You wanna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You could sing a melody to me
And I could write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory.

Bon Jovi

There's a perfectly good swim suit sitting in her suitcase. It's a sexy blue and black number which shows off plenty of skin. She'd purchased it only last week for this very occasion in fact. But her hand hesitates before bypassing the scraps of material and reaching for the robe instead.

"Are you buying this with someone special in mind?" the saleswoman had asked as she put the credit card through the machine.

Beckett had smiled as she thought of the writer and the likely reaction that he'd have to seeing her dressed in the Spandex. "Yeah he is pretty special," she'd replied.

"You'd better make sure that he doesn't have any heart issues because he might have a coronary when he sees this," the woman had joked.

The cop had laughed and taken the tissue-wrapped package. "He'd better not have a heart attack because I've got other plans for him." Plans that include them both being naked, his hands all over her body and having him deep inside her.

The swim suit is gorgeous but she's changed her mind at the last minute. There'll be other occasions when she can wear it, maybe if they're ever up here with company. But for tonight it's just the two of them and she's decided that Richard Castle is going to have his mind blown.

The Hamptons house is absolutely stunning. It's large, spacious with a beachfront location and beautiful lines. She doesn't regret coming out here for a romantic weekend but it does remind her that she's not the first woman that he's showed this place to.

There was that painful summer a couple of years ago when he disappeared from her life. He'd secluded himself in this idyllic location to write, accompanied by his ex-wife Gina. Castle broke her heart the day that he walked out of the precinct with the blonde publisher on his arm. Beckett's never told him about it, how she was already in love with him back then, about how she thought that she'd blown their only chance by not saying yes when he'd asked her earlier.

The hurt has faded with time and fact that they're together now but inside her heart lurks a tiny germ of jealousy. They've both dated other people during the last four years, partly because of miscommunication but also because of a willful denial of the attraction on her part. Maybe she isn't the first girlfriend that Castle has brought up here but tonight she intends to blast any memories he has of other women from his mind. In the future when he thinks of the Hamptons he's only going to remember this night and the woman he has now. And the first memories that she plans to create are in the pool.

She bites her lower lip in a nervous gesture that's unconscious but then the cop squares her shoulders and firmly fastens the belt on the robe. Normally she's sexually confident, some would say adventurous even. Beckett's had her wild years and there's a box at the bottom of her closet to testify to her kinky past. It's not like she's a virgin, it's not even her first time with him. There's no reason for her be nervous about a little nudity by the pool.

Stop delaying Kate.

Castle is waiting for her by the back deck covered by a blue dressing gown. She knows what's hiding underneath that material; a firm chest with surprisingly sensitive nipples that she likes to lick sometimes, a sparse trail of hair that circles his navel before heading south and hopefully soon a very firm erection that she plans to make full use of tonight.

"Hey Kate. Did you find everything ok in the bedroom?" Castle is completely unaware of the carnal nature of her thoughts as he takes her hand, fingers sliding easily to link with hers as he leans in to brush a light kiss over her lips. The pressure of his mouth is barely there like the flutter of butterfly wings, it's chaste and easy but it makes something dark and heavy coil inside her, or maybe it's her own thoughts that has her primed.

"Yeah, it was fine." She's surprised by how even her voice is, it doesn't betray the wet heat that's pooling between her legs.

They walk out into the warm evening. The dark, humid night makes it feel like they're the only two people in the world.

"I am sure you will find the temperature suitable but if you would like it any warmer then I can change the temperature or …" he says as he walks towards the sparkling water of the pool.

He turns back to find her smiling at him coyly before she undoes the belt and deliberately drops the robe. A little kick pushes the material away from her so that she stands completely nude with only gold sandals covering her feet.

"Or I could just stop talking." He pauses to take in the display. "You forgot your suit."

"I know." A cute giggle escapes her. "I hope you don't mind," she taunts him as she takes a few provocative steps closer. The deliberate sway of her hips pulls his eyes south before he looks back up again. The stunned expression on his face makes her feel powerful and she reaches out a hand to gently close his gaping mouth. Her thumb brushes over the corner of his lips as she tells him, "Castle, you're drooling."

His arms are reaching up to grab her but she's already walked past him to the edge of the pool. Beckett looks back over her shoulder and gives him a challenging look; come and get me it says and then she's diving into the water. There's only the smallest ripple in the water as she enters cleanly; she spent an entire summer practicing on the one meter springboard in order to impress a guy at high school.

She kicks twice to push herself in towards the centre of the pool before she pops up to float on her back. The water is pleasantly warm but even if it was as cold she'd hardly feel it, not with how hot her blood is at the moment.

He's still standing on the side of the pool completely mesmerized by the vision; long, lithe legs, the beautiful curve of her breasts, tight nipples pointing impudently skyward and a face that he'd happily wake up to for the rest of his life. The writer still can't believe that finally, after all this time, he gets to see Kate Beckett like this; he can touch those curves and slide home between her legs.

"Are you just going to look or are you going to join me?" Beckett teases him.

A dirty grin covers his face at her invitation.

"Well the view is pretty spectacular from here," he pretends to consider the question for a minute.

