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A/N: This fic is where Kuroko and the rest are kids, all except Momoi, Riko, and Hyuuga. There would be some fluff but nothing sexual and there's not much cursing or swearing. This is how I picture Kuroko meeting his GOM friends and others as well... It's fanfiction, anything is possible...except owning the anime.

Dear Diary-kun,

Okaasan told me I should make new friends...but I am too shy and I'd rather read books. Otousan said I should go to school. He told me that school was a fun place. Okaasan made a happy face and I thought I could see sparkles around her. She held my hand and my otousan gave me a thumbs-up. I do not know what was happening, but I got a bad feeling...

Diary-kun, I just want to stay at home...


Kuroko Tetsuya walked hand in hand with his mother towards the cutely decorated entrance of his new kindergarten at Teikou. Today was his first day of school. His mother thought that keeping him indoors all the time was very unhealthy for a growing child like Tetsuya and she wanted him to make friends his age. Her little Tetchan was always indoors, reading books all day long. There was no problem raising him: he was respectful, kind, and considerate. Sometimes she felt guilty, always failing to notice his son whenever she calls for him and he was only right there beside her all along. Sometimes her husband would get startled whenever he hears the boy's voice, asking to play catch with him. She often thought that she gave birth to a ghost, but nonetheless, she loves her little Tetchan very much and she would do anything to make him happy.

"Oh hello, I'm Ms. Momoi Satsuki! Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kuroko and who do we have here?" A young woman with long pink hair wearing a peach apron asked as she eyed the little boy. Young Kuroko just looked at the floor, a little shy since everything looks so new to him. His mother gave him a gentle pat on the back to encourage him. Kuroko looked as his mother and nodded.

"Hello. I'm Kuroko Tetsuya. It is a pleasure to meet you, sensei." Kuroko answered as he bowed his head. His mother smiled, patted his head, and gave him a thumbs-up. Kuroko smiled back at his mother, happy that he said it so well.

"WAAAAA~ He's sooo cute and very polite! Thank you for coming to school Kuroko-kun~ Ah, can I call you Tetsu-kun? Aaaaaaw you're so adorable!" The young teacher squealed as she hugged the boy and rubbed her cheek against his face. Kuroko blushed a bit, feeling embarrassed to receive this much attention. He wriggled his way out of the affectionate teacher, and hid behind his mother. Momoi just squealed some more.

"I'll be leaving for work now. Tetchan, have fun in school okay? I'll leave him in your hands, Ms. Momoi." Kuroko's mother said as she gave her little Tetchan a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye. Kuroko held his mother's shirt and looked at her. His mother just patted his head.

'It's okay Tetchan, I'll be back for you after school. Be brave and just have fun okay?'She walked towards her car and drove away, leaving Kuroko under Momoi's care on his first day of school.


"Alright class! We have a new student today! Please be good and play nice with him alright? Okay, Kuroko-kun, please introduce yourself to the class. Don't be shy." Momoi said as she patted Kuroko's back. Kuroko nervously looked at the children in front of him and gulped. He was not used to seeing many people and of course him getting all the attention. He wished he was at home right now, reading his favorite book.

"Momoicchi! Why is he very quiet?" A blond boy asked as he waved his hand. "Did he swallow something bad? Did his voice box broken? And why does he look so white? Is he a ghost?!"

"Don't ask dumb questions, dummy Kise. It's obviously because he doesn't have a lucky item. His luck maybe bad today." A green-haired boy with glasses said as he held a green frog plushie.

"So mean!" The blonde boy whined as he gave a huge pout. The girls in the class just giggled at how cute the blonde boy was as he pouted.

"He looks like a big marshmallow…Sensei, can we have snacks now?" A purple haired boy asked as he ate his lollipop. "Can I eat him instead?"

"He looks like a girl…and looks kinda small and weak." A dark haired boy commented, as he eyed Kuroko with fierce almond shaped eyes. "It's hard to see him too..."

"Now, now children. Be nice to Tetsu-kun! He's just shy." Momoi defended. She patted Kuroko's head as encouragement. She noticed that Kuroko's face showed no sign of embarrassment or irritation as the other kids were asking questions and making somewhat insulting comments.

"Ano…I am Kuroko Tetsuya. I am 4 years old…Nice to meet you all." Kuroko finally said as he bowed his head. The other children kept quiet and eyed him for a few seconds before going back to making noise.

"Wonderful Tetsu-kun! You did well!" Momoi said as she hugged him. Kuroko still kept his poker face, despite the embarrassment he felt.

"Alright class! Let's welcome Tetsu-kun!" Everyone gave a round of welcoming applause for their new classmate. Kuroko smiled and nodded. He felt really shy around new people and wondered if he will survive his first day of school.

"Sensei, let him sit beside me." A red haired boy with heterochromatic eyes offered, as he cuts bits of paper on his desk with a red scissor. Kuroko felt a small chill. 'He looks…dangerous' he thought. His face showed no hint of fear, but on the inside he felt a bit scared to sit beside that boy.

"How nice of you, Akashi-kun! Alright Tetsu-kun, please take a seat beside Akashi-kun. Isn't it nice that you've made a new friend?" Momoi said with a huge smile on her face. Kuroko felt a sweat drop as he sat beside the red haired boy who gave a small sinister small as he snipped the pieces of paper. 'The boy named Akashi-kun looks very…scary'

"Okay everyone! It's almost time for recess. Grab your lunch boxes and let's head outside." Momoi announced. The purple haired boy who sat two tables across Kuroko shouted for joy at the mention of recess. Kuroko sighed.

'I hope that my first day…will be a good one.'


Diary-kun...there are alot of scary people at school... I hope I make it back home safely...

Kuroko Tetsuya

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