o0Chapel Of Love0o

Castiel and Dean lounged on Dean's bed. The burger wrappers messily crinkling around their legs as they laid together, dirty and sated.

"I don't cuddle." Dean had said, but Castiel ignored him, burrowing against his chest and falling half asleep. Dean snored lightly against his hair. Castiel awoke from his daze when there was a knocking on the door. Quickly pulling on Dean's jeans he stumbled to answer.

"Hey man, we got the shipment-" Benny's eyes went wide. Castiel blinked before looking down at himself. He had bruises and scratches and bite marks all over his torso and neck. Dean's jeans were slung low on his hips and he was sure he looked thoroughly debauched.

"Dean's not feeling well. But I'll let him now." Castiel said solemnly. He had thought perhaps they could keep this thing-whatever it was- between just the two of him. But already Dean's wife and one of his best friends were aware.

"You do that." Benny said, small amused smile on his face as Castiel shut the door. Castiel walked back into the bedroom, dropping Dean's pants before climbing back into their cozy mountain of blankets.

"Who waz' that?" Dean's sleep heavy voice slurred. Castiel pressed a kiss against the dark bruise he had sucked onto Dean's collar.

"Benny, he said the shipment is in. I told him you weren't feeling well." Castiel admitted, picking up the wrappers and attempting to brush off the crumbs from the comforter. Dean pulled the wrappers from his hands and tossed them off the bed onto the floor.

"I feel great." Dean grinned, pulling the covers over their heads and kissing Castiel softly. It was such a stark difference from their heated and rushed encounter early that Castiel felt his heart hammer like drum. He felt guilty, for having so much happiness. He didn't deserve. Slowly he sat up, a small sigh leaving him.

"I did a very bad thing." Castiel murmured into Dean's mouth. Dean groaned, pulling the blankets off and throwing a forearm over his eyes.

"God dammit!" Dean snarled, fist pounding angrily onto the mattress. The springs creaked and Castiel bounced.


"I knew you'd do this! I knew you'd regret it." Dean was furious. Castiel shook his head, pulling his forearm from his face.

"No I don't, I could never." Castiel tried to soothe. Dean looked up, grassy eyes earnest.

"Then what is it?" Dean questioned. Castiel swallowed hard. Should he tell him? Lisa would eventually, probably articulating that Castiel had made eye contact with her for half of their intercourse.

"Lisa saw us together." Castiel said slowly, watching Dean's reaction closely. He wasn't sure what he expected, but a flicker of pain to cross over Dean's face before looking away was far from it.

"Oh." Dean exhaled, thinking. Castiel did not like his attention focused elsewhere so he kissed him. Dean didn't say another word about it as they spent the rest of the evening wrapped up in each other.

Dean was in the garage the next day, working on Castiel's car. Castiel had gone upstairs to rifle through his bookcase to find something else to read. Most of the books were Lisa's.

"That's a good one." Lisa chimed, as he plucked a curiously well used book from the shelf. Castiel turned around, straightening his shoulders.

"Hello." He greeted stiffly. Lisa moved around the couch, before sitting down. Castiel watched her closely.

"You read a lot of Hemingway?" She piqued curiously, tucking some of her glossy brown hair behind her ear.

"Yes." Castiel said, depositing the book back on the shelf.

"Might as well take it, we're sharing everything else anyways." She didn't say it maliciously. Her eyes were soft and sad. Castiel looked away.

"I love him." Castiel lamented.

"I know." She breathed, picking at a hole in her jeans.

"He loves me." Castiel continued, and she looked up. Their eyes clashed dangerously

"That I'm not so sure about." She admitted, and it took Castiel's breath from his lungs.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't think he's told you everything, Cas. About me, about us, about our son." She said, strolling over to the fridge and plucking a picture from the plastic. She held it up. A boy with light brown hair, and Lisa's brown eyes was smashed between Dean and Lisa. He smiled wide.

"Son?" Castiel choked.

"Dean's always been a little ... flighty. I can't really blame him, he's had a hard life. He gets anxious and he needs to release some of that stuff all pent up." Lisa said, replacing the picture under the magnet and running her hand over it.

"Son." Castiel shut his eyes. Dean had a child.

"I know you love him Castiel. But I love him too, and so does Ben." Lisa whispered, and she was close. Her voice was soothing, and lulling but it hurt his ears. His head was pounding and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"He has a home here. A family. What he needs isn't some cheap piece of ass, he needs a father. If you can't be that, than I thing you should go." Lisa said tenderly, hand cupping his chin. A thumb pressed into his black eye and she pressed hard enough were he flinched.

