Ch. 2: Siblings' Secret Revealed

A few hours later, the buses arrive at the Ski Resort in the Sierra Mountain region. It's is a huge, Swiss-like chalet. All of the kids got their stuff out of the buses. Colleen talks with Sophie while on the bus.

"Thanks for allowing Drago to invite his family over, Sophie," Colleen thanks.

"When you told me about how Drago found his family again, Col, I was touched," Sophie said, "I just hope the Royal Pain is not gonna ruin it."

The J-Teens walked out with their families, including Chrissie's Mom and Dad. Her mom looked like her only with brown hair, and her dad wears glasses and has black hair like her. They are also forensic scientists who work for the police department. Chrissie is just gathering up her gear when Ice approaches her.

"Chrissie, after you get settled in with your folks, you wanna have some winter fun with me and the guys?" Ice asks.

"Sure, Ice I'll meet you at the pond after I'm done unpacking," Chrissie said.

Chrissie gathered her stuff and walk toward the chalet. Before she could reach the door, she gets bombarded by snowballs. She turns and sees Stacey, Mikey and the rest of the Popular Posse.

"What'd you do that for, Stacey?" Chrissie demanded to know.

"Consider that a warning to not date my brother, Dweebie!" Stacey yelled, "You stay away from him or I bring something worse than the mud treatment!"

Jackie, Colleen, Jade, and Sophie suddenly stepped forward. Jade shields Chrissie from Stacey.

"That's enough, Stacey!" Jade yelled.

"You are not gonna ruin anyone's fun on this ski trip, especially Chrissie's, Princess Brat!" Sophie insulted.

'One more cruel act like that, and you mother will take you back home," Jackie threatened.

"Now get inside, and take your clown act with you!" Colleen demanded.

The Posse just huffed and cold-shoulder her insult. Shendu and Drago came along.

"I saw what happened, and it looks like it's going to be a long weekend," Shendu said.

"That girl obviously has emotional problems," Jackie stated.

"What do you expect from the attitude of one Princess Anastasia Valmont?" Sophie sarcastically mocked.

Shendu, Drago, Jackie and Jade had their eyes wide opened with surprise.

"Did Sophie just say "Valmont"?" Jade asks with surprise.

Shendu finally realized where he saw Tori, Stacey, and Ice before.

"Now I remember where I saw Ice and his family before!" Shendu said while putting his hand on his head.


Jackie went inside to check everyone in. The manager at the desk has his back turned while doing some filing, but he has a familiar white mullet.

"Magus High Class here to check in," Jackie told the manager.

The manager turns to reveal himself as Valmont, much to Jackie's shock.

"Valmont?!" Jackie cried.

"Chan?!" Valmont said.

"What are you doing here?" Chan asks.

"This is my new job," Valmont explains, "I'm the manager and concierge of this ski resort. What are you doing here?"

"Chaperoning a ski trip."

Ice and the Teens came in as Chrissie brushes some snow off of her face. Ice is pretty angry about what his sister did.

"I can't believe my sis just ambushed and threatened you like that!" he yelled, "I am so gonna burn her crust if she ruins this weekend for me."

"You don't mean that, Ice," Colleen said.

"You bet I do. She is gonna ruin this weekend like she's been ruining my mom's life since our folks split. At least it can't get any worse."

His eyes suddenly widened with shock when he sees Valmont at the front desk.

"Cheese Toppings! What are you doing here?!" he yelled.

Valmont turned and recognized him right away.

"Ignatius?" Valmont wondered.

Ice put his hand on his head leaving the Teens confused.

"What's Valmont doing here?" Hsi Wu asks.

Stacey suddenly came in to see what the racket is, and she grew ecstatic when she saw Valmont.

"Daddy!" she cried.

"Daddy?" Drago, Hsi Wu, and Jackie say with confused looks.

"Come give Daddy a hug, Sweetie!" he said as he happily held out his arms and hug her.

"My life is so over!" Ice complained.