It was a typical day, nothing new.

Leo was walking down the hallway, when he saw Raphs door was opened.

"I know how much he hates it when his door is opended" Leo thought to himself.

He was about to close it when something caught his eye.

"What's that?" he wondered.

Leo debated rather to go into Raphs bedroom to find out what it is he saw.

"Hmmm, well one look couldn't hurt" Leo convinced himself.

He walked into Raphs room and closed the door.

"Can't let anyone know I'm in here" he thought as he approached the object.

He reached down and picked it up.

"Is this a diary?" Leo wondered

"Raph doesn't have a diary, or does he?" Leo thought to himself.

He sat down on the bed, careful not to mess anything up.

"Well only one way of knowing if it is or not" Leo convinced himself.

He opened it up. The first chapter was the date when Leo had been sent away.

~*Chapter one of Raphs diary*~

Leo just told me that he's leaving!

he can't just pack up and leave.

We need him, as much as I hate to say it!

Master splinter told me Leo can write letters to us when he's gone.

Oh yay, like he would do that anyway!.

I ain't sending no letters, that jerk doesn't deserve it!.

It's been a day since Leo left, it's weird not having someone around to tell me not to leave the lair.

Donnie and Mikey just sent a letter, like Leo deserves one!.

It's been a whole week and still no letter!

I tried to tell them Leo wouldn't write back, I mean at first I thought maybe he would.

But I was just being stupid!.


Leo sat the book down to take a breath.

"I don't know if I can read this,it's everything that Raph keeps to himself" Leo thought

"but isn't that what I need to know?" Leo tried to think about that for awhile, but it made his head hurt.

"Doesn't he know I left to be a better leader?" Leo asked himself

"I didn't mean to hurt him" He let out a sigh, then went back to the diary.

~*Chapter 2 of Raphs diary*~

~one month after Leo left~

Leo was writing us a little bit, but when I wrote a letter to him he didn't write back.

He's probably having to good of a time to think of writing to me!.

Whatever it's not like I need em anyway! I'm better off without em.

~The day after Raph wrote that last bit~

I didn't mean what I wrote, I was mad.

wait why am I telling this to a book? oh well at least it listens.

Master Splinter told me to try to take out my anger on this book, I thought he ment tear it to shreds.

But he ment to write my deepest feelings, I guess I could try.

I can't believe Leo left us, no not us, me.

I can't believe he left me! my big brother left me!.

I might not show my feelings very often, but that doesn't mean I don't love my brother.

To be honest I want Leo to come home!.


He put down the book again.

"What! I thought Raph could care less if I left or not?" Leo couldn't believe what he just read.

He heard a noise coming up the stairs.

"Oh man! what do I do!" Leo grabbed the diary and run to his own bedroom.

"What did I just do?" He asked himself, sure that Raph would notice.

Leo heard Raphs bedroom door close, letting out a sigh he went back to the book.

~*Raphs diary*~

I just killed someone today, I wish Leo was here at least I could talk to em.

The blood is still on my sais, I havn't even wiped it off.

It's been two days since I killed the guy, no one has noticed I've been acting odd.

I guess that's what you get for not being close to your family right?.

I've been having nightmares, I keep seeing his face.

All the blood, I still feel it on me.

~a week after that last bit~

I've sent Leo 4 letters already, has he wrote back yet No!

I hate him so much!

He's so perfect and I'm not.

I got into a fight with Master Splinter, Donnie and Mikey are scared of me.

My knuckles are bleeding,I smashed them into a wall, I was mad.

I should stop writing now and go home, but it's not like anyone cares if I do or not.

I think they would rather me go away and never come back.

Well I'm sure I'll write more, It seems as though everyone hates me.

Anyway I need to go talk to Master Spilnter.


Leo just stared at the book in his hands, he felt like he had a piece of Raphs life in his hands.

He heard Raph in his room, punching the punching bag.

"I wonder if he knows this is gone or not? no, if he knew he would be in here beating my face in" Leo thought

"Leonardo go to bed, my son" Master Splinter called from the hallway.

"Yes sensi. I'll read you in the morning" Leo told himself.

He fell asleep to the sounds of Raph Punching the punching bag.