Chapter 5: 21st and tattoos

Author: took me forever but I really want to get this story finished really bad ok I'll stop writing here. I sort of winged the whole tattoo thing really from watching LA ink & NY ink, yeah I know the who conflict with that. I'm so shocked how long this is

Nov 2 -6

Sitting at the desk drawing it was her lunch break and Jericho thought she would have it at the office where Cordy works at. Already finishing her lunch Lynell sat there sketching away a face which happened to be the person she was talking too.

"So your' sayin that Cordy likes me?" questioned Doyle not really buying what Lynell was saying who looked up at just give him a look.

"Not like yet more like she's a little bit interested don't worry." laughing a little she finished the portrait before Doyle tried to peek a look "No its not finished." laughed Lynell. Even though it was finished Doyle got a hold of the sketch book.

"Well ant that a bute." grinned Doyle holding the sketchbook in his hand

"Doyle." whined Jericho who started to grow attached to the little Irish man heck he was a bit cute too but she knew that he was starting to like Cordy.

"Come on Lynell it looks fine." grinned Doyle handing back the book to a pouting Lynell who just laughed.

"I know just messing with ya." grinned Lynell doing a few touch ups before signing it. Both did not notice that Angel had stepped into the room. And a smiling Cordy sitting at her desk. He was holding something in his hand still feeling a bit socially awkward around the young women who seemed a bit more ok with him though there were moments of unease. Clearing his throat to get the two's attention both looked his way a bit curious.

"Um Cordelia mentioned something about you not being from around here so." flipping the small plastic card around to reveal a CA license

In a bit of shock until Doyle nudge her "um wow thank you" as she gently took the card from him "wa um not how really more like why." stumbling a bit while putting it in her wallet.

"Well um Cordelia mentioned about your first night here" earning a little glare from Lynell to Cordy "and I sort of want to get on the right foot with you." fumbled Angel he was trying to not make an enemy with this young women. He wanted to make emends while being this new champion

"How about we reintroduce ourselves?" shrugged Lynell brushing off a few eraser trimmings as she stood up she stretched out her hand. Feeling less social awkward Angel shook her hand


"Lyenll Calson friends call me Jericho." giving a small smirk as she shook back feeling a bit better around the guy noticing what time it was "sorry I have to rush back to work." rushed Jericho grapping up all her things into her messenger bag rushing out the door trying to run all the way back to work before she was late.

"Well that went. . . Well." spoke up Doyle. Finally reaching the shop almost out of breath luckily she had long legs. Adjusting her cloths and hair she walked in greeted Pixie before sitting in the available chair next to her. Ignoring the smile on Pixie's face like every other day until

"You have a client!" smiled Pixie twisting the moving chair from side to side

"Wa what?" clearly not believing that she had an actual client

"Yuuup Travis saw how good of a job you did on that one young women heck without any help" still happy

"Um . . . Well ok when is this person coming anything Pixie anything!" pleaded Lynell she just got back from lunch to find out she had a client.

"It's a guy they want a skull well it has a skull in it." smiled Pixie

"When Pixie when!" trying to get more information out of the pink haired girl

"Ouh right about" the front door bell dinged "now." receiving a glare from Lynell before she stood up to greet the person.

"Lynell?" asked the young man

"That be me" stretching out a hand the man then shook her hand

"I'm here for a skull tattoo Travis referred me to you." speaking more clearly. Lynell motioned for him to continue while she got out some paper to rough out a sketch.

"Anything particular." asked Jericho

"I'm going with a skull sort of angled sideways with red roses sort of surrounding it and I want it here" showing and pointing to his inner right arm

After wrapping a tracing paper around his arm for the area Lynell told him she see him in an hour with the sketch and lines. An hour later

"Ok this is what I have " showing him a the final result to the guy who nodded that he like it. Walking him over to her temporary station that Pixie set up for her putting the gloves on and after setting a few things in place she was ready. Starting the first line she asked "Is this your first tattoo?" trying to start a conversation Lynell like hearing what the stories people had for getting the tattoo or the reason for it. Like a few she had have sad stories behind them

"Yeah" giving a lopsided smile almost a frown

"Ok making sure tattoo virgin" smiled Lynell trying to lighten the guy up who gave a small reassuring laugh. Only having time to do the lines and one skull socket she asked the young man to come back the next day. The next day while Jericho was nearing the final parts of the tattoo she asked "If you don't mind me asking why this particular tattoo."

