Chapter 6: Tears and Fears

Author's note: yes I want to get season 1 done and up to most of season 2 done. November 23rd then to 26 Also sort of improvising dialogue since I forgot and I'm to lazy to look it up , . Also I tried to get I.W.R.Y time wise right

"So your telling me that you had a evil old lady ghost in your new apartment and Angel is super broody because of some chick named Buffy" earning a da look from Cordy "and Doyle was married" Jericho leaning against the wall while Cordelia gave her the going about since she saw them last well visited not called anyways.

"Yup brooding up a storm". signed Cordelia who started to feel for the guy in her own way.

"Bummer I wish I could help but" frowned Jericho before her phone rang:

"An angel,...a demon

the parts you played on lonesome nights

the damage, inflicted

the pain and lust you leave behind"

"What are you two standing here for" asked Doyle who came over after hearing Jericho's phone go off and thus earning a tight hug from the said person who whispered good-bye before rushing off to work. But before she could exit she almost bumped into a blonde haired women saying sorry Jericho left a stunned Buffy who didn't even gaze at the other two people only on at Angel.

"So you think you can waltz in and. . . " stated a very unhappy blonde slayer at the brooding vampire while Cordy pushed Doyle out with her. Waiting outside Cordelia & Doyle just barely spoke after she gave him the lore of the two forbidden lovers. Taking the moment to interrogate the Irish man.

"What's with you and Lynell" asked Cordelia feeling a tiny bit jealous

"What nothing I swear she's just a friend" freaked Doyle he really didn't see Lynell as anything more then a friend. It made him happy in a way for one having a friend like her , and two a small part of him was happy that Cordy is a bit jealous.

Staring into the mans guys she sighed "Ok I believe you. . .this time." sassed Cordelia. The man signed both hearing crashing like a fight , and Cordy told Doyle that it has started. Seeing that it was past lunch they both decided to just have lunch to pass the time as Angel and Buffy made up for lost time not knowing that when they see him again he would be human. Walking past The Demon's Wing's where Lynell worked at. Talking about a few things before sitting outside some restaurant. "So what's your take on her whole other dimension timey thing." asked Cordy taking a sip from her soda

"Well it seems odd really. More of why." pondered Doyle

"I sort of wondered that too. Coming from Sunnydale I don't find that she's not" taking a pause she continued "from around here odd" using air quotes

Doyle agreed "Kind of wonder who brought her ya know here." referring to L.A and in close proximity to Cordy

"The powers?" throwing that in sort of brain storming

"Maybe who else would bring someone from. . .another place here." squinting his brow in deep thought Doyle pondered who would bring Lynell here and why.

"Just hope she's not in on the bad team." taking another sip

"Hope so" agreed Doyle before their food arrived finishing quickly to get back to the office. Soon arriving Cordy noticed a pile of what looked like ash assuming that Buffy killed Angel but turning around they noticed Angel walking through the door shocked written on his face after Doyle asked him how. Angel just went straight to the fridge like a hungry animal.

"Or devour the fridge." shocked Cordelia as Doyle sort of shielded her from Angel. After figuring out that the demon's blood made him like that and sending Cordelia out to get Buffy while he and Doyle figured out the demon. Doyle took him to the Oracles who only told him that he is now human ,alive. And after a night with Buffy and fighting the demon he goes back to beg the oracles to turn back the time. Take it away. After sitting back in their office from the whole time thing after finding out what happened Cordy called Jericho and ranted. Not knowing that Angel called her and already told her. Back at the shop after hanging up of Cordy she got another phone call.

"The Demon's Wing's tattoo parlor how can I help you." greeted Jericho

"This is Lynell Calson's land lord could you inform her she is permission to paint the apartment just don't have her remodel it." gruffed the old man before hanging up not knowing nor caring that he was talking to her. Noticing that Pixie was leaning in ear dropping.

"Can I help can I can I " smiled Pixie while Jericho just stared at the phone then back to Pixie blinking she nodded

"I'm picking out the colors your just helping ok." giving a stern look before hugging the now light blue haired teen. "You think we can leave early?" smirked Lynell

"Well yeah besides everyone is booked Emily's defiantly." smiled Pixie while getting up to drag Jericho and her stuff to the car her gram let her drive. "Ok I know the perfect place to buy paint trust me." letting Jericho drive since Ophelia couldn't drive officially. Giving the directions to the hardware store. Walking in they headed to the paint

"Ok why here." wrinkling her nose at the putrid color she had in her hand

"Well my pops knows the owner and the have better selection" looking at the color and making a yuck face but noticed where they were at "We're in the wrong spot this is for offices." pulling Jericho off to the right direction. Gazing at the long section of color papers before picking out a rich gray purple for her room a light white green for the bathroom.

