This is a story meant as a one-shot. A number of people asked me to continue so this is the reposted first chapter. Based on the song by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand.


"You Don't Bring Me Flowers"

You don't bring me flowers
You don't sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day

I remember when
You couldn't wait to love me
Used to hate to leave me

Now after lovin' me late at night
When it's good for you
And you're feeling alright
Well, you just roll over
And you turn out the light

You don't bring me flowers anymore

It used to be so natural
To talk about forever
But 'used to be's' don't count anymore
They just lay on the floor
'Til we sweep them away

And baby, I remember
All the things you taught me
I learned how to laugh
And I learned how to cry
Well I learned how to love
Even learned how to lie

You'd think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
'Cause you don't bring me flowers

Well, you'd think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
'Cause you don't bring me flowers


We have been together for nine years today. It seems like a life time ago that I met Edward. We dated for two years and then married in an intimate garden ceremony seven years ago.

He was the most romantic man in the world back then. I got a bunch of flowers at least once a week. When we went out dancing he would sing the words to the love songs in my ear and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

I sighed and blew out the candles before packing away our cold anniversary dinner. I guess he had forgotten what tonight was and worked late again.


I tried to leave work early tonight but the case we are currently working on has everybody working late. I am one of the partners in the law firm and it would look really bad if I went home early especially as we have to be trial ready in three days.

The small gold and silver bracelet I bought for Bella sits heavily in my jacket pocket. Last year I did get home early and it was her working late at the hospital. We had a huge fight that night about how messed up our relationship was. She even accused me of having an affair. That night was the last night we fought in fact it was the last night we even really talked. Now when she gets home she hardly says a word to me. I miss the way we used to be years ago. We used to sit up all night talking but that was then. Now if we say two words to each other in a day it's a lot.

When I get home the lights are already off. I throw her present on the table and go to sleep in the spare room.


I hear him come home and walk to the spare room. Tears pour slowly down my cheeks as I turn over in the big bed by myself.

I remember the first few years we were together he loved me so much. The man was insatiable. We used to make love two or three times a day. Then it become two or three times a week, then once a month. Now if we ever make love he just rolls off me when he is done and asks if I am alright before turning over and switching off the light.

I have spent many nights sobbing in bed watching his turned back wandering what became of us. When did we turn into this?


I hear her crying sometimes after we have made love. We don't really have the time to that often anymore. She always says she is too tired and only gives in if I really push the issue and tell her it's been two or three months. I try to show enthusiasm but it has become just about scratching a need. If I try to go down on her she pushes me away. Bella just lies there staring at the ceiling. She is only willing to kiss me sometimes. I know I must still be attractive because of the way all the girls at work flirt with me. I wouldn't go down that road but I do wonder what it would be like to be with a woman who actually wants me again. We used to be so good together.

I lie in the dark and wonder what happened to us?


The next morning I walk down the stairs and find his gift. It's sweet but more what I would have worn six years ago and doesn't really fit with thirty year old me. I put the bracelet in a drawer to give to give to me niece Alice when she comes over next.

I stare out the window as the coffee brews. We used to talk about forever now I am not so sure. Forever seemed so easy years ago now I can't imagine the rest of my life like this.

Edward walks into the room and grabs a cup of coffee. We sit at the breakfast table just staring at each other lost in our own thoughts.


I keep thinking about what used to be as I watch Bella drink her coffee. I have to stop this, what used to be doesn't matter anymore. We both need to face up to reality. The reality is we are different people now to the people that fell in love all those years ago. I need to stop sweeping my fears under the carpet and face them. We can't live like this forever. Its strange how forever seemed so easy all those years ago.


As I walk around the hospital doing my rounds I think about the years that have passed. I was naive young med student when I met Edward through my older brother Emmett. They were both in law school together. I learned so much in the years I have been with him. He taught me what true love was and well recently I had learned to lie about my feelings and pretend everything was fine.


I can hardly concentrate on the file in front of me this morning. I keep thinking about the cold calculating law student I was before I met Bella. I planned on joining a giant law firm and making sure I made millions at the expense of others. Bella taught me how to feel. She taught me to laugh and cry. My plans changed and because of her I am a partner in small legal firm that represents the small guy against the big corporate firms. I believe in what I do and I love it and that's all because of Bella.

Now I am better at crying because of the reality of our life together.


You would think after all our time together and all that I have learnt that I would know how to say goodbye to him. It's early evening and I am sitting at the kitchen table looking at the divorce papers I filled today. I take another sip of wine before signing my name on every page.


The documents in my briefcase seem to be pulling at me. You would think after all this time I would know how to say goodbye to Bella. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a divorce lawyer today. I got all the information I needed now I just needed to find the courage to talk to her.

The house is dark except for a candle burning on the kitchen table. In the candlelight I can see the divorce papers she has already signed. I note sits on top.

Dear Edward

I still don't know how to say goodbye to you.


P.S. You don't bring me flowers anymore

I pour a glass of wine from the bottle on the table and sign the papers.

I guess she had finally figured out how to tell me goodbye.