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Chapter Nine

After two hours, six ignored text message, and three declined Skype calls, Kurt decides he's had enough. He grabs his keys and phone and climbs in his car, pointing it toward Westerville.

When he gets to the Smythe house, Sebastian's car is the only one in the driveway. He throws his own car into park and pulls out his phone.

To Sebastian Smythe: I'm outside.

He doesn't get an answer. It's clear that he's being ignored, but if he could just explain what happened... It was all a huge misunderstanding. The boy at the coffee shop means absolutely nothing and if Sebastian would stop being so damn unreasonable...

Kurt's fist bangs hard on the front door and he knows Sebastian knows he's here. He growls under his breath and pulls his phone back out, growing very, very tired of being ignored.

To Sebastian Smythe: I know you know I'm down here banging on the door, so why don't you just let me in the fucking house because it's cold and I need to talk to you!

It takes less than a minute before he gets a reply.

From Sebastian Smythe: Just go home, Kurt.

Kurt sets his jaw and sends back a single word: "No."

To Kurt's relief, he hears the quiet but definite sound of approaching footsteps trudging closer before the rattle of a chain lock being opened and the click of an unlocking deadbolt can be heard. Slowly, the door cracks open and Kurt pushes his way in.

When he's finally inside, his frustration boils over, barely waiting for Sebastian to turn and face him before asking, "What in the hell is wrong with you?"

Sebastian's jaw is tight as he tries and fails to look neutral. He crosses his arms and looks away, eyes suspiciously bright, and Kurt feels himself deflate as his anger leaves just as quickly as it came, replaced with worry and genuine compassion for the boy who usually looks so cocky and sure, the boy who now looks vulnerable and absolutely crushed.

Kurt can't help reaching out to rest a hand on Sebastian's cheek, a pang of grief stabbing in his chest with the green eyes that meet his own are shining with bitterly fought back tears.

"Please tell me what's wrong," he tries before starting to ramble. "That guy in the coffee shop was no one." Sebastian looks down so Kurt lifts his chin with a finger. "Baby, he was nobody. He was trying so hard that I almost felt sorry for him. He wanted to be this smooth player, but it was almost ridiculous."

He leads Sebastian to the couch and sits with him, taking his hands and pressing a kiss to his knuckles before pulling back and continuing. "I just kept thinking about how you just naturally areall of the things he was trying to be and how I wanted him to go away so I could be with you."

There's a tear sliding down Sebastian's cheek and Kurt thumbs it away, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "Why don't you tell me what's really going on?"

Sebastian's adam's apple bobs as he swallows thickly. "Did you know that all through elementary school, kids used to call me 'broken ears'?"

"Oh, sweetheart..." Kurt starts to comfort but has no idea how to finish. What could he even say to make that okay? He stops, letting the sentence trail off, struck by the sheer cruelty of kids.

"I used to pretend it didn't bother me, so I didn't tell anyone." He takes another breath and swallows convulsively. "But one Christmas when I was eight, I think, I was watching Rudolph with my mom and I couldn't stop crying because I knew how it felt to be one of the misfit toys that nobody wanted to play with, so I broke down and told my mom everything and she pulled me out of school and got me a tutor."

And Kurt's heart is absolutely, smashed-into-a-million-pieces broken. He wants to pull Sebastian into his arms and kiss him until he forgets any of that, but he can't. Because he can't move.

"After awhile, it got better," he continues, half listless. "I realized I wasn't broken or a freak, and most of the time, it's almost easy to forget that I'm not like everyone else." He pauses. "Until I'm reminded."

Kurt slides his thumb back and forth over Sebastian's knuckles for a moment to soothe before asking, "What reminded you?"

Sebastian lets out his breath in a huff, looking more frustrated than hurt. "That stupid guy from the coffee shop."

"I told you, he means nothing-"

He breaks off when Sebastian signs an irritated, "Exactly!" Kurt lets his own hands fall to his lap as the other boy continues in a rush. "So why should he get to hear your voice, your laugh, when I don't and I'm the one who's in love with you?"

They both freeze and Sebastian's eyes widen in shock. For an eternal moment, neither of them moves until finally, after a shaky breath, Kurt manages, "You're in love with me?"

Slow and nervous, Sebastian lifts his right and and signs, "Yes."

And all at once, the tears start. "Sebastian...I love you, too."

Sebastian visibly relaxes and Kurt throws himself forward to crash their lips together, framing the taller boy's face and kissing him, deep and claiming, until the urgency passes and the kiss turns softer, more languid and totally, shamelessly indulgent.

When Kurt pulls back, Sebastian's eyes are closed, his expression open and vulnerably young. Kurt strokes fingertips along his boyfriend's cheek until bright, green eyes flutter open to meet his own. "Baby, for all the time and effort you put into trying to be like everyone else, you don't succeed," he signs, his eyes threatening tears, and Sebastian waits, uncharacteristically patient and trusting, so Kurt continues. "Because you're not like everyone else. You're better." He darts a kiss to Sebastian's slightly parted lips. "And I know that you're well aware of that."