"I'm surprised you didn't pick ouh say black." taking a paper strip out "ooh this one for your kitchen" the color scheme was beige like light warm honey "ooo ouh and this for the living room"

"I got it Pixie ,and yes on the kitchen. I don't want moss green." smiled Jericho putting the paper back before picking a deep redish color and a light Christmas green "Now which one looks better miss turner" grinning before Pixie just pouted at her.

"Why! Must you do this to me"

"Pay back " smirked Jericho putting the red back from a light honey yellow and a shade lighter red. Getting the supplies and buckets of paint they were set. During the drive Pixie asked a few things like any ex boyfriends ,concerts etc idal chit chat. Grapping all the stuff the uped for the elevator since she lived on the 7th floor. Entering the bleak apartment hallway that her landlord painted before she got there. Putting the painters tarp down they started painting Lynell got her master room and bath while Pixie worked on the guest room and bath. It was easy since she didn't have any furniture to work around ,so far all her cloths fit in her closet which wasn't much.

"You wanted to help me with the living room or did you just lead me to believe that I was helping." pouted Pixie getting out of the guest room. Placing the tape on the wall and around outlets Pixie called for Jericho to hurry her butt up. Walking into the living room Jericho picked up a clean roller to paint the kitchen.

"How about I'll do the living room by myself tomorrow and any other room that might need a new coat." smiled Jericho picking up the beige yellow for the kitchen

"Euh works for me." picking up her bag Pixie went back home while Lynell cleaned up noticing that it was well past dinner time she just went for take out aka Chinese food. Sitting there waiting while carefully ,not to get any paint on her cloths , she thought over more what she wanted to do. Ever since she landed here it felt different more room to breath yet it was scary at the same time. Barely knew anyone here besides Cordy and them. And being in a completely different time and let alone dimension where anyone you know would not know you that is if they existed here. Answering the door when the pizza man knocked grabbing the pizza and change Lynell locked the door. After learning that there was demons too she didn't want to risk it plus it was L.A . Sitting in a lent chair from her neighbor eating a slice of pizza Jericho thought on what she really wanted to do in life. Don't get her wrong she enjoys tattooing just she wanted more then just going to work and draw art on someone. Well she got her wish here not knowing what adventure she would really get. Sleeping in the same chair neither a good idea when you have a back piece to work on the next day. Hearing the knock of her neighbor warning her like an alarm clock to wake up. Pulling out her phone she noticed all she had time for was to wash up. Rushing off to her bathroom to wash her hair not caring if it became un straighten. Barely putting on eye make up she rushed out of there to the shop. Reaching the shop breathing heavily.

"Here" regaining her breath and posture Jericho placed her back in one of the drawers at her station that had yet to be decorated other then what the owners had painted it. Setting up her station for the client and cleaning it before the appointed time.

"Looks like someone slept in." joked Travis cleaning up his station after finishing a tiny tattoo.

"Totally being the fashionite late one riiight" smirked Jack setting up his station before gesturing to his awaiting customer to sit the chair. Sticking her tongue out at them acting childish before her client got there.

"Not my fault I feel asleep in that chair." remarked Jericho who had yet to make enough for some of the furniture she needed. Something she didn't tell anyone. Yeah she had a job now that paid ,but she used that for bills and other stuff one needs to live. And fight the temptation for new cloths.

"Well we'll have to get a bed don't we." informed Emily who came out from the back office who happened to already know. Jericho just muttered something about motherly instincts while getting the paper with the clients tattoo on the table of her station. Handing Pixie an envelope before heading back while giving Jericho a knowing look. Reading the post it on the envelope the bosses wife gave her Pixie made an ouh face before pocking the post-it. The bell jingled as Jericho's client came in

Stretching out her hand Jericho greeted the young women "I have the final sketch right here for ya." leading the young women to her station. Back at Angel's office Cordy was sitting next to Doyle as he just got the vision about the demon's being hounded down by the Scourge a vile group of "pure" demons out to kill the "impure" half breeds. Going back into the office Cordelia left them to figure it out while needing to semi rant she called Jericho who was finishing up the first session with her client while her phone started ringing some tune "I got this fever fever yay yeaaah" letting it ring for a while taking off her gloves Jericho answered her cell "Jericho speaking." hearing a few papers ruffle in the background and from the caller ID she knew it had to be either Angel, Cordy , or Doyle calling. Feeling Pixie put an envelope in her front pocket.

