Standing at attention, watching the children in the yard through the balcony window, the Captain slowly allowed himself the opportunity to collect his thoughts. He had been anxious to finish their conversation after that Irish rogue had left Schooner Bay, but it had taken some time until he and the lady of the house were quite on their own. Clearing his throat, or giving a clear indication of his intention to speak about something important, he waited until her gaze met his. "So Madam, surely now that your Irish 'suitor' has departed, shall we assume normal life resumes again here at Gull Cottage?" Looking back down at her typewriter, Carolyn allowed herself a wry smile, "So, you thought of him as a suitor, did you? I was under the impression you weren't willing to let any living man assume that role." Smiling up at him she continued, "Was I wrong?" The sudden snap of his head her direction told her all she needed to know, but happily let him respond in his own time. "Suitor? Well, indeed Madam, to have a suitor, one must imagine you to be open, or available to such intentions. I hope that I am mistaken, that I have not correctly understood you here. Surely the idea that you would be seeking other male companionship, other men in your life, that is mistaken, I would assume?"

Standing, she looked slyly up at him, "And that would, I believe, require that you and I had spoken clearly and with unmistakable clarity abut our mutual feelings. And you must admit that has yet to occur, don't you agree?"

Wide eyed he stood silently and looked at her with great intensity. Responding in kind, she merely nodded and moved toward the door of the master cabin. "When do you feel equal to that conversation Captain, let me know, will you?" Moving briskly, she closed the door, and with a beguiling smile, she headed downstairs. Remembering to close his mouth, Daniel Gregg allowed himself a quick moment of laughter, "And that's why I could never let her go." he muttered aloud. "That eternal give and take, the challenge she provides without hesitation, how could I not be in lov . ." He stopped at the crashing sound exploded through the window and the baseball sped through his head and on to her dresser.

Hearing the sound, Carolyn dashed out into the yard. 'Hardly romantic,' she thought to herself, 'but predictably part of family life, I wonder how he'll cope with this?' As she opened the door, and crossed over to the children, she allowed herself peek up at the balcony and wondered how their 'father' would cope with this part of being a parent.