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Dear Diary-kun,

It is dark and scary...if only that cat grab my basket away….I….I want my Nigou back…I don't know where I am….I'm….scared…I hope my friends find me soon….


It was almost a quarter to 12 at midnight and Kuroko was nowhere to be found. Himuro started to worry more and more. He made sure that while they were looking for Kuroko, he kept an eye out for the other children as well.

"KUROKOCCHI! KUROKOCCHI! WHERE ARE YOU!" Kise shouted as he ran to and fro from every bush they passed by.

"Kuro-chin….this game isn't fun anymore…come out, come out wherever you are…" Murasakibara called as he looked around the trees and under rocks.

"Dummy Murasapibawa. Kuroko isn't hiding under rocks, he's too big for that." Midorima scolded. He held on to his goody basket as he looked around bushes as well.

"Aaaargh….Tetsu! Why did you even run off like that?! This is haaaard…." Aomine complained. He was also very worried. He kept on running around bushes around the house in search of his friend. Himuro looked around and started to do a head count. So Murasakibara is over by the 2nd bush they passed by, Midorima is right behind him, Aomine is around the big rock beside the bush where Murasakibara is and Kagami is right beside him. Kise is by his left side, shouting at the top of his lungs for Kuroko. Akashi…wait…where is Akashi?

"Has anyone seen Akashi?" Himuro asked as he got more and more anxious.

"Akachin? I thought he was right behind me…" Murasakibara answered as he opened a lollipop.

"Oh no! Not Akashicchi too!" Kise cried. "We have to find them quick!"

"That crazy redhead…now he got lost too. How big is this crazy house?!" Kagami shouted, irritation building up.

"Aaaaaargh! TETSUUUUUU! WHERE ARE YOOOOOOU!?" Aomine shouted. 'That idiot…running off like that and worrying everyone…what was he thinking!?'

"We have to look for them soon…otousan will be mad if I don't get home by 1." Midorima said as he scouted around the bush with his plastic ray gun.

"Ok everyone. We just have to look harder. I hope we find them…I hope they're alright…" Himuro sighed.


'Where…am I?' Kuroko thought as he searched for his beloved plush. He has no idea where he is. All he remembers is running after a black cat to who-knows-where. It is dark…very very dark. Kuroko never liked the darkness. His breathing doubled and he was beginning to be sweating under his blanket-ghost costume. "Nigou! Niiiiigooooou! Where are you? Please….answer meeee…" Kuroko shouted as he looked for him. He walked around the corner of the house. It was eerily quiet. Kuroko felt scared…very scared. A loud noise was heard behind the crates at the corner of the house.

"Uwaaaa! W-who's there?" Kuroko cried. His body froze in place. He was really frightened by the loud noise. "N-nigou? Aomine-k-kun? K-kise-kun? K-kagami-kun? Anyone?" Kuroko whispered as he took small steps towards the crates. Suddenly, another loud noise was heard…

"MRAAAAAAAOW…" the eerie sound of a cat is heard by the crates.

"U-uwaaah….please don't hurt me…" little Kuroko whispered as he closed in towards the crates. He gulped as he looked behind the large wooden crate at the corner of the house. All of his fears were washed out as he saw his beloved Nigou, sitting on top of a pile of hay. "N-Nigooooou!" Kuroko shouted as he rushed and hugged his dog plush. "I thought I would never see you again…don't you ever leave me again…" Kuroko said as he cried onto his plushed friend. As he was rejoicing seeing his Nigou, a black cat jumped in front of him with glowing green eyes and it hissed at him.

"Oh no…" Kuroko squeaked as he held on tightly to Nigou. "Somebody…please…help…I don't…want…to… be…alone…" he cried. Just as the cat closed in on him, a pair of scissors landed in front of the cat, scaring it away.

"You dare scare my Tetsuya, cat? You shall pay." A red headed boy snarled as he picked up his scissors. Kuroko looked up and was so relieved to see Akashi with his scissors. It could be the first time he wanted him to hold those scissors too.