"It's an idea I had for quite some time skull and roses really." he made a small noise "er well its sort of also holds a memory for me. My gramps had a thing for roses like to grow them and well I like bones so I came up with this idea sort of to remember him." smiled the young man trying to hide back a few tears wiping them with his free hand "Didn't want to just get roses had to add the manly touch you know." giving a small smile like it was holding a memory.

"I know how you feel have a few of my own that hold quite a few stories as well" smiled Jericho remembering a few memories

"It's hard you know to remember the good memoirs." trying to keep his cool

"Just think of the good ones that get triggered but stuff that's related to them. Like how you remember the roses and how much he loved growing them. And anything positive." giving a small smile "Like for example I have a portrait of my gram and I remember the good times we had and because she was there for me." smiled Jericho knowing what it was like to loose someone close and more then once too.

The guy smiled "Your right its just it brings up the same part that he won't be here anymore." wiping another tear before Pixie handed him a Kleenex

"Well he's with you everywhere in the memoirs." giving the young man a reassuring smile before wiping the tattoo. "And we are done. Go take a look." gesturing to the mirror. The young man had Pixie lead him to the mirror before opening his eyes he look at the mirror before gazing down at his arm with tears threatening to fall and a smile on his face.

"It's incredible" twisting his arm a bit covering his mouth before speaking "Thank you." he smiled before hugging Lynell who hugged him back as she patted his back

"It was a pleasure." smiled Lynell happy to have worked on the guy as the guy went to Pixie for the rest. The young man waved good bye as he left

"See I knew you were good." grinned Pixie resting her elbows on the counter while Lynell cleaned up her station.

"Yeah I know." smirked Lynell a bit as she took a sit next to the pink haired women she relaxed as Pixie talked to anyone who walked in. Noticing that Travis and Markus took a spot next to her.

"So based on our marvelous rating chart" smirked Markus holding an indivisible scroll "That you . . .drum roll." well meaning silence before Travis spoke up

"You are now free of my tutelage small grasshopper." smirked Travis patting Lynell's back as he gave her a side hug

"Thanks guys." hugging both me. Jericho could finally get her life started well more like on track again back at her own dimension smirking Lynell "remember that drunk the other night." pulling out her sketchbook.

"Yeah man ."laughed Markus

"At least you didn't have to tattoo him." gloomed Travis hand hitting his face

"Going on about this girl he meet all super gorgeous." still laughing with Lynell while Travis just groaned

"Yeah I wonder if he'll still have the same thoughts when he wakes up" smirked Lynell as her laughing died down though she did feel a bit sorry for the guy. Remembering a few drunks from back home.

"All I know is that I don't want to be the one to cover that" Travis groaned throwing up his arms

"I'm out man not there yet , for covers." shrugging her shoulders as she worked on a sketch that started to take shape of a young man well the bust.

"Ouh who is this dashing man." smirked Traivs taking the book away from Lynells reach

"Someone I used to date now gimmie." groaned Lynell not even trying to reach for her sketchbook.

"And. .. " fishing for more smiled Travis at he's old apprentice

"He died happy now give me." spoke Lynell as her smiled faded when he handed her sketchbook back

"Um sorry I didn't know." frowned Travis while Markus went up to talk to a client

"You didn't know." shrugged Lynell who still hadn't gotten over the man. A sore subject for Lynell. After doing two more small tattoos Lynell called it a day well Markus said she could go home. Walking home she thought of the body switching demon Angel and them encountered. Then the thing with Spike. Walking into her plain apartment she couldn't wait to paint it and decorate of course. Resting up for a long two days ahead.

Next day at work well after getting her own station and actually getting to use it too helped her day. Travis walked up to her with a sort of happy expression.

"Um well we've noticed that er well Pixie pointed it out." scratching the back of his head "That we missed your birthday your 21st and we want to take you out for your first drink"

"Um ok" wondering why now and why

"Great its at this place we always go to" putting his hand's in his back pockets everything after that seemed to fly by for Lynell. Finishing up at her station she noticed that Pixie had already left leaving: Markus, Emily, Travis, and Jack waiting at the door. Getting her station cleaned up leaving her equipment to pick up tomorrow

"Off we go to the Headless Horsemen's Head!" marched Travis linking arms with Lynell walking there Travis asked a few things like why tattooing or why L.A all Lynell told him was she needed a change of sensory and tattooing well her love of the arts and so forth. Heading into the bar they all sat at a booth Emily and Markus on one side with the rest of them on the other.

"What will the young lady have." folding her arms the waitress asked Lynell knowing full well what the Demon's wing's crew would have

"Auh. . . Beer don't really know much about drinks." biting her lip the waitress nodded while walking away to the bar.