"That's a shame," she makes a moue of disappointment. "I guess I'll just have to amuse myself then." Her hand slides languidly down, fingers disappearing between the plump folds. "That feels so good," she moans. "I'm imagining that it's your cock instead of my fingers. I love the way that you tease me by rubbing it in little circles around my clit. It's just the right amount of pressure so that I'm usually dripping wet and frantic by the time you slide the tip in."

Her actions mirror her words as she inserts her index finger up to the first joint.

"Your control is unbelievable. I'm almost out of my mind but you won't thrust in all the way. Instead you keep it slow and shallow; just a little bit deeper each time." She slips a second finger in, and all the time her thumb keeps flicking over her clit. "It's like you're waiting for me to lose control before you'll really fuck me. I'm writhing and begging for it and that's when you give this dirty little laugh before you slam your cock in as deep as it'll go. I'm coming so hard and you just keep going, working your cock in and out until …" she loses her train of thought. "Arghhhh. Yes Rick!"

Oh fuck. She looks so hot floating in the water as she orgasms from the pleasure of her own hand. Beckett's gaze remains locked with his and she has that look on her face that he's only ever seen when they're in bed together. As much as he's enjoying the show there's no way that he's not getting a piece of that. The robe comes off and he takes a step towards the pool.

"No Castle," her voice stops him.

"No?" he tilts his head in confusion. What does she mean by no? If her plan is to drive him crazy with sexual frustration then this is definitely the way to do it.

"Clothing is not an option," she deliberately looks at the board shorts that he's still wearing.

It takes him a second to shuck the trunks; his erection bobs up as soon as he's free of the material. He doesn't even attempt to dive in; instead he lowers himself over the side. There's no way that he'd look as graceful as she did, belly flops at keg parties was more his style at college.

"Nice of you to join me but I'm all done now. The pool is all yours." Beckett's treading water now and she grins as he advances. Even as he gets closer she backs up.

"There's no way you're getting out now, not after that display," he tells her.

"Do you think you can catch me?" there's a challenging glint in her eyes.

Castle gives her no warning before he lunges at her but she's got a quick reaction time. Kate's already diving out of his reach even as he surfaces at her previous position.

"Is that the best that you can do Rick? Too slow old man. At this rate I'm going to die of boredom."

"Old and boring is it? You won't be saying that when I catch you," he vows with a growl.

"You gotta catch me first," she laughs as she kicks off, her over-arm strokes putting more distance between them.

Beckett is very agile in the water; she manages to evade him several times by quickly changing directions. But Rick is the faster swimmer and eventually he manages to corner her by the side of the pool.

"I guess I'd better show you what this old man can do." His arms bracket her body as he presses her back against the pool tiles.

It's shallow enough here that he can stand on the bottom but it's a little bit too deep for her. She can't tread water because he's too close, so Beckett is forced to wrap her legs around his waist in order to keep afloat.

His lips claim hers, devouring and possessive as he marks his territory. Aided by the buoyancy of the water he hoists her up slightly out of the water so that he can move down to her breasts. His mouth is so hot as he laves her nipple and the contrast with the coolness of the water is stimulating. Castle moves onto the other breast to lavish it with the same attention and she's gripping his head and moaning the whole time.

"I guess that you liked that. Not bad for an old man huh?" he says with a cocky grin as he lowers her back into the water. "Let's see what else you like."

His fingers go exploring, slipping in between their bodies. They caress over the flatness of her stomach, circling to palm her ass before inching forward to find the apex of her thighs. He's getting closer and just when she thinks that he's going to touch her right there he stops.

"I'm sorry, didn't you say that you were all done? I guess you wouldn't be interested in another round," he says oh so innocently.

"Don't you dare stop now," Kate growls at him. She's got one arm around his neck and she reaches down with her right hand to grab him.

Silky smooth and deliciously hard; he's so big that she barely circle his cock with her fingers. Her first orgasm was good but it's nothing compared to how it feels when he's inside her. Beckett tightens her thighs around his hips in order to lift herself up; she pushes his erection down slightly and angles her hips so that the tip notches inside her sheath.

He's thrusting up even as she slides down the length of him and it feels like she's going to burst. Castle wrestles back the reins of control, setting a punishing pace, as rough and as deep as he thinks she can take it.

"More," she pleads.

If he's startled by that it doesn't show, he just goes even faster. She's got nothing to stand on, nothing to support herself with so all she can do is ride out the storm as he bucks against her.

"I'm coming Rick. Yes Rick, yes."

He slams himself home and stays there, he can feel her walls clenching around him, milking him dry until it feels like his legs are about to collapse under him. He rests his forehead against hers, panting as they both recover.

Castle has a shit-eating grin on his face when she finally looks up. "So was that interesting enough for you Kate?" It isn't really a question; she was more than satisfied and they both know.

"I'm not sure. Maybe we should try it again just so I can be certain." She pulls away from him and gets out of the pool.

The robe lies where it was discarded and she makes no move to pick it up and cover herself. She looks like a Bottecelli Venus arising from the water, beads of waters trickling down her nude form. And even though he's only just come, his cock gives a twinge of interest. Kate makes him feel as horny as a sixteen year old boy again.

"I'll be in the bedroom when you're ready," she tells him as she sashays away. Definitely the bedroom next and then she's got plans for the desk in his office as well but there's no rush. They've got at least the whole weekend to make some new memories, hopefully even a lifetime.

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