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Dear Diary-kun,

Today is Hamoween. Otousan told me that there would be ghosts and scary stuff around the neighborhood because it's Hamoween. Okaasan told me that the best part is going to our neighbors' house and ask "Tweak or Tweat?" and they'll give us candy. This would be my first Hamoween. I hope Nigou isn't scared of ghosts like I am…I'm scared of the dark too…I hope Hamoween ends real early…


"Tetchan, come over here." Kuroko's mother called for him as she was carrying an orange box. Kuroko closed his book of pumpkin carvings and headed towards the living room. His father was currently carving on a pumpkin. Kuroko picked that pumpkin himself when they went out shopping. Kuroko's father carved ears and a face with a toothy grin on it. Kuroko's mother waved her hand, telling him to come sit beside her.

"Tetchan, look what I made for you! This would be your costume for trick or treating!" Kuroko's mother told him excitingly. She opened the box to reveal a glimmering blue dress with a tiara, complete with fairy wings. Kuroko face palmed and started to turn red in embarrassment.

"Okaasan…I don't think-"

"Teeeetchan~ Try it on for me pretty please?" his mother asked as she batted her eyelashes. Kuroko sighed in defeat. Well….if it makes Okaasan happy…

Kuroko wore the glimmering dress and the wings. Truth be told, he looked very cute in it. His mother started squealing and hugging him tightly, much to Kuroko's discomfort.

"Aaaaaw my little Tetchan looks so pretty in that dress! Wait, let me get the camera!" Kuroko's mother dashed to her room. Kuroko sat on the couch and sighed some more. He patted his dog plush on the head.

"Nigou…you don't really think I'm a girl right?" he asked his plush once again.

"Honey! There's a fairy in the room! Are the trick-or-treaters here early?" His father shouted as he eyed Kuroko.

"Darling, that's Tetchan! I made that costume for him!" his mother shouted back as she rushed back in the living room with the camera.

"What?! Tetsuya?! Honey…I thought I told you that he should wear boy clothes! Come over here Tetsuya, I've bought a costume for you." His father told him. His mother pouted at her husband and gave a little huff.

"Darling…I want Tetchan to wear what I made. You have to admit, he looks very precious in those glimmering wings." She told him as she pinched Kuroko's cheeks. She looked at her husband with a pouting face.

"But honey, what if his friends come over and look for him? I don't want Tetsuya to be made fun of." He told her in a serious tone.

"Oh, you have a point darling. Aw….but I want him to wear this. Such a pity…" Kuroko was relieved to hear that he did not have to wear the dress. His father gave him a wink and a thumbs-up. He then proceeded to get another costume in his room. Before Kuroko could remove his wings, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." His mother answered the door. Kuroko was surprised to see his friends coming over so early. He panicked a little. Oh no…what if they see me like this?!

"Hello Kurokocchi's mommy! We're here to get Kurokocchi!" Kise said as he jumped up and down. He was wearing a white bunny suit.

"Aaaaw how cute! Are you one of Tetchan's friends? Oh, what are you supposed to be?" Kuroko's mother asked as she patted Kise's head.

"I'm the white rabbit! It's the bunny from Alice in Wonderland, from a book my mommy read to me." Kise said proudly.

"Enough with the showing-off, Ryouta. Kuroko's mom, is Tetsuya here?" Akashi asked her in a serious voice. He is wearing a black suit with a white frilly undershirt and a red cape. He has little fangs sticking out from his mouth as he frowned, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Ah, I'll go get him. Please come in awhile, little darlings." Akashi and the others bowed before entering the house. Kuroko's mother walked into the living room to look for her Tetchan.

"Woah…Tetsu's place is huge!" Aomine exclaimed. He was wearing a small basketball jersey and has a little knife sticking out from his head. He has fake blood on the side of his head, complete with drawn stitches across his face.

"Don't be too noisy, Ahomine." Midorima said sternly. He was wearing glasses with spiral lenses and is in a yellow frog costume. He has a yellow ray gun on his hand and a pumpkin basket on the other.

"I hope Kuro-chin gets here quick…the candies are waiting for me…" Murasakibara said as he munched on a pocky stick. His costume is a huge…potato chip bag.

Kuroko hid under the table in the living room. His friends are really early and he was still in a fairy costume. This would be really embarrassing for him. He just hoped that his mother wouldn't look under the table.

"Tetchan~ your friends are here! Huh? Tetchan where are you?" his mother called. Kuroko made a small 'shhh' sound to his plush as he crouched perfectly still. Kuroko's mother paced around the living room. Unfortunately for Kuroko, she spotted a piece of his dress peeking out of the table.

