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Bella's tail swiftly propelled her through the water as she raced away from Charlotte, who was slowly getting closer... The redhead held her hand up, turning the water in the distance between her and Bella into a massive ice spear, which she propelled at the fleeing mermaid. Sophie was having a hard time keeping up – this mermaid thing was a hard job, all she had wanted was some sweet revenge on those annoying girls. But who knew they were mermaids? And now she was one too, was that a good thing or a bad thing?

Bella curved body around the incoming missile, and it glided over her golden fin almost gracefully. As she neared the shore she began to see things she recognised; and remembered there was a small alcove in a rock to her right. Ducking into it, she hid herself, watching as Charlotte swam past quickly, followed by a slower Sophie. Bella pulled herself out of her hiding place, watching the mermaids swim off into the distance.

Rikki spat some more water from her mouth.

"We have... to get to Bella..." she muttered, attempting to push herself into a standing position but finding her arms to weak to even support her sitting up.

"Just lie back down," Emma said, pushing her friend back into the sand. "You were unconscious for a long time."

"Where's... Will?" Rikki asked, coughing deeply into her hand.

"I don't know," Emma replied, looking down at the sand. "As soon as I regained came around he took off into the ocean – I expect he's going to help Bella."

Rikki suddenly propped herself up, full strength returning to her arms at the mention of her friend in need. "We need to go help her too! Why are we just sitting here?"

"Don't you remember?" Emma asked, rolling her eyes, and crawling over to the sea which gently lapped the soft sand. She took a handful of the pale blue liquid, splashing some at Rikki. Both of them waited for ten seconds, hopes high. Nothing happened. "We're normal again... just normal. It's funny; I don't actually feel any different."

"So we're stuck here," Rikki said angrily, "on this island in the middle of the sea near bouts."

"Don't worry," Emma said hopefully. "They will remember us... I hope."

Bella swam to the shore, pulling herself upwards onto the hard sand. She waited for herself to dry before heading to Cleo's house. It was the middle of the night, and Will, Rikki and Emma were stranded on Mako. With two berserk mermaids on the loose, Cleo was the only person she could turn to.

She headed down the alleyway that she knew led to Cleo's street. About half way down, she stopped, listening to the faint wind, and another noise – something was approaching her, fast. She turned to run and collided head-first with Will's chest. He managed to catch her before she fell.

"Hey!" he whispered. "Sorry about startling you, I just needed to know you were alright."

Bella's eyes came back into focus, and she looked at Will in horror. "You LEFT Rikki and Emma, completely alone, with no powers or no quick escape into the ocean. Come on, Will!"

"I just needed to make sure you're okay, and then I would go back and get them."

"Well, go! There are two mermaids planning who knows what, lurking about the city hunting me – and probably Cleo too!"

"Sorry," Will muttered. "Oh, and here's your phone back, you dropped it," he said, handing her the device before turning in the direction of his house, and disappearing into the darkness.

Bella's Point of View

Will falls back into the darkness, leaving me alone again. I shouldn't be so harsh on him, I know, but everything that has been happening lately has me on edge. Maybe I should tell him about Liam, but there isn't really much to tell. I look down at my phone, checking my messages; my parents must be going crazy. There's a read message from Liam – and I got it at 11:00pm, wait, no, I was already swimming by then... Will must've read it! Damn! That can't be good. I decide that I have to focus on the problem at hand, that there are only two real mermaids left - I don't count Charlotte and Sophie, because they only stole a mermaid's power, they didn't earn it for themselves. I'm just leaving the alleyway and turning into Cleo's street when my mind is wiped completely blank and fear begins to course through my veins; as I see a dark shadow make its way towards Cleo's house

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