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Chapter One

Kurt's just about to take a sip of his coffee when something in his periphery makes him turn. A boy sits in a booth with his friends, carrying on a conversation in very fluent sign language. There's a smirk on the boy's face as he goes through signing a description.

A description of a boy.

Kurt takes a drink of his coffee and watches, eavesdropping on the silent conversation.

The description of the boy gets expanded. The boy apparently has a white t-shirt, black vest, pale skin…

Kurt's eyes drop to his own outfit and he grins privately to himself. That boy is describing him. And he has no idea Kurt can understand.

The boy continues his description, but his explanation has moved beyond Kurt's dress, and Kurt nearly chokes on his coffee as the boy begins to describe the way Kurt was chewing on the cap of his pen earlier, and…oh…that's rude. The boy laughs as he compares the way Kurt had absently mouthed over the cap of his pen to something far less innocent.

As the boy continues with his analysis of Kurt's mouth, Kurt finally decides that he's had enough. He holds his hand in front of his face, palm toward the floor, and uses a flutter of his wrist to move his hand. The boy looks up when he catches the gesture, looking just a bit shocked that Kurt had known to use the motion to snag his attention.

Kurt smirks as he signs, "My mouth and I can understand everything you're saying."

A wide, unashamed smile touches the boy's face. "You and your mouth shouldn't have been watching the conversation then. You've heard the expression about eavesdroppers."

Kurt rolls his eyes. "Yes, but I don't think that applies in the case of borderline sexual harassment."

The boy laughs silently and excuses himself from his friends to saunter over to Kurt's table, looking cocky and not even the least bit ashamed for having been caught. He drops down across from Kurt and takes the pen from his hand, setting it in the crease of his textbook and closing the book.

God, could this guy be any cockier? Kurt somehow doubts it, but he's also intrigued. What kind of person gets caught graphically describing all the things they'd like to have someone's mouth do to them and then, without blushing, crosses the room to smugly begin a conversation.

"My name is Sebastian."

"Do you have a last name?" Kurt returns, because two can play the smug, cocky asshole game.

A wide smirk lifts the corner of Sebastian's mouth. "Maybe I'll tell you my last name when you tell me what your name is."


"Do you have a last name?" Sebastian mimics Kurt's facial expression before cracking himself up.

"Hummel," Kurt signs. "Kurt Hummel."

"Sebastian Smythe," Sebastian signs before sticking out his hand for Kurt to shake.

Kurt shakes his hand before picking his coffee cup back up and leaning back in his chair to take a drink.

"How do you know ASL? Are you Deaf?" Sebastian asks.

"My grandmother lost her hearing, and my mother thought it was important that we be able to communicate. I learned to sign at the same time I learned to talk," Kurt explains.

Sebastian nods and signs his understanding before adding, "Not many people in Lima know ASL," he points out. "Of course, I suppose it could be worse."

"It could be raining," Kurt adds, smirking at his reference.

Sebastian rolls his eyes. "Hitchcock references, really?"

"It's a classic," Kurt defends with a shrug. "And you got it right away, so don't pretend to be superior."

Sebastian rolls his eyes again, but there's a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Why am I talking to you?"

Kurt smiles and returns, "I could ask myself the same question." Kurt takes a drink of his coffee and watches Sebastian.

He may very well be the most smug, pain in the ass Kurt has ever met, but there's something about him that's engaging, and Kurt hates himself, but the thinks me might just have a little crush blooming on the cocky blond with striking green eyes.

Sebastian takes a drink of his own coffee and leans back. "You're going out with me this Friday night."

It's not a question. Kurt crosses his arms in front of his chest before freeing his hands and signing, "And why would I do that?"

"Because I'm charming and irresistible, of course," Sebastian answers with a flourish and a flutter of his eyelashes.

Kurt laughs. "Oh believe me, I can resist you just fine."

"No you can't." God, can someone be so cocky and condescending? "And when I pick you up at eight to take you out, you'll see that, as always, I'm right."

"You are ridiculous, Sebastian."

Sebastian smirks and yanks the pen out from in-between the pages of Kurt's textbook, effectively losing the page, and pulls Kurt's hand across the table, scrawling his phone number across the back of Kurt's hand in the blue ink.

He sticks the pen in his pocket and winks at Kurt. "Text me."

Kurt glares in pure amazement at the boy's audacity, and he shakes his head. "You are unbelievable."

"You have no idea." He punctuates the statement with another wink. "Goodbye, Kurt."

Kurt doesn't even have time to say goodbye. Sebastian is gone, striding confidently through the door of the Lima Bean. Kurt sits frozen, sure he's just encountered the most pompous asshole he'll ever meet in his life, but still…

He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his phone, adding Sebastian's number before writing:

To Sebastian Smythe: You'd better be paying for this date, because you've got a better chance of seeing God than having me drop a single dime on you.

It takes less than a minute before Kurt's phone buzzes on the table with the message:

From Sebastian Smythe: Don't worry, princess, I've got it. ;)

Kurt lets his phone drop to the table and rolls his eyes, sure he has absolutely no idea what he's just gotten himself into. He opens his textbook (after spending the better part of five minutes looking for where he was) and picks up his worksheet, reaching out to find his pen before lifting his head and glaring toward the door. The very same door that Sebastian had strode though after pocketing his damn pen.

Kurt's lips twitch up into a smile and he falls heavily against the back of his chair, shaking his head.

Son of a bitch.

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