A/N: So I wasn't intending to do this extra chapter but after actually watching 'Murder he wrote', especially that last scene, I couldn't help myself. Spoilers for that episode.

You wanna make a memory

If you don't know if you should stay

And you don't say what's on your mind

Baby, just breathe

There's nowhere else tonight we should be, we should be

You wanna make a memory.

Bon Jovi

"You know it's funny, my cover was that I was coming out here to write and I actually got an idea for a book." Castle rests back on his elbows, enjoying the view from his bed. It wasn't so much the fireplace with its centre-piece stone anchor or the flickering orange flames from the candles scattered around the room, rather it was the sight of Detective Kate Beckett wearing a barely there babydoll lingerie in lacy black.

"Oh Hamptons Heat, so you were serious about that huh?" she guides the lit taper to the final candles.

"Well I already have the story, that's the hardest part," he explains.

"So do you have an ending yet?" Beckett blew out the taper before placing it on the table.

"Oh well, I have some ideas but I'm open to suggestions."

"How about this? The weekend hadn't turned out exactly as Detective Heat had imagined," Beckett crawls onto the side of the bed as she narrates the story. "But now nothing …" she pushes back the comforter so that she can swing her leg over him.

"Oh." Castle seems surprised by her bold move, turning his head to watch the bedcovers fall to the side before switching back to gaze up at her with stunned eyes.

Beckett looks like a goddess; strong and radiating feminine power as she sits straddling his hips. She lowers herself until he can feel the naked, wet heat pressed against his pelvis. Kate knows what she wants and she's not shy about taking it.

"… not even another murder on the beach," she continues, her hands reach up to flick her hair out behind her, "could stop her from getting exactly what she desired most." She leans down to claim his lips.

"Hmmm, that's good," the writer says; it could be praise for her prose or for the heady taste of her mouth.

"Can I get a writer's credit?" she teases him.

"We'll talk," Castle pulls her back in for another deep kiss; he could drown in the taste of her. It's rich and intoxicating and he could happily sip from this cup for the rest of his life.

Her body lies flush against his, the softness of her lace covered breasts brushes against his chest while she can feel the stirrings of his erection as it stiffens against her groin. Beckett rubs herself against him, the friction teases them both, a foretaste of what's to come.

"Do you know what I desire the most now?" she asks him as she works a hand between their bodies. It slides over his abdomen and then dips under the elastic of his boxers.

"I think I can guess," Castle's voice devolves into a growl as her fist closes around him. "And I'm sure that I can help you with that."

"Oh really," her eyebrow goes up in that confident statement. "What if I said that I wanted James Patterson …." Beckett deliberately pauses and gives a wicked chuckle at Castle's piqued expression. "Patterson's next book, a signed advance copy."

"You evil woman. I can't believe that you're talking about another writer while you're in bed with me."

"But that's what I want most," Beckett verbally teases him even as her hand continues to stroke his hard-on.

"I guess I'll just have to change your mind then Kate." His hands slowly slide up her outer thighs and over the curves of her ass. In one sudden move he's flipped them both over and suddenly he's the one on top.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" her hips nudge against him at the double entendre. "Patterson is a very good writer."

"You're going to regret provoking me Kate," he growls. "By the time I'm done you're going to be begging me to fuck you."

"I don't beg." It's a lie and they both know it because he can make her mindless; he's done it before. Castle knows every single sensitive spot on her body; where she likes to be touched, how hard to press and exactly how deep to go. With all that knowledge on his side it's not surprising that he can take away her self-control.

He grins at the taunt; the challenge has been issued and accepted. "Let me see what I can do about that then."

He presses a trail of open mouth kisses down her neck, over the sensitive hollow above her collarbone and onto the exposed skin of her chest. She's still wearing the black babydoll but he makes no move to remove it from her. Instead his lips skim over the material and then he's sucking her lace-covered breast into the hot cavern of his mouth. The feeling of his tongue stroking her aching nipple through the wet material makes her back arch involuntarily. Each swipe makes the peak tighten even further as she struggles not to make a sound.