"A-Akashi…kun…how'd you find me?" Kuroko asked inbetween sniffles. Akashi just smirked at him and helped him up.

"I just followed your crying Tetsuya…you should run away like that. We were looking for you." Akashi said as he dusted off his cape and fixed his fangs.

"Thank you…Akashi-kun…you saved me." Kuroko said gratefully as he gave a warm smile. Akashi saw this and pink rushed to his cheeks.

"It…was nothing. I'm still mad at you since we're behind collecting candy!" Akashi pouted as he tried to hide his reddish face behind his cape.

"KUROKOCCHI! YOU'RE OKAAAAY!" the shout of Kise can be heard and Kuroko was suddenly tackled to the ground with a very relieved Kise, hugging the life out of his friend. "I thought you'd be gone forever! Don't do that to us ever again!"

"Tetsu! You're okay! Oi, Kise! Get off him!" Aomine shouted as he pulled Kuroko out of Kise's super hug. "Noooo! I want to hug Kurokocchi mooore! I know he was super scared!" Kise argued as he continued to hug Kuroko.

"Kuroko! You're okay!" Kagami said as he patted Kuroko's shoulder. "It's a good thing that dog plush is safe too. You idiot! Why'd you run off like that! Geez!"

"It's good you're okay Kuroko. Now we can get more candy as planned and my otousan won't be mad. I knew Oha-asa was right about the green candy." Midorima said as he smiled out of relief.

"Were you hurt Kuro-chin? Want to have my lollipop?" Murasakibara said as he ruffled Kuroko's head and gave him a pink swirly lollipop.

"Thank goodness you're alright. And it's a good thing we found Akashi too. Don't run off like that again Kuroko. You sure gave me a scare. Haha…my first scare this Halloween." Himuro chuckled. He was so relieved to find Kuroko and Akashi safe.

"I'm glad…you've found me." Kuroko sighed happily. He was so glad to have friends like them. 'I'm so glad I'm not alone anymore…'

"What's going on out here?" A tall figure, all bloodied and holding a knife came out from the back door of the house. It walked closer and closer to them, with a huge grin on its face.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" The children screamed as they hugged each other in fear.

"Riko. What're you doing out there? Help me out with the candies will you?" A black coated figure spoke as it was carrying a huge scythe. The children continued to bawl in fear.

"Oh. It's just our students going for trick or treat. Haha, sorry for scaring you, would you kids like some candy?" Riko smiled as she held out a bag of candy. Kuroko and the other stopped screaming and crying as they looked at her closer.

"Rikocchi! You scared us! I'll take all of your candy. Such a meanie…" Kise pouted as he got the bag from Riko.

"Riko-sensei that costume…uh…I wasn't scared or anything, just surprised." Kagami said as he straightened up and got his share of candy.

"Yeah right Bakagami. You were as scared as a sissy! I wasn't scared of her at all!" Aomine said proudly as he also picked out caramel candies from the bag.

"What chu say Ahomine?! You're more scared than I am crying like a baby!" Kagami argued. The two began to pinch each other's cheeks and flick each other's foreheads in agitation.

"Those are great costumes Riko-san and Hyuuga-san. I liked what you've done to the house too. It's really scary." Kimuro complimented.

"Oha-asa…did not tell me anything about this...well, it's not that I was scared or anything…I'll just take the green candies please." Midorima said as he fixed his glasses.

"Riko-chin…do you have more marshmallows?" Murasakibara asked as he dug into the candy filled bag.

"I get most of the candies since I'm the one that saved Tetsuya." Akashi said as he grabbed the bag of candies.

"No fair Akashicchi! We saved him too!" Kise whined as he tried to grab back the bag of candies.

Kuroko was looking at them having fun with their bag of goodies and costumes. He was just very happy to have his Nigou again and that he is loved by his friends.


Diary-kun…I'm so happy to have friends that save me…I'm glad I'm not alone anymore. I wish that we'd be together like this everyday…Halloween is scary….but not if you're with great friends

Kuroko Tetsuya

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