"Hey, Cas! Cars all finished!" Dean grinned, walking in sweaty and the sunblock Castiel had slathered over him was beading on his brow. Dean stopped in his tracks when he saw them.

"Lisa." Dean whispered, voice careful like she was a treasure. Dean did love her, of course he did. Castiel turned, darting past Dean and down the stairs. He started the car, and backed it out of the garage. Never looking back.

For a full week Castiel laid in torment. Sluggily dragging himself to his dark and dingy prison. He obeyed everything Uriel and Zachariah asked. Evening spending a day cleaning the floors for missing a day of work. His black eye had lightened to a light plum color, the hickies on his neck had vanished. God he missed him. He missed him like oxygen, and air, and light. Without Dean everything was bleak and ugly. He hated it.

Castiel sighed, standing on his tip toe to try and push a book into it's proper slot. He was too lazy to go and fetch the ladder. A golden hand seemed to emerge from the darkness and gently take it from him before putting it into it's proper place.

"Need some help?" Dean's breath was warm over the top of his head. He was like sunlight and Castiel felt like he took his first breath in an entire week.

"Dean ..." He whispered, relief was instant before slowly melting into pain. Castiel touched the ring hidden under his Priest robes to calm himself. He had put it back on once returning. He had kept it hidden in his house, scared that Uriel or Zachariah might see it and take it away.

"Why'd you run away, Cas?" Dean asked, large grasp cupping his hips. Castiel pushed his hands away and stepped back, shoulders hunched.

"Please leave."

"What?" Dean's brow furrowed.

"We'll get in trouble." Castiel murmured, looking away.

"That's bullshit! You find out I have a kid and suddenly you can't stand the thought of being with me? Lisa was right, I shouldn't have come." Dean turned, about to leave his life forever. Castiel couldn't stand the thought.

"What did Lisa say?" Castiel begged. Dean stopped and Castiel watched him closely.

"She said you left because you thought me having a kid was ... disgusting and immoral or some shit." Dean said, waving his hand in a attempt of casualness but it was too jerky. Castiel reeled back.

"I would never. I just- I can't break up, you and your family. You're married, Dean. That means something-"

"Wait, what?!" Dean blurted, eyes going the size of baseballs. Castiel blinked back at him.

"Who the hell said I was married?" Dean barked, face flushed. Castiel fumbled for an answer.

"You missed Sam's graduation for the wedding." Castiel recalled. Dean threw up his hands.

"That was Bobby's wedding! He married Ellen!" Dean groaned.

"But your wedding ring." Castiel said, still unable to look at it. Dean pulled a confused face before holding up his hand.

"What? Cas, look." Dean demanded. Castiel didn't want to. He didn't want to see the proof. But he forced his eyes forward. A silver ring was slipped onto Dean's hand, but carefully engraved were the familiar but strange Enochian symbols.

"Oh my God." Castiel whispered, tracing the thick finger with exhalation. All these years, Dean had been wearing his ring. Castiel quickly pulled the one he kept beneath his robes.

"You kept it?" Dean breathed. Castiel was laughing, happy and almost frantic.

"Of course." Castiel beamed, and Dean was kissing, pressing him into the bookcase.

"I'm so sorry. I should have told you about Ben." Dean said as they parted, still holding him closely. Castiel nodded. That he could forgive, but he still needed to know. He had to ask, even if the answer could ruin all of this pure joy filling him up.

"I still don't understand. Why did you leave me all those years?" Castiel murmured, holding Dean's face between his palms. Dean looked down, thick eyelashes brushing over his sun burnt cheeks.

"I had to, Cas. They were gonna put you in jail. I tried coming back, but Uriel caught me and took the money back and I was stranded. I dragged Sam over to my Dad's old friends place, his names Bobby. He took us in, and I started working for him. Tried to save up enough for Sam. But I never stopped Cas, I kept coming back, every weekend. But they threatened to send me back to my Dad. So I just waited, waited until I was eighteen. But I met Lisa, and she was really nice. She got pregnant and I didn't know what to do. I remember you talking about how important marriage was, and I thought you'd hate me for having a kid out of wedlock. I was scared Cas, I was ashamed." Dean said fervently, his words rushed.