"No!" the protest erupts from her lips as he lifts his head and lets the nipple go with a wet sound.

"No? So you don't want me to do the same to the other side?" He smiles at the scowl on her face.

Beckett doesn't say anything, she's too stubborn to admit it but she does grab his head to direct it to the neglected side. Eagerly he latches on and applies the same attention to the left breast. She's moaning by the time he starts moving down her body.

Moaning is good but he wants her begging so it's time to wind the spring just a little bit tighter.

The black silk is only just long enough to cover the most interesting places. His hands bunch in the material as he inches it up slowly, taking his time to appreciate all the creamy skin that is revealed. He sucks on the skin of her inner thigh, it's going to leave a mark and she's so far gone that she can't even get mad about the love bite. Castle is smart enough to not do it anywhere that's normally visible but he loves knowing that he's branded her. This woman is his, even if the most of the world doesn't know about it.

Beckett lifts herself up so that she's leaning back on her elbows now. The add height gives her a better view of his head moving between her legs. He looks up and from the smile on his face she knows that he's going to enjoy making her beg.

Castle hooks an arm under her knee to bend it up which opens her up even more to his intimate inspection. Plump fold glisten with the evidence of her arousal and he flicks his tongue out to taste her. Sweet and intoxicating; he loves the taste of her.

The man is an absolute magician with his tongue, with his fingers, with his lips. Kate can't decide which part she likes the best. The two fingers that he's inserted inside her and which are slowly stretching her channel or the way he's sucking on her clit with his lips as his tongue flicks over it.

Her hands clutches at the bed sheets as he works her up into a frenzy. Castle loves going down on her; her body is just so responsive. He can feel the twitching of her thigh muscles from even the gentlest swipe of his tongue over that little bud. His fingers speed up as they thrust in and out of her. Kate's hips move in a sympathetic rhythm; bearing down even as he pushes inward so that the digits go as deep as possible. She can feel her orgasm approaching and just as the point of no return nears he pulls out completely and sits back on his heels to stare down at her.

"What do you want Kate?" There's a shit-eating grin on his face as he cups himself and uses one hand to work his cock. Her eyes are instantly drawn to where he's stroking.

Kate bites her lower lip as she wars with herself. She's competitive by nature and she doesn't want to concede defeat but there's no way she's not getting that hard cock inside her.

He guides himself to her entrance so that she can just feel the plump head beginning to push in.

"Say it Beckett or else I won't go any further. Say please."

"Please Castle," the words are reluctantly dragged from her. Brown curls tumble to frame her face and stormy hazel eyes are staring up at him.

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

He slams into her hard; one long, sure thrust that buries him fully in her warmth.

"Arghhh." Fuck, this is even better that his fingers. Her hands reach out to clutch around his butt.

He pauses; motionless for a second as he enjoys the tight clasp of her body around his straining erection. "Well since you asked so nicely Kate." And then he starts to move again.

At first it's a slow but deep rhythm; each time it feels like he's pushing up against her cervix, he's going that deep. But the tempo steadily builds, faster and harder each time.

"Oh Castle. That's so good. Fuck."

The grin has dropped from his face and all that's left is desire. He's completely forgotten about making her beg, it's not about competition now but rather mutual satisfaction. He can't think of anything beyond how good she feels, clenched around him. Each thrust adds to the delicious friction until suddenly the world goes black and she falls over the edge taking him with her.

"No wondering I chose you as a muse; you're very … inspiring. I liked your ending for Hamptons Heat a lot." He's on his back with her head pillowed on his chest.

"I'll admit that I enjoyed it as well," Beckett kisses him gently before she pulls back again. "But if I end up reading about Rook making Nikki beg in your next book then I will shoot you."

"Is that so?" he grins down at her. "In that case maybe we should try out an alternative ending then." His hands are already reaching for her again.

Kate grins as well; she's more than happy to oblige as she mentally ticks off another room in his vacation house. They've definitely exorcised the ghosts of any past girlfriends from this bedroom.