Captain Worf, or perhaps ambassador, is lying next to his wife in his quarters, it was a long day, and he has passed much of it with Kira and Garak and O'Brien trying to figure out what has happened.
Worf thiks about it, it certainly has to do with the subspace anomaly, but nobody was able to understand how, while he is reflecting, Jadzia sleeping moves and holds him, her leg is intertwined with his and her head is resting on his shoulder, while with one arm encircling the chest of her husband. Worf realizes how much he has missed the warmth of his wife in the past six years during his nights alone.
He no longer loved any woman after her and never thought to replace her, and now with her next to him, he can not help but think that this is the place he belongs to, but at the same time, he feels that it is not so, this happiness has not been granted to him.

While rethinks these things finally sleep eludes him and Worf begins to feel helpless, but he doesn't want to wake his wife, so he remains motionless, looking at the ceiling.
"Worf" Jadzia's sleepy voice dissuades him from his thoughts "You can not sleep, huh?"
"No Jadzia, but you should do it," replied Worf "Dr. Bashir said ..."
"To hell Julian" Jadzia is angry "I hate when you're overprotective with me, and I am sure that this is one of the things that were not different even before crossing the fault" Jadzia looks slyly trying to snatch a smile to her husband .
"No, it was not" Worf replied trying to smile, but not succeeding.
"Worf, what's wrong? Apart from what you've said, I feel that there is something that you're hiding " Jadzia's voice becomes more gentle " Talk to me Worf "
Worf looks at his wife with kindness, she's right, but he did not have the courage to tell her that she died six years ago, the truth is that he is too happy to have seen her again and he fears that telling her all could broke the spell . He knows, however, that he can not help but tell her the truth, he sighs and then begins:
"You're dead Jadzia, 6 years ago Gul Dukat, or rather the Par Wraith that had taken possession of him, killed you, I saw you die Jadzia" Jadzia looks at her husband and gently takes his hand inviting him in silence to continue "Bashir was able to save Dax, but could not do anything for you ... At the end of the war against the Dominion, to stay on DS9 was impossible for me and I finally accepted the role of ambassador of the Federation on Qonos" The eyes of the Klingon are dimmed with tears, Jadzia caresses him gently " But now I'm here Worf "
Worf looks at his wife and takes her hand "Yes .. you are here ... and then there's Dana beyond that is part of me, and the twins on the way, I do not think I could be so happy and a part of me wants to find that this is the reality that belongs to me and that, instead, the last six years memories are just a bad dream, something that is not real. "

Jadzia continues to look at her husband gently, Worf would be able to stop time "But in the bottom of your heart," Jadzia continues for him " you feel that is not the case, you feel that, despite everything, this is not your place."
"The closing of the wormhole, Sisko and Odo's death, the war with the Romulans and Cardassians, Jadzia, is all wrong: the war with the dominion ended in a different way, and the galaxy is at peace."
The Klingon looks at his wife with intensity "I've wanted for so long that you were not dead, that I could hold you again in my arms, and now that everything has come true .."
Jadzia looks at him, then hugs him strong "Worf, we will find out what has happened, you will see that we will find an answer"
Worf continues to tighten his wife, "And if and when we'll find out, what will we do? We'll give up all this? "
Jadzia puts a finger on the lips of her husband "Sshh ... enough talk, if and when it happens we will decide together, now let's go back to sleep"
Worf looks at his wife and finally he smiles then he stretches and pulls Jadzia to him, with her head on her husband's shoulder she slowly falls asleep and even the Klingon, stroking the head of his wife, is finally able to rest.

Author's note : When I started to publish this story I've planned to post one chapter every week, but with a husband, a job and two children it is not so simple, so forgive me if I let you wait so much for this two new chapters, for the future I'll try to post as often as I can...