"Well, Captain, it seems all right, apart from an excessive activity of the frontal lobes of the brain, but it is normal, given the stress you've suffered lately" Bashir's voice is professional, but betrays some concern: the fact that he didn't find any physical diseases in Worf leaves a number of questions on the table.
"So I'm not crazy, right?" Worf asks impatiently.
"No, you're not ... and I never thought you were, Captain" Responds Bashir. Worf looks at him quizzically and then adds, "That's odd if I were you I would think it."
Worf looked intensely at the doctor the only thing he want is that all this story wolud be over and he can go back to being the ambassador of Klingon.
"Captain," Julian interrupts his thoughts "Miles is watching the shuttle, you are certain they will find something. In the meantime, the only thing you can do is go to sleep: knowing Jadzia she will be eager to hug you"
To hear that name Worf turns to the doctor, it cannot be that she is alive, he saw her dying years earlier. Worf feels the urge to run to his quarters (hoping that they were the same ones that he remembers) and see the woman he loved with all his being, and that he never stopped loving, everything else seems secondary. He not even greets the doctor and walks towards the exit of the infirmary.
"Captain!" It 'Bashir calling him, but Worf cannot hear him, he is now out of the infirmary and is heading to his quarters and cannot help but run.
He enters with urgency in the room and the first thing that strikes him is her smell, then immediately after her voice cames from the room: "Worf are you?". It is from what it was (and apparently still is) their bedroom. He rushes into the room and sees her: she is even more beautiful than he remembered, she was on the bed and stretches out her arms, and while rushing to that embrace for Worf all applications and all the answers he sought forgiveness of meaning.
The only thing that matters is Jadzia, alive, in his arms, the smell of her that surrounds him, and when he kisses her, he realizes that in recent years he has been living for this. As a thirsty that fails to quench their thirst, so Worf fails to stop kissing Jadzia, until the air is not missing from both.
"Wow, Worf ... you should get away more often, "said Jadzia joking (how much Worf has missed the lightness of his wife) but then she is captured by the look of Worf. "What's up Worf? you have a strange look"
Worf takes a breath, how does he tell her that he saw her die years ago? That this reality does not belong to him? And while looking for the right words to tell Jadzia what upsets him, he realizes that his wife is pregnant and suddenly remembers the illness of which Bashir had spoken.
"Bashir said you were not good"
"Nothing serious Worf" her voice tries to reassure him "a slight illness due to pregnancy, I'll just have to rest for the last few days before the birth of the twins. Julian says it's normal: twin births among the Trill are rare and more youngsters are Klingon, but do not worry "Jadzia smiles at her husband, she is radiant and Worf thinks that what they say about pregnant women who are the most beautiful, it's true: he does not remember having seen her so beautiful, or maybe he thinks that are just too many years since the last time he saw her close in his arms. At this thought the face Worf contracts "Worf what is it? You are strange and seem more worried. "
Worf looks at her intently, looking for the right words to say that, as far as he remember, she should not be alive, but he is suddenly hit by a cyclone of five years that is thrown around his neck almost choking him, "Daddy you're back, how nice, I missed you so much "
"Dana let breathe your father" Jadzia is reminiscent of the child.
"Leave her alone Jadzia, I'm fine"
The child does not seem to have heard her mother and clings more tightly to the neck of the Klingon, "Daddy I missed you so much, Mom is not as good as you making me fall asleep, and then we have to finish the gift for the twins." The child is very upset and he is not in the skin.
"Dana go beyond to get everything ready" Jadzia's voice is calm "your father and I finish talking and then he comes to help you finish the gift ... whatever it is " the little girl give another kiss to her father and then runs into the other room. Jadzia looks Worf smiling, "She adores you, you know"
Worf does not know, or at least do not remember it, but he knows that holding in his arms the child, who has a clearer skin than her father and the typical Trill spots of her mother, he felt that she was part of him, and suddenly a thought creeps into his mind: what if it were this his present?

autor's note: so yes, Jatzia is alive. The fact is that I've always loved Jadzia and Worf as couple, they were my favorite (even more than Trip and T'Pol or Tom and B'lanna), just because they were meant to be (nobody made worf smile as Jadzia, and nobody made Jadzia happy as Worf). When she died I was so upset, I've always wondered how it could be if she didn't die. I've aways thougt that they would have children and live happily forever. this story came to my mind just to answer to that question.