"Tetchan! This isn't time for hide-and-seek! Now go be a good boy and meet with your friends!" Kuroko's mother said as she peeked under the table. Kuroko shook his head and hid his face behind Nigou's. Kuroko's mother sighed and picked him up from under the table. Kuroko wanted to just disappear. Kuroko's mother carried him to where his friends are. Kuroko buried his face on his mother's chest, hiding the ever growing blush spreading across his cheeks.

"Is that…..?" Aomine pointed at Kuroko. The others were staring at him. Kuroko wished they would just go away. He really isn't used to too much attention.

"Neh neh, does Kurokocchi have a sister? She looks cuter than him!" Kise shouted ecstatically.

"T-Tetsu has a sister?! How come he doesn't tell me about it?! I thought we were best buds!" Aomine grunted as he folded his arms.

"Huh…that costume does look a bit…cute. I agree with Ryouta and Daiki, Tetsuya didn't tell us he has a sister." Akashi said as he eyed Kuroko, a glint of interest in his eyes.

"Is that the toothfairy? I know I eat a lot of sweets and I hope she won't be mad at me…" Murasakibara commented.

"Huh…Kuroko didn't tell us about him having a sister. I hope she's a Scorpio or maybe a Fishies." Midorima said as he pushed up his glasses.

"Huh? Oh no, no! Tetchan does not have a sister! Although my darling and I am planning to have another…" Kuroko's mother told them with a smile. She placed her little boy down and patted him on the head. Kuroko held onto her skirt and hid his reddish face.

"Haaaaa?! Then that's….TETSU?!" Aomine shouted as he pointed at his friend, shocked to see him in such a costume. "Tetsu…what…huh…why…that…the dress…and…you look so…."

"Kurokocchi?! Is that really you?!" Kise asked as he rushed beside him and rubbed his cheeks against Kuroko's. "Uwaaaah~ You look so cute! Almost as cute as I am! Kurokocchi looks so pretty!"

"K-Kuroko?! Why did you pick such a costume for Hamoreen?" Midorima asked, also a bit stunned to find out that it really is Kuroko in a dress. "Well, it does suit you. N-Not that I like your costume or anything!"

"Tetsuya?" Akashi gave an amused chuckle. "Well, you look very…nice. The thing on your head looks really shiny."

"Kuro-chin? Wow…now you look like a sugar cookie." Murasakibara commented as he placed his finger to his lip. "I wonder if you taste like one…"

"Please don't…" Kuroko said shyly as he tried to wriggle out of Kise's super hug. His mother just laughed, delighted that his friends like his costume.

"Neeeeh~ Kurokocchi's mommy, can I marry Kurokocchi?" Kise asked innocently, still hugging his friend.

"HUUUUUUUUH?! NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY! I thought I told you I was gonna marry him!" Aomine argued as he grabbed Kuroko's arm. Kuroko's mother just gave an awkward smile. 'Don't worry about it…they're just kids…they don't know what they're saying…' She gave a nervous laugh.

The children began to argue about who is going to marry Kuroko. Akashi threatened to bite Kise and Aomine's head off. Murasakibara was deep in thought on the possibility of Kuroko tasting like a sugar cookie. Aomine poking Kise's forehead in annoyance and Kise still clinging on to his beloved Kurokocchi. Midorima just stood silently, glaring at his friends all the while. Kuroko on the other hand, was still trying to hide behind his mother. Another doorbell rang and Kuroko's mother immediately answered it.

"A-ah…G-Good evening ma'am. Is this where…Kuroko lives?" A red headed boy asked. He was wearing a tiger costume and is accompanied by a taller male wearing Frankenstein make-up and a bolt through his neck.

"Good evening, is Kuroko-kun here? I'm just going to leave my brother with him to trick-or-treat." The taller boy said politely.

"Ah, you're friends of Tetchan? Welcome, welcome~ Please do come in." Kuroko's mother invited with a huge smile on her face. Kuroko peeked behind her and nodded his head in greeting. The red headed tiger looked at him and felt his face a few degrees hotter. His companion smiled and nodded back at him.

"Hello, Kagami-kun and Himuro-niisan."

"K-Kuroko right? A-ah…is that your costume? You look really…pretty…GAH! But why're you wearing such a…girly costume?!" Kagami said as he pointed at him. Himuro gave a huge grin and patted Kuroko's head.

"Kuroko, I like your costume. You look adorable." Himuro told him. Kagami just looked at his brother in disbelief. 'Himuro thinks he's a girl!'

"Ano….thank you." Kuroko answered shyly. "But…I'm not going to wear this outside…"

"Ah! It's Kagamicchi!" Kise shouted as he ran towards him. "Oh! You really did go as a tiger! See, see, I told you guys!"

"He looks like a dumb kitty cat." Aomine said as he glared at him.

"What did you say pea-for-brains?!" Kagami retorted, grinding his teeth in irritation.