"Its Cordelia. . .and what's with the name Jericho anyways." Cordelia huffed she was in a bit of a mood after hearing that her boss reversed time and didn't even check the lotto.

"Love you too Cordy" giving a sarcastic smile shoeing away Pixie who wanted in on the conversation. Looking up where Emily was who mouth to her about having the rest of the day of so packing her tattoo equipment to take home while waiting for Cordy to say something.

"Euh anyways while I waited for the boys to figure what mister vision boy say I need to vent." groaned Cordy "And venting to a guy is not the same ok." ranted a bit before cooling off. Waving to her co workers as she went out the door with her roll luggage

"Of course what has queen C all railed up." grinned Lynell hiding her phone using her hair whiled laughing a bit at Cordelia.

"Railed up ouh I tell ya brooding pants reverses time or something without telling me." puffed Cordy "Two ,he didn't even check the lotto numbers um hello" Lynell just laughed trying not to sound cruel while walking to the bus stop. Lynell was ok walking around L.A just not when she had her tattoo equipment and talking on the phone. Letting Cordy go into the whole reason why Angel should have gotten the lotto numbers.

"I get the point Cordy " giving a small smile as the bus pulled up and sitting down Lynell spoke again "Besides the time thing anything else you want to tell me." smirked Lynell

"Other then Buffy has got him brooding up a storm the nerve of that women" and thus Jericho released the rant of Buffy. She expected Cordelia to not really like her but a whole rant. "And she comes here acting like she owns the place" the bus had stopped and Cordelia was still ranting maybe repeating a few things exiting the bus a block or two from her apartment place. Halfway through Cordy asked Lynell her thoughts on Buffy.

"Well so far euh I prefer you over her if that helps." getting her apartment keys out to open the door

"At least someone agrees with me." praised Cordelia

"Well I have to cut the venting short Cordy." putting the tattoo equipment in the closet and locking the front door

"Fine but you still need to come over to my apartment women." smirked Cordelia saying bye before hanging up on Lynell. Pocketing her phone Lynell sighed some times she could take when people vented. But Cordy was a whole new ball game with that. Resting her bag down on the chair Jericho pulled out the envelope that Pixie gave her flipping the rectangle envelope around it only had her name on it opening it by ripping off one end and pulling out a folded paper with a check inside it. Reading and re-reading the note then at the check Jericho could not believe it at all it was the extra money she needed to buy a proper bed set. Putting it in her back pocket to finish painting the living room after a long day of painting the other walls that needed it. Noticing that it almost passed her bed time Lynell upped for the chair again. Since Thanksgiving was coming up the shop closed up for the holiday. Taking her time off to go see Cordelia's apartment. Hearing a load noise after awakening from her groggy state to better hear the noise was actually the ring tone she set for Cordy "Hey queen bee." smirked Jericho groggily hearing a few sniffles "Cordy you there?" feeling a bit concerned.

"Lynell could you come over please" from Cordelia's voice she sounded sad almost like something terrible happened. Ruffling her hair while willing herself wake

"Sure soon as I clean up" slowly getting out of the chair a bit sore from sleeping in that chair. Making a clear note not to sleep in that chair again it's comfy for sitting not sleeping

"Thanks" sniffled Cordelia then blew her nose

"For you da." smiled Lynell walking to her bathroom avoiding the walls just incase any spot was still wet after setting her phone on the bed. Jericho quickly cleaned her hair and re-styled ,removing all make up since it was a hassle to remove and reapply it again. Pulling on her other pair of boots , and changed into a men's black ts-hirt and quickly put on her black jacket. Locking the door before rushing out the apartment and rushing the elevator down. Taking off though the front doors and hailing a cab since it would be a lot faster then getting a bus there. After rushing up the stairs to Cordy's level and knocking vigorously. Stopping when she heard someone approaching the door. Reveling a teary eye and sad Cordelia softening up a bit Jericho hugged Cordy. She had seen the look in her eyes cause once before in her own. Both women let go before walking into the living room and sat down on the couch holding Cordy as she started to sob again. Sitting by her side Lynell hugged her. "Ok what is it Cordy." smiled Jericho trying to cheer her up

"He's dead!" teared Cordelia almost shrieking it out at Lynell who slightly flinched but rubbed Cordy's back while she continued to cry reaching for some tissues for the crying women

"Take these." Cordy just grabbed them from the tattooed women and blew her nose whispering a thanks "Ok were going to need a name Cordy cause there a lot of he's in L.A " soothed Jericho resting one of her hands on her lap while rubbing Cordy's back with the other.

