Kiki's PoV

It had just been a normal day. I'd been hanging out with my two best friends, Abbey and Sal, and we had all been watching Ghost Whisperer at my house, when I said something about other dimensions.

Sal, being the total geek that he is, had started going on and on about the possibilities, and I went back and forth with him a bit. Abbey commented a few times, but not much. She was mostly focusing on who was and wasn't good looking, in her opinion. Eventually, we made it to my room to look some things up on my computer, pausing the show before we did.

"Why couldn't we just bring your laptop into the living room?" Abbey asked. "I wanna find out what happens!"

"This is more important," I replied, not even glancing in her direction as I began looking things up.

Sal and I began discussing ways we could figure out if this was all possible. If perhaps our shows were real, but not in our worlds.

This progressed over the next few weeks. Eventually, we all got what we needed, and somehow, we built some sort of machine Sal and I had designed. Abbey even pitched in, just so that she would be included in coming if this worked.

"So, what, we just turn this thing on and end up in our favorite show?" Abbey asked, standing next to me by the machine. Sal was typing in a few last-minute things.

"Not exactly," I explained. "We decided that we would start with the one that started this all: Ghost Whisperer."

"Well, in that case, you get to go to your favorite show and we don't," Abbey said.

"You could look at it that way, or you could look at it as we chose based on what started this," Sal chimed in. Abbey just rolled her eyes.

Before I get more into the story, I should explain a bit about us. My name is Kiki Weil, and my best friends are Abbey Johnson and Sal Wormood. I'm thirteen, same as Sal, and Abbey is fourteen. I am exactly five feet, and Sal is about three inches taller than me. Abbey is about a head taller than him.

I have blue eyes, red hair, and glasses. Sal has green eyes and dark, dark brown hair. Abbey has hazel eyes and long, brown hair. Abbey has a bit darker skin that Sal and I. Probably because we always play video games like Mine craft and WoW while she's outside.

"Okay, we're ready," Sal said. "Everyone, in front of the machine."

We all got in front of the machine, and I closed my eyes in case it blew up rather than took us to some sort of alternate universe. I had a feeling the others did the same.

I heard the machine begin to make the sounds that should indicate it was working. I felt some sort of movement in the air around us, saw a bright light behind my eyelids, and heard a loud noise. I was knocked off of my feet, apparently the same as the others, and we all fell into a pile on the floor. I couldn't help but notice that the floor felt like concrete rather than the carpet that was in the room we'd been in.

I heard someone running down the stairs at the noise of our entrance. No, wait, make that two people. I heard a female voice talking to someone, and I could tell they were walking closer. Her and the other one, also a female, we talking about what to do.

Of course, like in all fan-made stories, that was when I blacked out.