Star Fox:

Book 1: War for Corneria

Revised Chapter 1

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"Fox, this one is for the friends we once were," was the last he heard, before the telltale static that indicated Wolf had switched channels, as team Star Wolf sped past them, full throttle. They zoomed through the gaps between the defender aparoids. The robots took the bait and followed, allowing Fox a clear passage, while driving Starwolf to a near certain death.

"NOOO!" Fox yelled, making enough noise that Falco heard him, despite having switched off his communicator.

"Okay, now we've given my pup the best shot we could." Wolf called over to the rest of Starwolf, "Let's teach this scum not to mess with us."

-One year later, aboard the rebuilt Greatfox-

"Guys, I think we have to face the facts." Fox spoke to his crew. They all knew that this was gonna be the conversation about the elephant in the room. The one that had been making a permanent residence for the past year. "Business has been too slow since the aparoid invasion to sustain this team. The profits of saving Lylat twice have been... lacking... and have run our with the repairs of the Greatfox. Peppy, I know you saved our hides, but I really cannot afford to hire you back in when your revalidation is over. I have talked with general Pepper, and we have agreed you have shown your dedication to the military. Congratulations, second general Peppy."

"Aye Aye, sir," Peppy said, giving a mock salute.

"Dismissed" Fox replied, adding a lazy wave of the hand to show he too was kidding. Peppy quickly scurried off to grab what little stuff he still kept aboard. He did not wanna stick around for the upcoming fireworks. No way.

"Krystal, For you I have arr-"

"How DARE you arrange ANYTHING for me without consulting ME first. I'm your girlfriend, damn it," she yelled, interrupting him, and causing peppy, down the hall, to pick up his pace

"I can't let you risk your life for me, don't you understand?" he nearly begged her, a very concerned look on his face.

"Damn right I don't. You don't have the right to make that decision for me and you know it McCloud," she yelled at him, "I'm a warrior, damn it."

"But Krystal, I'm doing this for your safety," he pleaded, not knowing how else to convince her this was the right thing, as he wasn't even entirely sure himself.

"I never wanted to be safe," she yelled, calming down a little at seeing the doubt in his eyes. She walked up to him, finally getting his misplaced sense that she'd need protection, and she whispered in his ear, "I just wanted to be with you." then she walked to the door, tossing him her engagement ring as she ran off in the direction of the docking bay, making sure he never saw her tears while she muttered "I'm sorry, Fox."

"You really crossed the line there, pall," Falco said, slapping Fox on the shoulder.

Fox quickly regained his composition, perhaps too quickly, and turned to where Slippy sat, only to be greeted by an empty chair. "Guess that leaves you, Falco." he muttered.

"Yeah, it does," the bird chuckled.

"Team Star Fox is disbanded, but I'm sure such a great pilot as you can always get enough work to get by," Fox told him, giving his old friend and rival a small smile, "Or you could become my wingman with Cornarian One."

"I think I'll go freelancing for now, pall, maybe meet up with the old gang, but we'll meet again, Fox." Falco said.

"Of course we will." And with that, the last two members of the former Starfox team parted ways.

Two more years passed, and Fox and Peppy still considered each other close friends, working together daily. Falco was still in the mercenary world, working alongside Katt Monroe, sometimes with, and sometimes against Corneria, depending on where the money was. Slippy and Krystal had dropped off the radar completely. No one knew where they were legally or otherwise, which saddened Fox more then he thought it would. On the bright side, Starwolf was confirmed to have survived the battle on the aparoid homeworld. On some worlds he was revered as a hero, but to the averige Cornerian, he was still scum.

He had wanted them there today, for the opening of the new Star Fox Museum, build inside Greatfox, their old, disused ship, but that was simply not an option. With Peppy standing behind him, just off of the boarding ramp, he punched in the old access code to open the ship for the public. The door slowly slid open, and Fox turned his fact to the crowd and cameras to announce the museum opened.

That's when two pairs of arms roughly pulled him inside, someone pressing the button to close the hatch, while the engines roared to life. "Phase one complete." he heard the voice of his captor, a voice he instantly recognized as Slippy's. "Proceed to phase two" Leon responded, talking into a microphone as he entered Fox's line of sight.

Outside, the shocked crowd quickly backed away from the ship as it roared to life. It took off to the skies, in the direction of the Meteo asteroid belt, completely unhindered by the perplexed Cornerian Space Defense.

-Somewhere in Meteo-

Blindfolded, Fox was dragged out of the Greatfox, along a great many paths and elevators, which, according to him went in circles. After what felt like half an hour, he was shoved through a door that, by the sound of it, locked behind him.

"Well, well... remind me give Slippy a raise, will you, Pup?" A familiar voice chuckled as said person staggered into the room blindly, "After five foiled attempts by me, the toad catches you in one go. Please, allow me," then he tore off the blindfold, revealing Wolf O'Donnell himself. "Welcome aboard the DSS Sargasso. Sorry for the means to bring you here, Fox, but I had to talk to you without Pepper's surveillance team listening in. He means well, but even he can't fight the corruption in the Cornerian army anymore. Half his personnel report to wealthy senators outside working hours and share classified secrets." he shook his head slightly, "Traders passing through have informed me that someone is building a battleforce outside the Lilat system, beyond Venom, and preparing for invasion. At the same time, Corneria is heading for a civil war. The higher ups have ordered Pepper to keep you as far away from the incidents, but skirmishes between police and the people of the lower districts are growing more frequent by the day. No one wants to say it out loud, but Corneria is headed to a civil war, and we want you to help us protect the civillians if it comes to it."

"NO. No... I won't lead us into a civil war. I won't lead your troops on a conquest of Corneria. I won't let you, not after you abandoned me for three full years, O'Donnell." Fox replied, quickly snapping his mouth shut when he realized what that sounded like and, more importantly, what he was about to say. Forcing himself to sound as cold as he could, he said "If that's all, I'm out of here." As he spun around to face the door, he caught Wolf flinching from the corner of his eye.

Wolf then pressed a button on his desk, and spoke into a microphone, "Can someone escort Mr. McCloud to his room?" He let go the of the button as he looked at Fox with an unreadable expression, "I hope we can be friends again some day, Fox. Even after your stupidity back in the days. I always have" Now it was Fox's turn to flinch just as the door opened and two heavily armed guards in gold-plated armor took him by the arms and dragged him out of the room.

The moment the door closed, Wolf allowed himself to drop back in his chair, exhausted from the encounter with his former friend and rival. "Lord O'Donnell, I have Panther on the secure line for you." Someone said over the speakers. He let out a heavy sigh "I'll take it right here in my office." "Yes, my lord"