Hello! It has been a while since my last RWS book, so apologises for that! It is a bit different, as I am doing a Very Old Engines-inspired story about BoCo's first weeks on Sodor told from his perspective, to both try something different and tell a recurring theme from the books (the modernization of British Railways) from a diesel's perspective for a hopefully fresh twist on the old plotline. I hope you all enjoy my take on BoCo's early Sodor life!

Boco the Diesel Engine

Dear Readers,

It has been many years since BoCo first arrived on the Fat Controller's Railway. You may remember how Bill and Ben gave him quite a fright, only for the Metropolitan Vicker to get one back when he protected Gordon from them. Unfortunately, I have never written about his adventures any further. This thought occurred to me a few months ago, and I wondered if I had missed some tales in the diesel's life.

I made some enquiries, and found out from friends at Tidmouth and Wellsworth that there were some parts of BoCo's tale I had completely missed. I went to see the diesel and asked him why I had never heard about his struggles. BoCo simply smiled, and he began to stare off into the distance as if looking back in time.

"It is funny, Cole asked me the same thing just the other week," he replied, "and I will tell you what I told him then: sometimes the past is best left in the past, and should only be told in the present when it will help us in the future."

I was moved by his statement, and BoCo relented to tell me the same tales he had told Cole. I hope you enjoy this untold tale in the diesel's life in his own words, and see a side of BoCo I never knew existed,

The Author