In an enormous castle in Wales, inside a brightly lit hall, stood 4 young teens in front of a Podium. Behind this podium was a tall bearded man clutching a scroll of parchment with the names of the four people stood parallel to him. Slowly, with his booming voice, he began to read them aloud.

On the far end of the line, a red headed teen stood proudly awaiting his name to be called, but as proud as he felt, he could not help but feel awed in the presence of the massive man in front. The man stood a head taller than him, with a long flowing white beard and white hair that was just as long. Clad in a tanned robe, the man continued to boom out names.

"Negi Springfield!" Negi grinned and stepped up the podium to collect his diploma, the old man gave him a faint smile before handing it over.

"Thank you Grandfather." he stepped off the podium and rejoined his classmates to wait for the graduation speech.

"You have all done well over the last few years! But now is where your true training begins. You will all retreat to your dormitories and open your diploma, only then will it reveal your final assignment!" he finished and clapped his hands together loudly signifying the ceremony was over.

All students left the hall in an orderly fashion before breaking loose 7 hells in order to flock to the graduates. After battling with other student for 15 minutes, Negi finally made it to the dormitory hall. It was a moderately sized hall outfitted with several red lounge suites, long wooden tables and a fireplace in the middle of the room. It was the hub for all last year students to relax after a long day or just to meet up with each other. Not long after sitting down, he saw his best friend Anya Cocolova, and his sister Nekane Springfield enter the Hall.

"Negster! Have you opened yours yet?!" Anya pounced onto him from behind the couch and grabbed his cheeks in a playful fashion.

"Leh me gfo!" Negi swatted her hands away and rubbed his face. "No, not yet. Want to do it together?" He gestured to his still rolled scroll on the table and again to the one in her hands. Anya flushed red and nodded quickly before placing her finger on the Meridiana Wax Seal, Negi doing the same.

"OPEN!" they both exclaimed simultaneously. The seal disappeared instantly and the scroll unbinded itself, rolling open in their hands. Negi scratched his head in wonder.

"Mines blank?" He flipped the scroll over, and looked for any kind of writing. "There's nothing on it?" Before he could question any longer Anya tackled him off the Sofa.

"I'm to be a Fortune Teller in LONDON!" Anya exclaimed happily and squeezed at Negi's midsection. "Isn't that exciting!?" Negi sat up straight and returned to his scroll, still looking for any kind of writing. Suddenly it flashed blue and the words began to appear.

"S...schoo...School Teacher?" The scroll finished its reveal and almost caused Negi to have a heart attack. "School Teacher in Japan...?"

"What was that Brother?" Nekane took the scroll from her brothers hands before promptly passing out.

"Headmaster!" Anya burst into the Headmasters Study like a flurry of dancing flames. "What is the meaning of this?!"

The headmasters raised eyebrow gestured Anya to continue. The pulled the scroll from her sleeve pocket and slapped it on his desk.

"What seems to be the problem Miss Cocolova?" He picked up the scroll and studied it before laughing. "Who would have guessed, he'd get sent to Mahora!" The old man almost doubled over in laughter at this point.

"What is funny about this headmaster!? Negi is useless on his own, he's a total air head when it comes to Theory! How could he possibly teach magic in-"

"He wont be teaching magic Miss Cocolova." The headmaster interrupted regaining his posture and adjusting himself in his chair. "He will be teaching English. Besides, he will be well in care. I have many friends in Mahora."

Anya's shoulders sagged and her head dropped, defeated, excused herself from the Headmasters Study and left.

The large backpack straps dug into the red-head's shoulders as he stepped off the train to Mahora. 'One foot in front of the other Negi' he thought to himself. The anxiety was getting to him already and he hadn't even started teaching yet.

He wore a Black long-coat over his white business shirt and his tight fitting black slacks, His staff and sword strung onto his backpack along with his grey cloak. He sighed loudly and took his first step towards the Middle School Area with every intention of making his first day as punctual as possible. As he approached the main building, his nervousness seemed to fade away into determination. "Honestly, how bad could it be?" Not realising he had said it out loud.

"You'd be surprised." Negi spun on his heels to find the source of the comment. Greeted by the smile of an old friend, Negi grinned uncontrollably.

"Takamichi, boy have I missed you." Takamichi Takahata grinned back and adjusted his glasses.

"You've grown Negi, not just in height either. I can feel your Energies. You might even hold your own in a fight with me now." He winked and turned to walk away. "Gotta Smoke!" Negi shook his head and kept walking up the steps with new-found confidence.

Eventually he found himself at the door to the Dean's Office, knocking carefully and straightening himself out, he opened the door slowly to reveal an old Japanese man clipping his toenails behind the desk. The old man looked up from his business and began to laugh.