A watery smile that's almost his trademark smirk touches Sebastian's face. Kurt's heart skips a beat and he just has to kiss him again before continuing. "People hear my voice all the time, but no one ever really hears me. No one really wants to. Except you. You're the only person in my life who really gets me, Sebastian, so the next time you feel insecure about not being able to hear me, just remember that you're the only one who actually does."

His answer comes in the form of a desperate whine seconds before an equally desperate kiss is crushed to his lips and he's being pinned to the couch cushions. It's primal instinct that causes Kurt's frantic bid to divest Sebastian of his clothes before letting the same be done to himself until they're rutting together, sweat slick and needy, on the couch.

Every whine and whimper that falls from Sebastian's lips is almost too loud in the charged silence and has Kurt's body trembling as each sound goes straight to his already aching cock.

Unwilling to move his hands from the firm, pert swell of Sebastian's ass, he pushes down, grinding Sebastian's hips and cock against his own. He meets the other boy's gaze and says, "I want you to fuck me, Sebastian."

Judging by the full-body shudder that ripples through Sebastian and the searing kiss that follows, the message was received.

With a parting kiss, Sebastian rolls to the side and slides open one of the drawers under the coffee table to retrieve a small bottle of lube and a condom. Kurt raises a judgmental eyebrow only to receive a sparkling-eyed smirk and a "Don't ask."

Kurt loses himself to lips on his body and ohmygodrightthere fingers inside him until he's panting and gasping for Sebastian to please just fuck him already. So, Sebastian doesn't waste any time covering and slicking his cock before stretching over Kurt and kissing him full and deep. He drops his head into the crook of Kurt's neck, mouthing silent words against his skin before pressing a kiss to the blessed flesh.

His lips trail up and over Kurt's jaw before kissing his lips, hand coming to rest lightly over Kurt's throat to feel the vibrations of the whines falling from Kurt's parted lips. It's short, stilted, and a bit too loud, but Sebastian meets his eyes and asks aloud, "Ready?"

The rush of endearing adoration rushes through Kurt's body, catching him by surprise, and he's smiling as he wraps his hand around the back of Sebastian's neck and hauls him down for a kiss.

He gasps against Sebastian's lips and swallows down the high groan from the other boy as he feels him slide in, filling Kurt to the hilt in one fluid roll of his hips. A little rough, but god, so perfect. His fingernails bite little crescents into the wing of Sebastian's shoulder as he gives himself over to him, letting the other boy kiss and touch and just take until he's left trembling, strung tighter than a bow, beneath Sebastian's body.

Deep, slow strokes claiming and filling him so perfectly he can barely breathe with it and fast, jerky thrusts that jolt his every nerve into full awareness until he's left crying out and clinging to Sebastian's overheated body like it's the only thing keeping him tethered to gravity.

It just might be.

And when he comes, hard and untouched between their stomachs, he wraps his legs tight around Sebastian's waist, heels digging into the fleshyperfect swell of his ass, and draws him in as deep as he can go, and with a wordless shout and a string of whimpering gasps, Sebastian comes too, pulsing his release into the condom deep inside his body before collapsing ungracefully on top of Kurt and pressing adoring kisses to whatever fevered skin he can reach.

Kurt runs his fingers through sweat-damp sandy blond hair as he floats on how truly sated and loved he feels. They drift together for a few immeasurable minutes before Kurt kisses Sebastian on the temple and prompts him to look up.

"You're so beautiful," Sebastian signs. He kisses Kurt's lips. "So perfect."

Kurt beams with the praise. "I love you."

"I love you, too." There's a warm smile on Sebastian's face as he leans down to kiss his love.


They lay entwined, kissing and breathing out contented sighs, until warm afterglow turns into wet, sticky, and gross and Sebastian chases Kurt to the shower and holds him tightly under the spray, pressing loving kisses to his hair, cheeks, and lips. Kurt has Sebastian all but purring under his hands as he massages the soap out of his hair. He shuts off the water and grabs them both a towel.

Sebastian disappears through the door into his attached bedroom and by the time Kurt finishes messily styling his wet hair in the mirror and leaves the en suite, Sebastian already has on a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and is shrugging into a tank top. There's a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt laid out on the bed, presumably for Kurt.

"What's wrong with my clothes?" Kurt asks, and Sebastian smirks.

"Because we're going to take a nap and I'm not cuddling with you if you're wearing jeans." It's blatant flirting and Kurt flushes as he folds the jeans in his hand and sets them neatly on the dresser before climbing in bed and resting his head on his boyfriend's chest. He feels lips press against the top of his head and closes his eyes, wrapped up safely in the arms of the only boy who has ever heard him.

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