"You came back for me?" Castiel said softly. Dean nodded eagerly, green eyes lit up.

"Every week." Dean swallowed thickly. Castiel stood up on his toes and sealed their lips together in a kiss.

One year later ...

"Dean! Castiel! Are you decent?" Lisa said barging into the apartment above the auto garage. Castiel came out of the bedroom, hair ruffled but looking somewhat presentable in a tee shirt and pajama pants.

"Hello, Lisa. Benji."

"Castiel!" Ben screamed. Ben ran from his mothers hip and into Castiel's legs, Castiel lifted him into a hug.

"Listen, he needs to work on this school project okay. Make sure he is in bed by eight, I know Dean likes to let him stay up all night. He's allergic to strawberries." Lisa rambled. After their initial rocky start they had soon become civil when realizing they would both have a permanent place in Dean's life.

"Lisa, this is not Ben's first time staying here." Castiel reminded. Ben was eagerly trying to relay about how his project was about Led Zeppelin.

"Well it's the longest." She complained, rifling through the large pack she had brought before setting it down.

"I should be back next Tuesday, but I'll call every night. Ben honey, come here. I'm gonna miss my flight." Lisa quickly smoothed down Ben's wild hair and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"You listen to Castiel okay. Ignore your father." She said, pressing another kiss to his forehead.

"I resent that." Dean grumbled, scratching his stomach as he leaned against the door frame.

"Daddy!" Ben cried, the five year old bounding over to him. Dean scooped him up, blowing raspberries against his neck, he squealed thrashing in his arms.

"I'm serious, Dean. He gets cranky if he doesn't get enough sleep."

"Whatever." Dean grinned, messing up the boys hair as he ruffled it. Lisa pressed a palm to her face.

"I promise Lisa, I'll take care of him." Castiel calmed the distraught mother.

"Thank you, Cas." Lisa sighed, allowing herself to be led to the door.

"You sure it's okay? Maybe I should just bring him." Lisa bit her lip.

"Lisa, you are not bringing Ben on your honeymoon. Relax, have fun." Castiel patted her shoulder as she sighed.

"Alright, okay. Bye guys." She left with a final worried glance. Castiel shut the door.

"Geeze. Poor Benny, getting stuck with that for the rest of his life." Dean commented, Ben swinging from his arm.

"Yes. I don't see the appeal at all." Castiel said sarcastically. Dean grinned, wrapping an arm around Cas's waist.

"Ah, come on. You know you're the only one for me, babe." Dean's smile stretching so wide his little dimples showed.

"What bout' me?" Ben demanded. Dean dropped a hand over his face and tugged at his cheek which caused him to squawk. Castiel glanced at the clock.

"I have to get to work." Castiel said, heading to the bedroom to change.

"What? Already?" Dean complained. Castiel had gotten a job at the college Sam and Gabriel had attended before they had gotten married a few months ago. It seemed like everyone was finding their loved one these days.

"Religious studies isn't going to teach itself Dean." Castiel said, slipping on his slacks and button down shirt.

"Most boring job ever." Dean clarified. Castiel rolled his eyes.

"Not all of us can manage the exhilarating world of mechanics." Castiel hummed. Dean snorted, and Ben wiggled out of the room to go destroy something surely.

"I'm gonna miss you." Dean said, their fingers intertwining as he pressed a gentle kiss against the older man. Castiel felt their matching rings clink together, warmth spread through him.

"So shall I." The Professor murmured, deepening the kiss before pulling away. Dean let out a grunt of complaint and reached for Castiel again who ducked under his hands. Dean growled.

"Come on, a little more." Dean barked, following him into the hallway. Ben was coloring on one of Dean's car magazines.

"I'll be late." Castiel reminded.

"Who cares? I'm hot for teacher." Dean grinned wolfishly, catching Castiel's by his tie and planting a kiss against him.

"Yuck!" Ben stuck out his tongue, Castiel laughed and dodged another attack.

"Bye Ben." He called, ignoring the man who kept on his heels halfway down the staircase.

"What bout' me?" Dean complained.

"Goodbye Dean." Castiel sang, glancing over his shoulder with a smirk as he descended the stairs.

"I hate when you say goodbye." Dean reminded loudly, voice echoing down the narrow staircase. Castiel stopped, tightening his hand on the briefcase before jogging back up the steps. He pulled Dean down into a kiss, wrapping his arm around his neck.

"I'll see you soon." Castiel promised instead with a wide smile.

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