Starfox: War For Lylat

Chapter 45:

I own an original story. This is not that story.

Warning again, this chapter is going to contain an over majority of gay furry sex. No like, no read. Nothing missed here storywise

Tiger held up his trophy, as Storm gave him a ride back to the hotel on his shoulder. "I can't believe I actually did it." Tiger said, the moment he thought Storm could hear him. They were out of the stadium, and Storm was jogging to the hotel at the time.

"I told you you could do it." Storm replied, "Everyone loved it. The crowd went nuts. My foxy's good."

"What do you mean, your foxy?" Tiger asked, startled at the choice of words.

"Well, ehh," the big fox muttered, looking away, blushing, "well, I was thinking, no, wondering, if you'd like to be my boyfriend."

"Really?" Tiger asked, before sliding down from his spot on Storms shoulder to give him a proper hug, "I'd love to, my sexy muscle fox, but... before that... what's your full name, anyway? I only ever heard Storm."

"Well, my... birth name's... Sullevan Tyrell" Storm replied, "last time someone called me that, I was 2'4, and not 70 pounds in weight. I'm Storm now, just Storm."

"Maybe 'Storm Demonfox' in a few years?" Tiger replied, still cuddled to Storm.

"Time will tell." Storm muttered as they walked into the hotel, holding paws. They walked into their apartment in a comfortable silence. Once in the penthouse suite, Storm hang the do-not-disturb sign outside, and locked the door. "So... now for the awkward questions... are you clean?"

"Yeah..." Tiger answered, walking to the bedroom, sensually moving his tails, "you?"

"Well, I'm a virgin." Storm replied, blushing bright red through his fur.

"Not after tonight you won't be." Tiger told him, slowly dropping his pants as he made his way to the bedroom, Storm following, with an obvious tent in his pants.

"I'll keep you to that, Tiger." Storm said, grinning, as he followed Tiger's trail of clothes, right to the bed. Tiger stood there, naked, face turned towards him. Then he dropped himself back on the bed, eagle spread, taunting Storm to follow him. And follow him, he did, up to the edge of the bed, shaking his pants off as he did, revealing a tight, dark green speedo, filled to the breaking point.

"I hope you know what to do?" Tiger said, "cause you're gonna need it." his tails were spread wide, and he had a beaming smile as Storm hovered over him, leaning on all fours. "Make it happen, big boy." that was all the encouragement that Storm needed to actually have his speedo snap on him, his cock slapping against tiger lightly. "Glad you like it, big guy." he murred, lightly raising his ass off the bed, "pound me."

And without any further instructions to go on, without any preparation, or lube, he went for it, pushing straight into Tiger. Tiger hissed in pain as he was filled to the brim by Storm, before he felt a tongue invade his mouth. He instantly relaxed into the kiss, the musclefur's scent filling his nose, and strong arms wrapping around him, making him relax. In next to no time, Tiger raised his tails, and started rubbing Storm all over, rocking his hips slightly to indicate Storm could move.

Storm moaned loudly, feeling the pleasurable sensation grow rapidly. He bit his lip to keep himself from cumming right there. He took a moment to get used to it, before gently starting to rock his hips, moaning loudly at the tight, warm sensations around him. Tiger too, was seeing stars. He'd never been filled this big before. It felt great. He could already feel his need growing, as Storm his something inside him, drawing a deep moan.

That in turn set off Storm, who came deep inside Tiger, filling him up with hot juice. Storm had never felt anything like it. He roared, a sound no fox is meant to make, but he did. Tiger, feeling his love fill him up, felt himself push over the edge as well, soiling both their stomachs. He was amazed Storm was still fully supporting himself. Storm grinned down at Tiger, as they both came down from their highs, Storm gave Tiger a passionate kiss before he gently started pushing into his fox again.

"first time, and you feel ready to go twice in a row?" Tiger asked with a smirk, rolling his hips in time with Storm's pounding, "That's good, cause I ain't done yet." Storm yelped loudly, as he felt a tail push into his virgin hole. In turn, he pushed harder into Tiger, feeling his cock throb, about ready to cum again. He was about ready to bite his lips again when Tiger kissed him, now taking his time to explore Storm's mouth. Swallowing each other's moans, they kept going. Tiger slit a second tail into Storm's ass, tightening his own, and Storm collapsed onto him, filling him for the second time in ten minutes. As soon as he came to his senses, Storm rolled off of Tiger, and started slowly, teasingly pawing Tiger.

Tiger purred and mewled, as Storm brought him close to orgasm again and again before letting him come down a little again. He normally would not allow such teasing, but the security he felt here, in Storm's arms, made him mellow up to go along with it. He never noticed when his tails slipped out of Storm, or when he came again, but what he did know, was that he felt at peace when he drifted off to sleep, Storm not far behind him.

Meanwhile in an office, elsewhere on the island, Kai was adjusting the final montage on a recording from a group of hidden cameras. "So," he asked the badger sharing the room with him, "If I sign this contract, I sell you the tapes, and earn three times what this island and festival cost me? And all without my name sticking to the tapes?"

"That's the idea." the badger answered.

"You got yourself a deal."