The ambassador of the federation at the Klingon Empire Worf, son of Mogh, is heading on board of a Federation shuttle to DS9, the federal base at the planet Bajor, to attend the wedding of two of his closest friends.
It's been five years since the war against the Dominion is over and nearly six since the death of his wife Jadzia. For many years, the ambassador does not return to DS9 and though he was happy and partly impatient to see the people with whom he spent many years of his life and he considers sincerely friends, in his heart he knows that seeing DS9 will open wounds , that despite the elapsed time, are not completely closed.
There, on that basis he lived the best days of his life, but also the ugliest.
The screen displays the unmistakable silhouette of the station (Terok Nor, for the Cardassians) and the ambassador is invested by memories: remember when returning to DS9, where he knew Jadzia was there waiting for him, filled him with impatience. His mind cannot help but remember all the moments spent with her: their first meeting on the promenade from the resort (he almost could not believe that this young woman would bring the memory of the great Curzon Dax) and their conversations. Remember the day he realized he was being in love (he had been blind, but eventually opened his eyes) and all the times they had together (even arguing with Jadzia was nice). He remembers the day of their wedding with Klingon ceremony (how stupid he had been in the days before to fight with her) and their desire to have children (he remembers like it was yesterday when Jadzia had proposed it to him, his skepticism at the beginning but then her enthusiasm had infected him and he could not wait to have children by her.) And finally, remember the awful day of her death, the heart of Worf still bleeding at the thought of Jadzia's face and her voice and the sense of helplessness that came over him as he watched his wife dying.
The ambassador knows that Jadzia is waiting for him at the gates of the Sto Vo Kor, the Klingon heaven (and he should thank the friends at the station that helped him to honor Jadzia), but cannot do without to feel overwhelmed by memories and the desire to see her again, if only for a moment. At times, though always try not to do it, he finds himself thinking about what would have happened if she had not died, if her desire for motherhood would come true, and how would their children be.
Suddenly the ambassador's thoughts are interrupted by Bajoran army colonel Kira Neris, who after the missing of Captain Sisko is at the head of DS9. Worf looks the screen, she let her hair grow and bears them behind her head and in her eyes the ambassador sees serenity, a serenity that when years before he met her was far from her, Worf thinks of the determined woman, but at the same time doubtful and fought, that was Kira Neris and cannot help but think that this woman, safe, serene and smiling in front of him has come a long way. Immediately asks to himself if Odo, the multiform, the former head of security on the station that had to leave to take care of the serious illness of his people, there will be, but imagine so.
"Ambassador Worf, it's a pleasure to see you, the bride is in fibrillation for your delay" Kira's voice was amused and at the same time raised, Worf imagine that the preparations for the wedding are struggling her too.
"I apologize for the delay, but I had an unexpected, I hope I'm still in time," Worf responds with air as relaxed.
"Ambassador, you must accompany the bride to the altar, and without you, the marriage could not start, so you can understand my relief. You know the bride can be quite unnerving when she wants "
"I imagine Colonel, I think I know her, at least in part," Worf replied almost laughing and then adds, "And the groom? Nervous, too? "
"Almost more nervous him than her, your arrival ambassador, will bring peace of mind to the bride, but Chief O'Brien is late too and the groom does not cease to be worried until he will arrive"
Worf smiles and thinks of Chief O'Brien, one of the men that the severe Klingon considers a true friend and that by the end of the war against the Dominion has been transferred to Earth to teach at the Academy of the federation.
Then suddenly the screen goes black and the whole ship seems enveloped in a strange darkness, the whole process takes a few moments, the shuttle goes out of the darkness and Ambassador realizes that something has changed, plus he wears the uniform of the federation with the rank of captain. He does not understand what happened, and while he is still amazed at what had happened, on the screen reappears Kira Neris "Captain do you hear me?"
Worf looks at her and he immediately notices that the woman is slightly different from the woman who spoke a few moments before, it is always Kira, but still wears short hair and what strikes Worf is her look, it do not look calm and confident like little first, but she has one look with a shadow that Worf not seen for a long time and he cannot help but think that the woman on the screen looks far more like the woman he knew years ago rather than the one who he knows today.
"Captain Worf ... do you read me? "
"I get it Colonel"
"Captain we lost you for a moment, what happened?"
"I do not know what to say colonel, the ship went through a dark area and shortly after I left," Worf knows that he must, in some way, find out what happened.
"They must be those ailments subspace we detected shortly after your departure to the Klingon Empire's mother planet "
"My departure?" Asks Worf increasingly incredulous.
"Yes, Captain about ten days ago, a few days after your departure to attend the council Klingon we found some anomalies in subspace, we thought they were the work of Cardassians and Romulans, but we are not yet in the head, Dax and O ' Brien are working on it "
"O'Brien?" Worf thinks aloud
"Yes captain, but why are you amazed? Are you okay? "
"I'm not sure Colonel, perhaps these anomalies made me a little 'upset' "Worf knows that for now, until he has a better idea about what happened, he'd better go along with the colonel.
"Captain, we meet at the bridge, pier 3, to update you on what has happened in your absence ... And do not worry I looked after all, just as you had recommended "
"I'm sure Colonel"
Worf is still in shock, he knows that something has happened, perhaps due to the faults which Kira has spoken, but he cannot understand what could have happened ... How is it that a few moments before he was the Klingon ambassador and now he finds himself captain of the fleet and to have the command of DS9? And what enters Cardassians and Romulans? And what does O'Brien on the station when he should be still on the Earth?
As the ship approaches the station Ambassador Worf (or maybe Captain?) Has many questions, maybe too many and no responses.