"Doyle!" cried the brunette "he sacrificed himself" patting her eyes with another tissue "he's gone Lynell gone the oof" her cries calmed down "just as I started to like the guy" leaning into Jericho who tried to keep it together. Be the shoulder for Cordy.

"Ouh Cordy" hugging the now tired women who just basically told her what she already figured out. Holding her tighter "I know you feel its not easy but you have to tough it out. Besides he wouldn't want you to suffer cause of his death" rubbing her arm.

"Your right" sniffling a little Cordy wondered how come the women sitting next to her wasn't balling like she was since she was close to the Irish man well more like siblings maybe its because she had no family here it made a bit of sense for her to think of others as family Cordy just hoped she didn't go into some super depression. Calming down a bit she picked up her pieces ,and told Lynell she could go home "I'm fine ok" giving the best smile that she could muster Cordy said good-bye to Lynell who gave a nice wave good bye before leaving her apartment. Hoping that Jericho wouldn't do anything foolish like jump off a cliff. Outside Lynell was barely keeping it together wondering aimlessly. Not a solid thought of where she was going just one foot in front of the other. Before she knew it she was knocking on Angel's door. Hearing someone knocking Angel got up while quickly putting a shirt on.

"Coming" seriously hopping it wasn't Cordelia but as soon as he got near the door he knew it wasn't her from the smell. Green apples and some kind of perfume: Lynell. Opening the door not even getting the chance to speak before Lynell rammed into him "oof " hugging him well more like crushing him. Not knowing what to do until he heard her crying at least it wasn't a clean shirt wrapping his arms around her was the only thing he could think of. Leading her to the couch "Cordy right" all the dark haired women did was nod still hugging the vampire snuggling into him like a child. From the time he knew and seen her Angel had never seem her break down like this. Not sure how to handle this situation "Why not tell me what's the matter" whispered Angel it seemed like a good way to start handing her a tissue. Snatching it quickly.

Sniffling she blew her nose with the tissue "Doyle's dead, pin cushion's dead" sobbed Lynell still clinging to Angel's shirt it took a bit longer and a few back rubs for her to even make a knowledgeable word. Angel was taken back a bit. He knew Doyle liked Cordelia ,and the nickname that Lynell just said made it sound like she liked Doyle.

"Pin cushion?" testing the waters by asking maybe he got lucky and it would bring her out of this.

"A stupid nickname I gave Doyle nothing more." cried Lynell still broken by Doyle's death telling Angel only help a tiny tinny bit. A bit of her wondered why in the f**k did he ask about that it was just a silly nickname she gave him and Doyle didn't mind. Beside he felt almost like a brother ,then a boyfriend. Her sobbing lighten up a bit.

"Okay" rubbing her back until she slowly started to calm down it took Lynell quite some time to calm down. Somehow Angel sensed there was more to it then just Doyle's death that bothered her "hey its alright" trying his best to calm the sadden young women

"No its not! Doyle's DEAD, d.e.a.d ,dead." screeched Jericho retreating from Angel. More so to just hugging her while they sat side by side with Lynell leaning onto his shoulder.

"There's more to it Lynell not just what happened to Doyle." who earned a tiny nod "He sacrificed his life so that a lot of people could live." hopping that would help her in the long run

"Not just him Angel first my grandfather given I was too young to remember." sniffling a little before getting a new tissue for her runny nose. Angel nodded for her to continue "Then when I was about to enter my sophomore year my gram died" sobbing at the old memory "They were the only ones who cared for me raised me after I entered middle school" releasing herself before resting her head in her hands legs closed attempting to pull herself together "I only had my best friend Chris and later on David that's a whole different story." and she started to cry more Angel was a bit shocked.

"You can tell me later alright" rubbing her back trying to sooth her again

"Just as I found someone I actually wanted to spend my life with some f**king drunk driver kills him." cried Lynell curling into Angel more "The one guy. . .the one Angel, the one" that was the problem Doyle's death brought up not just one death, but the death of someone she loved very ,very dearly. Angel in a way could sympathize with her a little.

"Lynell" pulling her into a hug this was the first time he ever heard anything remotely about the young women other then she was a tattoo artist from another dimension. That outburst seemed to help her in a way "Hey you have Cordy and those people at that shop now." trying his best to help her.

Muttering a tired "your right" before yawing Angel lifted her onto the bed "no Angel I can't" protested a tired Lynell.

"Yes you need it more then me" dumping her on the bed Angel left the area. The last thing Lynell knew was a small good night that escaped her lips. Angel just shook his head as the young women started to grow on him.