"Really that's a bit shocking." stated Travis sitting next to Lynell

"No its not." responded Emily the sober driver of course she knew why Lynell never really touch alcohol before her 21st

"Alright let's just have a fun time and only one drink for Lynell ok honey." smiled Markus as he kissed his wife's cheek as the waitress served their drinks ready to take a sip but Markus beat Jericho to it "To Lynell on being 21 and ending her trial." raising his glass ,and then taking a big sip. The rest followed suit while Lynell just sipped from her glass she was happy the waitress didn't give her a whole lot. After a few drinks Markus and Jack were getting pretty drunk which meant for everyone to take their leave sitting in the front seat of Markus and Emily's car

"Thank you for not telling them." smiled Lynell hands folded on her lap bag resting at her feet. Fiddling with her apartment key.

"Your welcome, until your ready then I won't mention it." giving Lynell a motherly smile as she drove to Jericho's place "And here we are" Getting out of the car Lynell gave a thank you and walked up to her apartment building going against the stairs and took the elevator up. Waving hello at her demon neighbor a nice old lady before entering her apartment. Walking lazily to her room dropping her bag on the floor before flopping on the bed. And placed her iphone on the side table. The next day after waking up to someone knocking on her front door groaning, tired , and a bit nauseous from last night Lynell made her way to the front door not even looking to see who it was though the hole "Hello Mrs. Larkson What is it?" forcing a tired smile Lynell still in the cloths she worse last night.

"Well a nice young lady came by with a roll luggage." smiled the old demon as she put the roll luggage into Lynell apartment hallway "Ouh she also mentioned you have the day off after last night deary." waving the young women off before walking to her own apartment. Closing the door Lynell walked to her room

"What a nice lady. .. Wait the day off sweet. . .maybe I'll see what's up with Doyle" smiled Lynell reaching for her phone and dialed

"Angel investigations we hope your help. .I mean we help the helpless." fixing his mistake hoping the caller didn't notice

"Yeah I'm looking for this short Irish guy by the name of Dolye." acting all serious Lynell tried to hide her laughter.

"Well. . . Wait Lynell!" finally figuring out who it was before mouthing to Angel it was Lynell

"Who else would it be Doyle." smirked Lynell taking of her shoes and socks

". .. I don't know wait why are ya calling anyways." wondered Doyle

"Got the day off really my fellow workers took me out for my first drink last night." acting like it was nothing

"first drink. .ouh you turned 21 congrats Lynell." smiled Doyle

"Auh my birthday was the 25 of last month." laughed Lynell taking of her jacket

"Ouh sorry Lynell." frowned Doyle a bit sad he didn't remember that

"Nothing to be sorry for you didn't know." taking off a bracelet

"Still maybe you could come by tomorrow?" asked Doyle they started to act like friends well more like sibling sort of thing.

"Sure doubt I have any appointments tomorrow , but Pixie will call me if I do." laughed Lynell before saying good bye. She really needed to clean up for a lazy day consisting on sitting on the couch with a sketch book ,and popcorn. After a whole day to relax and ponder on her life. Then turning early so she could drop her stuff off at the shop check for any appointments etc. And rush off to see why Doyle asked her to come by. The following day November 6th you could see Lynell rushing off to Angel's office after learning she had an appointment after lunch. Almost out of breath when she reached the doors knocking hearing that the door was open she walked in.

"What took you so long." questioned Cordelia sitting at her desk

"That would be me not owning a car plus I'll fall on my ass if I try to use a skateboard." breathed Jericho adjusting her bag strap

"Are you crazy. .wait don't answer that. Ouh and Dolye said your birthday passed , so happy birthday." spoke Cordy as she looked through a few papers.

"Maybe um thank you." giving a small smirk she laughed not noticing that Doyle had a bag in he hands.

Coughing to get her attention "It may not be much but. .." handing her a small dark bag. Taking a small look before reaching in for what ever was in the bag. Pulling out a double bracelet with black round beads and one silver anchor.

"Thank you" giving the Irish man a hug letting go she put the bracelet on.

"Well its not much." scratching the back of his head before Lynell socked his arm "what was that for"

"For say its nothing pin cushion." laughed Lynell

"Fine then." massaging his arm while Jericho grinned he sort of had Cordy find the bracelet really ,but he wanted to get something for her birthday even though it was late "Hey how about after thanksgiving I'll take you out for a drink." wrapping his arm around her shoulders in a hug not knowing that this would not happen.