"Ohohoho- Negi-kun! I'm sorry to have not greeted you earlier, but I was...engaged in a previous arrangement." His eyes gestured to his toes before returning his gaze to the red-head. "I believe you're here to take over Takahata-Sensei's English class?" Negi nodded back in agreement. "Since your train was late, we don't have time to sort out your sleeping arrangements right now, but I will send Takahata-sensei to retrieve you when I am free. Your class is on the 2nd floor, Room A. Good Luck Negi-sensei." Negi turned towards the door and began to walk. "Oh, before you go Negi. You are aware of the circumstances if anyone finds out about your magical nature I take it?" Negi's chaste nod and smile was all the dean needed before sending him off to his day.

The walk was a quick jog down the stairs and just a moments walk down the hallway. He could hear the noise coming from inside to be quite rowdy, almost expectant. Guessing they had prepared a surprise for him in the form of some kind of trap, he clutched the handle for the door and pushed the door aside with an audible 'Shhht' noise. The eraser fell in front of him by a hair and clattered to the floor, as he bent down to pick it up he also noticed the tripwire set-up. Curiosity getting the better of him, he flicked the wire to set it off, almost instantly a bucket of water splashed and clattered to the floor while a small handful of sucker darts flew and stuck to the chalkboard.

"Well, that's interesting." Negi stood up and walked slowly to the teachers podium, grabbing a piece of chalk and writing his name on the board. "I'm Negi Springfield, I'll be you're homeroom and English teacher for a while. I hope to get to know you all rather well."

It was only a short moment before the class erupted into cheers of joy or questions being thrown from every corner of the room. Not long after he was being swamped by a rampant horde of girls, although if it were any other time, this would have been fine. But as a teacher, he decided not to embellish in this attention from the opposite sex.

"Enough! Enough! Back to your seats please!" His voice boomed over the classroom, resulting in a rush of people scampering back to their seats. "Now, to answer some of your questions. Yes, I am young, only a few years your senior. No, I am not looking for a girlfriend. Yes, I am qualified to be your teacher." He picked up a small text book and opened it, before writing the page number on the chalk board under his name. The class got the message pretty quickly and opened their own books to the signified page.

Class went much faster than expected, some of the girls even behaved themselves after his outburst in the beginning. He took this downtime to relax by the School courtyard without worry, it was too late for anyone to be around the school building, he could completely lax out without being swamped by teenage girls. He opened the moderately sized black notebook he found in his desk, and took a peek; inside was a complete class roster of his class 2-A, even with small notes from Takamichi about every one of them. He reached down beside him and clutched his staff, rubbing his thumb against it affectionately, recalling the events before he acquired it.


A 6 year old Negi ran full speed through his burning home town, his whole being was focused on finding his sister. Demons, who would have thought Demons would attack such a small backwater Welsh village. Screams of the villagers were filling his ears, making it harder and harder to stay focused on the task at hand. His feet slid to a halt as his heart broke. His sister lay motionless on the cold snow. Petrification. So far only her left arm had been turned but it was spreading fast and Negi's knowledge of magic was severely lacking. Dropping to his knees and clutching his sister's un-petrified hand, he began to cry, so engrossed in his emotions he failed to notice the horde of demons surrounding them. Before he notices their presence however, they all disintegrate simultaneously. Negi stands shakily and grips his wand tight, a figure approaches slowly, carrying a tall lightning shaped Staff with a single ribbon tied at the neck.

"Negi, my how you've grown..." the stranger begins. "I'm sorry I was never here for you." he holds out his staff to Negi, gesturing to take it. "One day, when you are like me, seek me out."

end Flashback

Negi's reminiscing comes to an immediate close as he hears a voice approaching, twisting his head around to look at the high stone steps leading up to the main building. He spots a familiar face, he picks up the notebook he had tossed atop his backpack and looks inside.

"Number 27, Nodoka Miyazaki, Honorary librarian, Library Committee and part of the Library Club. Very much a bookworm." He chuckles to himself as his gaze returns to the girl atop the stairs. She seemed to be struggling with a large pile of books, to the point where it was affecting her balance. "If she's going to try and walk down those steps, she might need a ha-" He spoke too soon as she lost her footing on the 4th step and toppled over the side. Negi, already on his feet, grabbed his staff and cleared his mind. Incanting a short wind spell in his head, the cloth obscuring his staff unfurls and Nodoka is momentarily suspended. "Acceleret." He pushes off the ground, closing the gap between them faster than gravity is between her and the concrete. Just before he catches her he tosses his staff aside and holds his arms out in front of him ready to scoop her from gravity's hands.

Her eyes wide, obviously panicking, her messy blue hair hung out of her face for but a moment before Negi placed her softly on the ground.

"Shit." He swore in English, mainly so he could continue his façade of being a respectable English gentleman. Now was the time to mentally punch himself repeatedly in the face for such a public display of Magic. "Um.. Miyazaki-san?" Her eyes still plastered to him, she nodded quickly and shakily. ""

"W-what... are y-you?"