything. "The guy you work with is a vampire! And what and how wa explanation." ranted Lynell frustrated and a bit scared

"I'll give you the short version he's a vampire with a soul trying to "redeem" himself with the help of Doyle and I ok more so Doyle cause he gets these vision things." waving a arms a bit "There's nothing to worry about ,but there's some ground rules ok one no sleeping with Angel." seeing Jericho's reaction "guessing from that face we don't have to worry about that. Ok next yes he has a soul so he's not going to drain you anytime soon unless he feels a moment of true happiness then poof we're screwed any questions." smiled Cordy showing her teeth

"Well. . . No not that I could thing of one its just the first vamp I meet wanted to eat you. But I guess I can just need to take a deep breath you know." rushed Lynell head In her hands taking a deep breath before she started to freak out while Cordy just patted her back saying that she's taking it well for someone here. "Its just not that I don't know." mumbling she calmed down she finished "I guess it's not so bad." For the rest of the night they chatted for a while before Cordy left to go home. Laying there in bed all Jericho could think of is how much her life has changed now that she's' in this dimension. As she sleep she didn't know how right she was.