"Tetchan, I got your costume!" Kuroko's father came in the living room holding up a white sheet. Kuroko looked at the sheet, curious as to what he'll look like when he wears it. 'How does a blankie…be a costume?'

"Darling, don't tell me you'll just cover him with the table cloth?" Kuroko's mother asked with her brow arched. Kuroko's father just laughed and did indeed place the cloth on Kuroko. The wings made a bump in the cloth and made it look like it has arms that are raised. The sheet already has eye holes in them.

"Aaaw…I wanted Kurokocchi to be a fairy…" Kise said dejectedly. "But, he looks okay as a blankie too."

"He's not a blanket dummy Kise. He's a ghost." Midorima corrected him.

"G-Ghost? I ain't scared of ghosts!" Aomine declared as he puffed out his chest. Kagami snorted. 'Yeah right…'

"Tetsuya does look better in a fairy costume." Akashi said as he placed his hand under his chin. "Do you want me to cut the ends of the sheet so that it'll look creepier?" he asked as a pair of scissors appeared on his hand. His eyes were bearing a glint of excitement.

"Aka-chin…where did you get those? I thought Hyuuga-sensei hid them from you…" Murasakibara said as he munched on a pumpkin shaped lollipop.

"Is that kid crazy?" Kagami asked Kuroko. Kuroko just stood still but underneath the sheet, he was shrugging his shoulders. Nigou was neatly placed in his pumpkin basket.

"Alright children, now go and have fun! Tetchan, please be back before 12 alright? I'll leave them to you Himu-kun." Kuroko's mother said as she kissed her little ghost on the forehead. His father patted him on the head and gave him a thumbs-up.

"Alright! Trick or Treat!" Everyone waved goodbye to Kuroko's parents before going out to hunt for delicious candy.


The gang filled their baskets with many delicious treats. Murasakibara often halves his basket everytime they go to another house. Aomine and Kagami would fight over who gets the most candy at the end of the night. Himuro would keep them near him and would also distribute the treats eaqually among the children. In one house, Akashi threatened the person who gave candy to give him red gumdrops and hard candy or else he'll poke them with his scissors or bite them. Himuro hid the kept the sharp object away from the red head ever since despite the constant threats he received. Midorima was very picky about what candy he wants. Apparently, he would only accept red-bean drops or candy that have green wrappers, particularly the frog shaped ones. His reason: "Oha-Asa said that I would have good luck this Hamoween and get a lot of these green candies. She says ghosts hate green candy."

Kuroko was behind the group as they neared the last house. It was Hyuuga-sensei's. Kuroko's basket was not as full as the others since he was often missed by the ones giving candy. The only one who gave him the candy directly, besides the distributions of Himuro, was Kiyoshi. He gave him the fish shaped chocolate. Kuroko was glad that his sensei remembered him. As they approached the steps of the house, the children were a bit scared of entering because of the many ghostly decorations on the front lawn. There where tombstones, flashing pumpkins, fake hands that came from the ground, and a creepy Halloween theme coming from inside the house.

"Mura-chin…this place is…*gulp* scary…" Murasakibara said as he held on to Himuro's left leg.

"Kurokocchi! Hold meeeee!" Kise shouted as he held his friend tightly. Kuroko froze in place. He was also a bit scared to knock on the door. He was not really scared of ghosts…it was kind of dark inside the house and he hates the dark.

"I-I ain't scared of ghosts!" Aomine declared as he shakily raised his fist.

"S-Shut up, y-you wuss!" Kagami retorted as he held on to his brother's other leg.

"I-I got green candy…" Midorima assured. He was also a bit frightened by the eerie atmosphere and the creepy sounds inside the house.

"T-This? T-This is nothing to be afraid of!" Akashi said boldly as he held onto Himuro's shirt, his hands shaking.

"You guys…it's just decorations! Don't worry, I'll protect you." Himuro said with a smile.

Just then, a black cat jumped out from the bushes. It pounced on Kuroko's pumpkin basket, grabbing the fish treat along with Nigou. It appears the treat got stuck on Nigou's fur.

"GYAAAAAAAAAH!" Everyone screamed in fear and hustled behind Himuro. The cat disappeared into the bushes. Kuroko came to his senses as he noticed his precious Nigou was taken. Without a second thought, he ran after the cat.

"Kuroko! Come back here!" Himuro shouted.

"Tetsuya! Wait!" Akashi called as he ran after him. The others soon followed.

To be continued…

A/N: Hello dear readers! I am sorry for two things: The fact that this update took a bit longer and that there's a part two to this. School is starting once again and I may have to update once a week because of it. If you're wondering what Midorima is wearing, it's a costume of Kururu from Keroro no Gunso (I don't own that either...). I hope you guys enjoyed the first part and you are free to guess on what will happen next! This Halloween special is quite long so...tune in next time! :D

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